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Krabi transportation hotel

To arrive at or leave (an airport)

There are direct flights to Krabi from Bangkok, Thailand (Thai Airlines, Pb air), Singapore (Sheng an Airlines) and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It takes one hour and 15 minutes to fly from Bangkok to Krabi. Thai Airlines has three flights a day, and the cost is about 2500 Thai. In addition, Air Asia also has flights to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

The price of Air Asia is quite good. The normal price of Bangkok – Krabi is 1500B, and the special ticket of big promotion is 60B.

It’s only a 30 minute drive from Krabi’s airport to the seaside resort. From the airport, there are 150B/person airport shuttle buses passing through Krabi town and Ao Nang beach, and the terminal is Hat Noppharat Beach. Before getting on the bus, the driver will write down your hotel, and then take all the passengers all the way to the door of their hotel. From the airport to Krabi Town, there are about 300 B, and to Ao Nang beach, there are about 400 B.

To arrive at or leave (a railway station)

There is no direct train to Krabi. The nearest train station to the south is Trang or Nakhon Si Thammarat, where tourists can take buses or taxis to Krabi.

Arrival departure

Krabi long distance bus station is located 4 kilometers north of Krabi town. It’s only 20B by bus. There are buses to Bangkok, Hat yai and Phuket.

Krabi Bangkok: there are about seven long-distance buses from Krabi to Bangkok south bus station every day. The specific route is: Krabi – Phang Nga – Trang – khumphon – Prachuap Khiri Khan – Phetchaburi – Bangkok. The distance of the highway is 946 km, the whole journey takes 12 hours, and the ticket price is 400 B.

Krabi – Hat yai: every hour. The whole journey takes 4-5 hours. There are about 180B air-conditioned cars and 100B ordinary cars.

Krabi Phuket: every hour. The whole journey takes 3-4 hours. There are about 120 air-conditioned cars and 70 ordinary cars.

It’s a pleasure to stay in Krabi. Here, from super luxury hotels to very simple guest houses can be found. And it’s definitely worth the money. Tourists mainly stay at Ao Nang beach and relatively quiet Hat Noppharat beach.

Ao Nang Beach: krabithai Village Resort is a good choice if it’s just for leisure. Krabi Thai Village Resort is located in a quiet and pleasant corner of aophranang Bay, just a few minutes away from Ao Nang beach. Different from the stereotyped hotels, this resort is built according to the mountain like water potential. All of them are two to three storey Thai style buildings with noble wine red color. Each room has an independent balcony. When it’s morning and dusk, you can sit on the balcony. There is no trace of urban life immediately.

Hat Noppharat Beach: laplayaresort is located in the quiet Hat Noppharat beach with convenient transportation. It’s only ten minutes’ drive from Ao Nang beach, and it’s the terminal of Krabi airport shuttle bus. The environment is beautiful. The beach is similar to Ao Nang, but there are fewer people. Local people will have a picnic on the beach at the weekend. It takes about 40 minutes to drive to the city and Krabi airport. You can book a room facing the sea for about $100.

Pimalai Resort & Spa

Location: Ko Lanta

Price: 150-600 USD / night

Introduction: the luxurious and elegant pimalai Resort and Spa Hotel overlooks the blue water of Andaman Sea, provides advanced accommodation, spacious and quiet environment, and provides personalized services. The pimalai hotel is located in a lush tropical forest with private balconies overlooking the beautiful surroundings. The rooms are richly decorated with Thai fabric and rattan curtains, air-conditioned, and polished teak floors. There are other facilities, including high-speed Internet and DVD players.

Comments: the scenery is wonderful, the beach is very beautiful. All the staff were very friendly and the service was very good. The spa is also very good and the infinity pool is great.

Long beach Chalet

Location: Ko Lanta

Price: 40-50 USD / night

Introduction: the long beach hotel provides a Thai style cabin built on piles, 100 meters away from the white sand beach of Ko Lanta, free wireless network connection and parking lot, garden space and a bar lounge. You can enjoy the leisure and elegant accommodation in the spacious cabin and enjoy the green scenery there. There are comfortable open-air seats on the ground floor. Each cabin has cable TV, electric kettle and refrigerator.

Comments from people who have lived: it feels like home. The cabin is warm and clean. I’ll definitely go again next time.

Baan Habeebee Resort

Location: Ao Nang

Price: 50-80 USD / night

Introduction: Baan habeebee resort provides a wooden bungalow built in traditional Lanna style, which is located in front of the outdoor swimming pool. It provides free three wheeled motorcycle service to the beaches such as nopparat Thara and aonang, which is only 5 minutes away. An air-conditioned bungalow with free Wi Fi is surrounded by a tropical garden and a private terrace. Each room has a flat screen TV and an outdoor kitchen. The private bathroom has a spa shower.

People who have stayed in comment: feel at home, a very good hotel, a little bit off location, but very quiet. Shopping on the beach, want to go back to the hotel, a phone call immediately a car to pick up. After checking out on the last day, I bought fruit and asked the front desk to borrow a knife. The front desk cut it without saying a word and served it up.

