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2021 Cambodian entertainment strategy(1)

Cambodia’s tourism focus is still to feel history, magnificent scenic spots.

Cambodian massage

Massage SPA is an important industry in many Southeast Asian tourist destinations. Service environment and standards from high-end luxury to affordable levels, adapt to various economic conditions of travelers. All large and medium-sized hotels offer various forms of massage and SPA services, and there are some nice small massage shops in the city.

Traditional performances

When it comes to Khmer performing arts, perhaps Phnom Penh is not as famous as Siem Reap. However, some performing arts schools in Phnom Penh are open during the day, allowing visitors to visit the training of actors. Among the many goals, Sovanna Phum Art Association is a place, where can not be missed.

Learn to make Khmer dish

If you have enough time, you must learn traditional Khmer cooking here, and bring the cooking skill back to China. Khmer dish is famous in Southeast Asia for its unique flavor, especially Amok and Lak Lok, which can be regarded as Cambodian National dishes.

Fire balloon tour

How exciting it is to take a fire balloon over angkor wat to have a bird’s-eye view of the magnificent architectural wonders of ancient Khmer. Now you can realize this dream. There are special companies operating the fire balloon sightseeing projects near Angkor Wat. Riding on the fire balloon, you can take a panoramic view of the whole Angkor Dynasty. In addition to Angkor Wat, you can also enjoy Phnom Bakheng, Bayon temple and the whole Siem Reap city in the air.

Helicopter sightseeing

There are a number of helicopter companies in Cambodia, providing comprehensive services, including Angkor air sightseeing. For people who love to fly, this is a stimulating and unique journey, with a bird’s eye view of famous Angkor and pastoral scenery in the air.

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