Singapore cuisine

When you go to Singapore during the Dragon Boat Festival, you must send out all the delicious food you have eaten. When you go to Singapore, you should hurry up and eat more

  1. Tusi workshop
    We all know this one in China, but after all, Singapore is the country of origin, so we still have to pull the grass. For breakfast, the Tusi workshop had two Tusi and one Laksa
  2. Yakun
    Everyone is familiar with it. Singapore must have breakfast. In addition to this, I also ordered a French toast. I think it’s delicious, and Yakun’s job’s tears water is also good
  3. Bean curd
    In Chinatown’s Maxwell, Hainan chicken rice is also here every day. There are a lot of people queuing up. When we meet Chinese people, they tell us it’s very common, so we go to eat wendongji’s chicken rice instead. But my wife Douhua is really good, like double skin milk
    4.lady m
    Afternoon tea from New York. There are a lot of people in WuJie Road shopping mall. It’s great to recommend Matcha Qianceng
  4. Jumbo treasures
    This is the most recommended food in Singapore. It’s delicious! I ordered spicy crab, cereal shrimp and jade tofu. They are all delicious! Crab sauce is enough to eat several bowls of rice!
  5. Le fan
    It’s the cheapest Michelin restaurant. The fried chicken with barbecued pork is delicious and cheap, about 30 yuan
  6. Wendongji
    Hainan chicken rice is good, and gold and silver eggs and amaranth are also delicious
  7. Songfa meat bone tea
    It’s OK. I feel healthy
  8. G7 seafood stalls
    This family few people recommend, but very delicious! Must eat! Pheasant can eat two or three, with porridge is really! It is said that their spicy crab is also good, but two people really can’t eat it!
    In the restaurant of Universal Studios, pasta is delicious.
  9. Golden Duck chips
    Special recommendation! Singapore’s most delicious snack! It’s said that it’s Hermes grade potato chips. The salted egg yolk taste is very good. It’s very expensive. A package is about 37rmb, which is not easy to buy. I went to many 711, but I didn’t find it. But when I left, I found that there was 711 in the airport! I bought some for free!
  10. Lin Zhiyuan
    Classic hand-made pork shop
  11. Menglong chocolate
    From Universal Studios, there is a famous candy center, which is said to be the largest in Asia. It has all kinds of candy and chocolate, and it has bought dream chocolate. It is very delicious.
    Tips: Singaporean restaurants charge for everything, such as water, paper towels, and peanuts that look like they’re for you, but they all charge for money. If you don’t want them, tell the waiter boldly not to take the peanuts as a side dish, or you’ll be charged in the end

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