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Phi Phi Island attractions

Most of the fans who go to PP island will choose to take part in the one-day tour starting from PP Island, and some choose to take part in the tour around the island with a long tail boat. One day tour is divided into different itineraries. When registering, please ask the agent about the scenic spots and snorkeling times.

One day tour of PP island can be divided into two types

1. One day tour of PP from Phuket Island (it takes one hour for the speedboat to get to pp. it’s a little busy and tiring. If you take part in a one-day boat tour, you will have less time to play, because it takes two hours from Phuket wharf to PP one-way.

2. One day tour from PP Island

1) One day tour around PP island from PP Island

One day tour of PP island can be divided into three ways: long tail boat, speedboat and big boat.

The regular day tour will go to the following places.

Big PP island ·Ao ton sai

Little PP island ·Tham Viking

Little PP island · Maya Bay Ao Mahya

Bamboo (KOH Phai Island)

Mosquito Island

a. Long tail boat package tour

Long tailed boats are the most common means of transportation on the island, which can carry 5-6 people. Most of them are private vessels. They can go wherever they want. They are equipped with snorkeling equipment (snorkeling mask and breathing tube, generally without fins). Long tailed boats line up on Ao Ton Sai. You can go to the beach to talk about the price of the tour around the island and see the boat condition by the way. Don’t order it from the people who are soliciting customers on the island. The price is exorbitant.

b. One day tour of the group

The boat is divided into half day tour and one-day tour. It can generally carry more than ten people. The speed is fast and bumpy. Fruits and drinks are provided free of charge on board, including 4-5 snorkeling and lunch. The price is relatively expensive, about 1100 THB / person-1500 THB / person.

c. One day tour of the group

Large ships can carry many people, but they drive slowly. Travel companies on the street can book them. They can be divided into one-day tour (about 500b-700b / person) and half day tour in the afternoon. Only a one-day tour will go to the bamboo island which is praised by everyone, but not a half day tour. One day tour includes 2-4 snorkeling, free drinking water and a lunch (fried rice + fruit) on board. Before departure, collect snorkeling equipment and flippers. Pay attention to those lost or damaged, and don’t think about changing others’ ones, because each one has a number on it, which has been recorded together with your name. The foreigners who went with them also played with the boatman, jumping from the boat to the sea. Finally, the boatman climbed to the top of the boat and jumped out of the water like a fish. I really envy their underwater skills.

Introduction to the main scenic spots of one day tour:

Big PP island ·Ao ton sai

Phuket leaves to the pier where PP Island stops is in Ao ton sai. It is quite lively around Ao ton sai. There are two bars on the side, with fire at night Dance, on the beach, pile up several sand piles and sand pits, light the torch, the dancers fire at the ends of the iron chain or iron pole, and wave one after another at a very fast speed. It is super dazzling. The bar fire dance performance starts at about 9:30, and ends at 12:00. The wine price of the bar is about 40-200b, and the cheapest is 40B of mineral water per bottle.

Although the water in PP island is clear and the wave is small, the sand is thick and cut, and it is uncomfortable to walk on the beach. The beach slope opposite Ao ton sai is very gentle. It is nearly 200m away from the thigh. The local children play with the waves carefree in the swimming circle. They take a large towel from the hotel lobby to find a space to lay down, watch the blue sky and white clouds change slowly. Listen to the waves beating the shore gently, feel the wind blowing softly from the side, everything is so leisurely and so comfortable Meaning. There are banana boats on the beach for hire, 150b/ hour. When you have time to rowing your boat to sea, the waves near the mouth of the Bay have become bigger and the sea is deep, so it is not recommended to Rowe too far.

Tham Viking

The southern Phi Phi Le is surrounded by cliffs, with a very dangerous terrain, so few people are smoking. There are several huge limestone caves on the island, with many beautiful stalactites hanging in the cave, and some of them are carved with murals of prehistoric human beings, elephants and ships. It is said that these caves were the harbours of Andaman pirates before, so they were called “Pirate Caves”, and because there were many sea swallows in the caves, they were rich in bird’s nest, also known as “bird’s nest cave”.

