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Economy hotel on Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta is located at the southernmost end of Krabi. The more the beach goes south, the more beautiful it is. There are more Europeans on the island.

There are bazaars, 711 convenience stores, restaurants and ATM machines on the island, so life is very convenient.

The eastern part of the island is not much developed, and hotels are mainly distributed in the western part of the island.

It mainly introduces some economical hotels with relatively favorable prices. Moreover, the hotel services on Ko Lanta are quite good, which are very suitable for taking the elderly or babies to play together. Many hotels have their own private beaches.

1. Lanta Sand Resort & Spa

Located on the coast of Long Beach, it is built on the beach and has its own private beach;

It provides free shuttle bus service to saladan pier, which is very convenient. There are 7-11 and various snack bars around the hotel, and you can take a 15 minute left turn to the famous time for life restaurant for dinner. There is a boat on the beach of the hotel to pick up tourists for snorkeling.

Price: 30 + US dollars / night

2. Lanta Casuarina Beach Resort

Located beside the swimming pool, you can enjoy the sea view, local cuisine and fresh seafood dishes; connected with Phra AE beach, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the sea;It is highly recommended to go to see the sunset; it will provide some tools to play on the beach, such as blankets and towels; the transportation is not very convenient; the cost performance is very high, sometimes the sea view room only costs $30 +.

Price: US $30 + / night

3. Coco Lanta Resort

Located in the middle of Ko Lanta, on the klong Khong beach;

It is 15 kilometers away from the old city of Ko Lanta and 2 hours by boat and car from Krabi airport. The hotel is located on the beach in the original ecological style. Each room is an independent cabin with good privacy. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool overlooking the sea, beach massage, garden terrace, restaurant and bar.

Price: US $30 + / night

4. Lanta Pura Beach Resort

The hotel is next to the saladan wharf, 3-5 minutes walk from the boat;

The location is the busiest on the island of Ko Lanta. There is a night market when you go out at night;There are two swimming pools facing the sea, and there are many reclining chairs beside the pool;There are supermarkets, 7-11 restaurants, massage shops and a small market within 5 minutes;

Price: US $30 + / night

5. Long Beach Chalet

The beach is a 6-minute walk away from accommodation and 100 meters away from KOH Lanta’s white beach. It is located in the garden and provides access to saladan Free shuttle service of pier; very characteristic stilted building and cabin, very quiet nearby, very private, you can have breakfast looking at the sea, feel great; off season to feel the whole beach is a person, breakfast is simple and full; from the inside of the hotel through a path to walk about 200 meters to the beach; the hotel’s tourist information desk can arrange a variety of water sports and a day Travel, the staff can also provide assistance in transportation and laundry services for you;

Price: US $30 + / night

6. Alama Sea Village Resort

The beach is 2 minutes’ walk away from accommodation. Alama Sea Village Resort is located in Ko Lanta, overlooking the Andaman Sea, 200m away from Ba Kan Tieng Bay Bay Bay, and 200m away from klong jark Bay Bay is 1.6 km long; the building is a bit of Japanese and Thai style, which makes people feel refreshing. Looking around, it’s full of green. When you go out, you can also pick up a wooden spoon to water the flowers at your door; the staff are very enthusiastic and talkative, and they will tell you what they know, such as calling a car and spa;

This place is very suitable for taking photos!

Price: US $30 + / night

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