What should we pay attention to when traveling to Dubai?

In fact, there is no special requirement for clothing. It’s just as good as usual. Just don’t be too exposed. I’ve sorted out some minor problems that may need to be noticed during my trip to Dubai. I hope it can help you Dubai, the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country, and the people […]


A place where you have to punch in when you come to Italy

·The Colosseum is the most landmark building in Rome. It used to be a place where gladiators fought for their lives and prisoners fought with hungry lions.·Built of concrete, peat and brick, the Colosseum is 50 meters high and can accommodate more than 50000 spectators.·There are four floors in the Colosseum. At present, only part […]


The first time to Singapore, 5-day trip to take you to play!

There is an island country in Southeast Asia. The tour around the island can be finished in one hour. The bus stops are very close, so they never report the stops. But it is such a tiny place, but it integrates the cultures of all over the world. It can catch all kinds of Customs […]