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Pattaya Itinerary recommendation

Classic three day tour of Pattaya

D1: Pattaya Beach → Nong Nooch Tropical Garden → human demon show

After breakfast, go to Pattaya Beach, which is the section with the finest sand and the clearest sea water among the 15 km coastline of Pattaya, about 3 km long. In addition to swimming and sunbathing, there are all kinds of water sports on the beach. It’s a lively and joyful scene all day. After that, you can go to Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, where you can see Thai folk show and interesting elephant show; you can also visit the botanical garden here. In the evening, you can watch the human demon show. The more famous one is Tiffany show.

D2: water market → water activities in The Coral Islands

After breakfast, go to the water market, where you can buy fresh fruits and special commodities, and then go to Orchid Island for water activities.

D3: Mini Siam → NongNooch Pattaya Garden → Ripley’sBelieveItorNotMuseum

After breakfast, go to mini Siam, which is the epitome of Thailand’s scenic spots. There are 80 scenic spots in the park, displaying Thailand’s many famous cultural and historical buildings and more than 100 small buildings. Then go to NongNooch Pattaya, which is known as the most beautiful garden in Southeast Asia. The owner of the garden is Nong Lu, a Thai woman. She likes orchids very much. She collects all kinds of orchid varieties and carefully cultivates them in the garden. The orchids on the ground, on the bamboo frame and hanging on the shed roof are all kinds of precious orchids. There are more than 670 local varieties and more than 300 foreign varieties in total. Then go to the museum, believe it or not. The museum displays all kinds of strange collections collected from all over the world in an interesting way. However, whether these strange stories are true or not depends on the audience’s own judgment. (believe it or not, you’d better go to the museum in the evening. It’s exciting enough.)

Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket 7-day Tour

D1: a city in China → Bangkok

Domestic airports fly to Bangkok.

D2: Grand Palace → Temple of the Emerald Buddha → Wat Pho → teak Palace → Carriage Museum → Wat Arun Ratchawararam Khao San Road → night view of the Chao Phraya River

After breakfast, the magnificent The Grand Palace is visited. It is the the Imperial Palace of China, concentrating the essence of Thai national architecture, visiting Wat Haw Pha Kaew and beautiful decoration, and then heading to the fifth emperor teak palace and Carriage Museum.

D3: Bangkok → Crocodile Farm → Pattaya → human demon show

After breakfast, go to the seaside resort of Pattaya. On the way, visit the crocodile and elephant performances at the crocodile lake zoo in Crocodile Farm. Arrive at Pattaya in the afternoon for water activities, and enjoy the human demon performance on the Oriental princess in the evening.

D4: Pattaya → The Coral Islands → Nong Nooch Tropical Garden → Phuket Island

After breakfast, take a speedboat to The Coral Islands to participate in water activities freely. After lunch, take a tour to Nong Nooch Tropical Garden to see the carefully cultivated orchid garden and butterfly garden. Then watch Thai folk performances, folk dances, cockfighting, Thai boxing, elephant performances and monkey coconut picking. After dinner, go to the airport and take a plane to the southernmost resort of Thailand, Phuket Island, via Bangkok.

D5: nature safari tour → Phang Nga Bay → 007 Island

After breakfast, you can take a “four in one” tour of nature Safari: first, you can take the most intelligent elephant to wade through the jungle, so that you can deeply experience the baptism of nature, then take a bullock cart to experience the joy of Thai Farmers’ life, visit the actual scene of rubber farmers how to harvest rubber, and then go to the monkey school to watch the monkey performance . With white sand, blue sky, blue sea, jungle, theme park, you are full of joy and surprise. For a long time, it is the most favorite holiday paradise for European and American people. Take a luxury tourist bus to Phang Nga Bay Wharf, take a boat to Phang Nga Bay Islands, where the sea is covered with hundreds of odd shaped lime islands, strange and uncanny. It’s famous for 007 intelligence agent film shooting here It has become a famous scenic spot. And you can go to a group of two by the staff of the rubber boat canoe, really enjoy the fun of cutting throat Island canoe into the hole in the hole.

D6: PP island → small PP Island

After breakfast, take a cruise to PP Island, which is listed as the most beautiful national park by Thailand tourism bureau and the most desirable resort for European and American tourists. After the film “the beach” was shot here, tourism boom was set off again. You can enjoy the most famous scenic spot (Green Bay) (Swallow Cave) (lover’s Beach) in small PP Island, and then visit the Viper research center to see the snake king of the world. King Kong cobra, which is only found in Thailand and India, has won the title of snake king of the world because it is the most poisonous and only eats snakes.

D7: Phuket → domestic

Phuket returned by plane via Bangkok.

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