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Ao Nang economic hotel

The infrastructure of Ao Nang is perfect, and it is very convenient to eat, play, live and shop. Most tourists to Krabi gather here. There is the most lively and beautiful beach in Krabi, and the famous four island tour is also boarded here.

The price of accommodation near the beach is higher than that in Krabi Town, but it is still cheaper than that in Phuket.

1. Ibis styles Krabi Ao Nang

The location is very good, surrounded by snacks, two 7-11, one minute ride to Ao Nang beach;It’s very lively, with complete living facilities. The hotel is warm and provides ice water and ice juice, which is very considerate;The breakfast is fresh and fresh without noise;The room is small, but the five internal organs are clean;There’s a whole train to Ao Nang beach, but there are fewer trains.

Price: US $30 + / night

2. Anyavee ban Ao Nang Resort

Five minutes walk to Ao Nang beach, where there is a small pavilion selling tickets. You can take a long tail boat to Railay beach, or book other one-day tours. The room is very large, each room has a balcony, you can dry clothes, a hair dryer, hot water, downstairs there are family mark and 7-11, there are Thai restaurants, the hotel is on the side of the road, it is convenient to get a ride;

Price: US $30 + / night

3. Ananta burin Resort

Five minutes’ walk to Ao Nang Main Street, not far from Ao Nang wharf, about 15 minutes’ walk from Ao Nang beach; there is a 711 convenience store diagonally opposite; the swimming pool of the hotel is very beautiful, and you will pass many cheap restaurants and snack stalls on the way to the seaside; there are supermarkets, car rental shops and travel agents around; there are Internet charges in the room, free WiFi in the lobby; lotus mist and homemade breakfast Yogurt is delicious.

Price: US $50 + / night

4. Vogue Resort & Spa Ao Nang

It’s 27 kilometers away from Krabi airport, 15 minutes’ drive away from Krabi Town, and only 5 minutes’ walk away from Krabi Ao Nang beach. McDonald’s, Starbucks and 7-11 are on the left side of the door. The outdoor dense vegetation shade the swimming pool. It’s a pleasure to lie on the wooden reclining chair, even if you listen to the wind and watch the rain. If you take children under 3 years old, you don’t need extra bed. Pay attention to one recommended by the front desk Day tour is really more expensive than outside, so it’s better to make your own choice.

Price: US $30 + / night

5. Krabi TIPA Resort

Surrounded by lush green plants, the hotel is only 100 meters away from Ao Nang beach;

Independent wooden houses and blue and white buildings are integrated with the natural environment, which is the best choice for vacation. The location is convenient, there are convenience stores and supermarkets at the entrance, and there are some snacks in the night market. The hotel has many mosquitoes, so it is necessary to take anti mosquito measures. The lobby provides free wireless network, and provides a rich and delicious breakfast.

Price: US $50 + / night

6. Aonang nagapura Resort & Spa

Surrounded by lush gardens and offering elegant accommodation, it is only 400 meters away from Ao Nang beach; it is located at Pra Nang beach and nopharattara beach It’s about 40 minutes’ drive away from Krabi airport; it’s the 71 shop, massage shop and snack bar, and it’s only ten minutes’ walk to Ao Nang main street; the room is simple and comfortable, with floor to ceiling windows beside the bed to let you open your eyes and bathe in the sun, and you can see a lot of fireflies in the evening if you’re lucky; the swimming pool is also good, and the water is clean; but the breakfast is not so good It’s delicious.

Price: US $50 + / night

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