Little PP island · Ao Mahya

LOH samah Bay is the best place to dive on PP island. The water is very clear, there are many colorful fish and blue sunflower. (the water is very clear, but the fish species are very few, far less than the fish around Hin PAE at the mouth of Ao ton sai Bay. The coral is huge. However, the guide said there are sharks around Hin PAE. Fortunately, people can meet, which makes me nervous. I don’t know if the sharks here bite or bite people. However, looking at the deep diving pictures of each diving shop dancing with sharks, they may not bite them Man, but I didn’t see sharks at the end. I don’t know if I’m lucky or not)

Maya beach, this is a beach protected. The sea water and beach are not beautiful. Maya needs 200 plants to go to the beach. There is a shortcut. You can go to Maya through a cave without paying. (it was through the cave on the shore of LOH samah Bay, and walked through the rock and woods, and we didn’t go because LOH samah Bay has no beach. He wants to climb up the shore from the upstream of the boat, and then drag the rope on the shore and step on the reef. I didn’t know that it took a lot of money to climb the shore in the big web. The stone cut his feet again. He didn’t go forward. The most terrible thing is to see a snake in the water when he turned back. If you are going to take this road, please wear shoes

It takes 2-3 hours to dive from the big PP island to the place, and the cost of 2-4 people is about 700-900 Thai plants. The price of the above small PP island is 200 Thai plants / person, and there is no other charge for the snorkeling nearby.

Bamboo (KOH Phai Island)

Bamboo Island, also known as kophae, is an island off the north of the island of big PP. Because there are bamboo on the island, we are used to call it Bamboo Island. The East and north of Bamboo Island has beautiful beaches, which is an ideal place for sunbathing. The south of the island is covered with gorgeous reef rocks, and there are many dead coral blocks on the shore, indicating that there are many corals in the nearby sea area, which is one of the best swimming and diving points of PP island.

Transportation: located in the north of big PP Island, near mosquito Island, it is usually combined with mosquito island for fun. The boat charters about 900 Thai plants every three hours.

Admission: 200 Thai plants / person will be charged for the island, and no other charge will be charged for the snorkeling nearby.

The beaches of Bamboo Island and Emperor island are the most beautiful two beaches around Phuket. Because emperor island and PP island are in different directions, they have chosen to go to Bamboo Island. It turns out that the beach on Bamboo Island is indeed the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. The water is light blue and clear. A little away, the black coral reef shows a dark and light beauty. I wonder if the Maldives sea is like this

Everyone pays 200B for island boarding. Bamboo Island is very white sand, the sea water is very characteristic, the color is shallow and deep, very beautiful, do not waste this island fee. We were not required to pay the island fee. We don’t know whether there is an agreement or other strategy mistake between the big ship and the island

On the way back, a sea area was passed, and a map marked a place called Hohn Klang, where the coral is beautiful.

Mosquito Island

Mosquito Island, also known as kohyoung, is an island off the north of the island. Mosquito island is really, there are a lot of mosquitoes, so remember to put good medicine before you go to the island to prevent mosquito bites. The east side of mosquito island is the rock bank. A beautiful small beach is surrounded by the central valley. The bright coral reef rocks are hidden in the clear sea water. Here, there are the most beautiful coral rocks in PP Island, attracting many tourists to dive.

Transportation: located in the north of big PP Island, near Bamboo Island, it is usually combined with Bamboo Island for sightseeing. The boat charters about 900 Thai plants every three hours.

Admission: 200 Thai plants / person will be charged for the island, and no other charge will be charged for the snorkeling nearby.

