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2021 Cambodia’s main telecommunications companies comparison

Cambodia’s main telecommunications companies are Cellcard、Smart、Metfone and so on.

Local Mobile Card in Cambodia

When buying a mobile phone card in Cambodia, you should be able to send messages and call your country, and the clerk will recommend the right card to you. Note that you may need a passport when you buy a SIM card. You’d better take a copy of your passport with you.


The card fee is 0.5 $, about 3 CNY;

For example, It’s 0.045 $/ minute to call China, less than 30 cents per minute

payment method: enter the password of * 123 * recharge card and dial key

It’s more expensive to make a local call than to return home. It’s 0.07 $/ minute for intranet calls, about 40 cents a minute, while it’s 0.08 $/ minute for cross network calls, about 51 cents a minute.

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(2)Smart SIM

Each card costs $1.50, including $1 phone bill. Call back to China at $0.07 per minute. The signal is good, but in places far away from the city, such as Kbal Spean, there will be no signal.

The card fee is 1 dollar, about 6 CNY

The call to China is 0.04 $/ minute, about 20 cents per minute

It’s more expensive to make a local call than to return your country. However, they seems to be a little more smart. In addition to the internal and external network, the telephone charges also divide the time. It’s 0.05 $/ minute (about thirty-one cents a minute) from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the intranet, it’s 0.07 $/ minute (about forty cents a minute) from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the next day, and it’s 0.08 $/ minute (about fifty-one cents a minute) on the Internet.

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(3)Metfone SIM

Each card costs 5 dollars, including 3 dollars of telephone charges. It can make international calls, and the charges are similar to those of other companies. In Cambodia, the company has the widest signal coverage, even in remote villages.

The card fee is 2 dollars, about 12.5 CNY;

It’s 0.1 $/ minute to call China, which is about 60 yuan per minute. However, if you add 168 before the number, the cost becomes 0.04 $/ minute, which is about 20.5 yuan per minute

Recharge method: input * 197 * recharge card password and dial key

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