Krabi Apartment Hotel

Location: Ao Nang

Price: 40-50 USD / night

Introduction: Krabi apartment hotel is located in the village of Leela Valley, 4 minutes drive from the center of Ao Nang town. The hotel offers free internet access, an outdoor swimming pool and a 24-hour front desk. The air-conditioned apartment has a living room, kitchen, private balcony, cable TV, hot shower and a view of the swimming pool.

The apartment is very nice, clean and spacious, and the staff are very friendly. It is suggested to rent a motorcycle to facilitate travel.

Ao Nang VIP Hotel

Location: Ao Nang

Price: 15-20 USD / night

Introduction: Ao Nang VIP hotel is located on the main street of Ao Nang, 10 minutes’ walk away from Ao Nang beach. It has been renovated recently. The British run hotel offers private air-conditioned rooms with free Wi Fi. Guests can rent vehicles and arrange sightseeing activities at the front desk. The bus between Krabi town and Krabi International Airport stops just outside the Ao Nang VIP hotel.

The room is very clean, the price is very cheap, the staff is very friendly.

Delicious food

Krabi’s catering is mainly concentrated in the earliest developed Ao Nang beach and Krabi town. In addition, there are restaurants in star hotels, which taste good and the price is a little expensive.

South Thailand curry fish is a special dish here, and fruit flying cake is the most famous snack here.

In Ao Nang beach, there are many big stalls that can eat fresh seafood. The taste and price of each family are almost the same, not necessarily the one with a large number of people is particularly delicious, and the dishes of each family are not slow, so you can choose at will. It’s very interesting to choose an empty home, find a window seat, watch the sea and eat seafood.

Aonangcusine: it is located in the busiest street of Ao Nang beach. It claims to be the first restaurant in Ao Nang beach. The Thai style winter noodles stir fried vegetables and chicken here only need 80B, which is delicious and full. The famous Thai dishes such as shrimp soup and Tainan curry fish are also very good here, and the cocktail is only 110B.

Bella Vista: an Italian charcoal grilled pizza shop in seafood lane. The chef is from Italy. The brick oven for baking pizza is right at the door of the restaurant. The cooking process is clear at a glance. This shop is mainly thin skin pizza, of which seafood is the most popular, and the raw materials are purchased on the market that day. The open-air seats in the restaurant are set on the beach, facing the slow sea breeze and sunset, which is very comfortable. The price of thin skin pizza is about 150-250B. Business hours: 11:00-23:00.

Compared with Ao Nang beach, the restaurants in Krabi town are more localized and popular, with authentic stir fry, barbecue, seafood and Thai sweets.

Ruan Mai: located on Maharaj Road, Krabi Town, it is a relatively large-scale restaurant in Krabi town. It’s a natural restaurant, with tables in the courtyard surrounded by green shade. Customers can even choose to eat in the arbor with swaying green plants. The restaurant offers authentic Tainan dishes, spicy. Keang SOM PLA is the signature dish here. Even if you drink it with sweat, you can’t help thinking about another bowl. Fried shrimp with stinky beans (PAD Sato) is another signature dish that can’t be stopped at the entrance. The price of each dish here is about 80B, and the business hours are 10:00-22:00.

Lachaba fish ball king: located in shukon Road, Krabi Town, it is a small wooden shop, but there are a lot of customers every day. Fish balls, fillets and noodle soup (keaw Teow PLA) are made from fresh fish caught locally. Because the ingredients are fresh, the fresh and sweet taste of fish is fully integrated into the soup, which is very delicious. The Tainan iced coffee (o-liang) here can not be missed. It not only has the smell of wheat, but also quenches thirst. Fish balls 25 THB a bowl, opening hours 6:00-21:00.

Design of Krabi tourist route

D1 Ao Nang beach → Ko Lanta → Railay Beach

D2 Krabi town → Wat Tham Sua → limestone mountain → Railay Beach

The first day: take bread and water in the morning and get ready to go. Bread can feed the fish, or you can feed yourself. Take a speedboat to Ko Lanta for about 1 hour, and go snorkeling where there are many fish. If you don’t know where there are many fish, you might as well lure them out with some bread. In fact, you can find a secluded bay to sprinkle a piece of bread, and the fish will flock to it. Some fish even peck people as bread, making people scream.

Return to Ao Nang beach for lunch at noon. Those who like rock climbing or want to learn rock climbing can go to Railay beach for a try in the afternoon, or stay at Ao Nang beach to swim and bask in the sun. After a day’s exercise, you can go to Bella Vista Italian charcoal grilled pizza shop in seafood lane for dinner and enjoy delicious pizza with the sea breeze. The two-day stay at Ao Nang beach is convenient and lively.

The next day: take a bus to Krabi town in the morning to experience the rich local customs. Take a taxi to Wat Tham Sua not far away. Those who have physical strength can climb to the highest place and overlook the whole Krabi town. Come back for lunch in Krabi town at noon and try the fish ball king on shukon road.

In the afternoon, you can charter a boat to see Krabi’s famous limestone mountain landscape. The film “Swiss Family Robinson” is shot here. When you go back to Ao Nang beach in the evening, you can try the Thai cuisine of Ao Nang cusine restaurant.

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