The shallow water is two or three meters deep. You can feel like you are swimming with the crystal coral and all kinds of strange stones. Colorful tropical fish are surrounded by you, even at your fingertips. But no matter how to reach for grabbing, you can’t touch half a scale. The folds of strange stones are covered with various shellfish. Every time they swim over, they will immediately close the mouth of the shell, which is ridiculous. But also pay attention to sea urchins.

2) Reference for “typical trip” of PP one day tour from Phuket:

There is no place to change clothes for a day tour, so we should wear swimsuit inside and bring the hotel towel. It won’t be sticky after swimming, it’s just a little salty.

1. send a car to the hotel where you live to meet you (you can sit in the lobby, the driver will get off to find you, and when you sign up from the agent, he will write it on the receipt)

2. arrive at the wharf

3. take a fast boat to PP island for about 1 hour. Be careful of seasickness. Take medicine. The side effect of the medicine is to make you dizzy and sleepy.

4. first, go to monkey Beach

5. go to the small PP (Phi Phi ley) and dive in Maya Bay.

6. go snorkeling or take a look at the lho SA MAH Bay and PI leh cove, which are the other two beaches of the small PP.

7. Viking cave

8. about 2 p.m., go to DAPP for lunch

9. it is possible to go to Bamboo Island and find a diving point to dive at will

10. it is possible to dive or relax in Khai NOK Island, Khai Nai island or Khai NUI Island

11. return to Phuket wharf, about 17:30

3) Reference for “typical trip” of one-day tour from PP Island:

The plug is off–

Feed monkeys through the little monkey Beach – and then through the place where people pick bird’s nests–

Then there were two Bay snorkeling from LOH samah bay to Maya Bay, where they went to Bamboo Island and mosquito island in the afternoon, and once again on the way.

Time: 10:00-19:00

Price: 400B per person, including one bottle of water, fruit, a cake and lunch (that is, a box of fried rice for each).

4) Reference for “typical trip” for half day tour from PP Island:

It’s the same as the first half of a day tour, but when you get to Maya, you go back (no bamboo or mosquitoes) (in the morning and afternoon, 10:00-14:00/14:00-19:00). Price: 250B per person (including one bottle of water and fruit)

Special note: since PP island is far away from Phuket, it is suggested that the fast boat should be selected for the one-day trip to Phuket. Don’t choose a big boat. Otherwise, it would be very dizzy and spend more time on the big ship in a day.

5) PP Island charter ship out

a. PP Island package long tail ship for sea trip

The price of PP island ship is 400b-600b/ h, which generally takes 3 hours + the price is based on the ship, and 4 persons in a ship are more suitable. If you have a large number of people, such as 10, the current feedback is 3 hours 4000b, and the large tail can take 12 people. Find the boss of the ship directly at the wharf, and we can talk about the price, and we don’t need to find an agent. Living in the north, you can also find a boat directly on the beach without going to Ao Ton Sai Bay.

b. A sea trip by a pack boat

If there are many people and the price is not sensitive, you may also consider the fast boat to sea. Faster and more stable. 6 hours 6500b (price for reference).

be careful:

1. if the ship is in the sea in rainy season, if it encounters wind and waves, the rain and wind blowing may be very cold. You can take a hotel towel out.

2. mayabay will come here from 10:00-14:00, which leads to a lot of people. If you pack a boat, you can avoid this time period.

3. students living in the natural resort in northern PP, we suggest to go to holidayinn to find the boatman as much as possible.

Besides a day tour, PP island can play this way

1. deep diving experience, led by the coach, dive into the water for 10 meters! Look at the real underwater world – many students love diving!

2. deep dive – deep dive requiring certificate.

3. watch the sea, listen to MP3, watch the sunset, look at the stars, and the beach. Watch fire show, chat and enjoy your vacation.

4. some small projects, such as parachutes on water, such as renting a double rowing boat to paddle to small PP (price reference: 7 hours 400B).

5. double kayak 200B two hours 350 an hour. Anyway, the longer it is, the cheaper it is.

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