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From Sihanouk to Koh Rong Island, scuba diving, snorkeling, oxygen tank diving or snorkeling can be carried out. Snorkeling: you can rent masks and breathing tubes everywhere on the island. There are snorkeling spots everywhere.

Price: snorkeling mask $2, breathing tube $3; deep diving $150-240

Pub street

Pub street is a landmark of Siem Reap. Restaurants and bars are all on both sides of the street. It is very busy. Almost all tourists come to eat and kill time in the evening. Next to the pub street, there is an open-air stall. In the south of the bar street, there is an alley parallel to it, which also hides many good restaurants and bars. The environment is elegant and quiet.

Address: Pub St, Krong Siem Reap

Angkor’s smile

This show is magnificent, with huge lineup and wonderful content. It was Joint creation by artists from Cambodia and China. It used modern high-tech techniques to enrich all the essence of the Angkor Dynasty, and it presented a multi-dimensional space. It is praised by the audience as “a living museum of culture and art in Cambodia”.

Address: Smile Angkor Grand Theater, Siem Reap (North of the Apsara roundabout on Apsara Road)

Tel: +855 974511717

Time: Dinner 17:30, performance 19:15, performance time 70 minutes.

Rosanna Broadway

Siem Reap, a world famous tourist attraction, not only has Angkor Wat with a history of several thousand years, but also has the famous Tonle Sap River. Now it will welcome the first international “lady boy” art performance group, Rosana Broadway, to attract tourists from all over the world. The “lady boy” performance here makes people feel the different art forms and styles of different countries in the world.

Rosana Broadway is on Highway 6. It is understood that there are about 90 “lady boys” in this performance group, 70% of them are Khmer and 30% are Thai. The theater can hold 900 people at the same time.

The “Lady boy” here is slim and graceful, naturally beautiful and graceful. The content of each performance is the style of different countries, such as Cambodian folk songs and dances, unrestrained Brazilian samba, farce, Hong Kong and Taiwan of China pop songs, etc. The scene is grand and the stage lighting is colorful. The biggest feature is the integration of famous ethnic costumes and background cloth boards from various regions of Asia. After the song and dance show, the “lady boys” of the show have lined up at the entrance of the hall in advance to take a group photo with the audience.

Address: National Highway 6, Chong Kao Sou Village, Slorkram Commune, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia

Tel:855 63769 9916

Opening time: 19:30 in the evening

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