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Samet, Thailand

A small island in the Gulf of Thailand, about 220 kilometers southeast of Bangkok, is administrated by Thailand’s Rayong . The most attractive thing is that it has the most beautiful beach in Thailand. It can enjoy windsurfing, snorkeling, water skiing and other water activities all year round. It also has the tranquility and leisure that Pattaya does not have. The East and west of Koh Samet are connected by a small mountain range. The island is full of dense jungle and emerald green coconut forest, interweaving into a beautiful picture.

Koh Samet traffic

There is a minibus directly to Koh Samet at Bangkok airport. On Khao San Road, where foreign tourists are concentrated in Bangkok, almost every travel agency sells transport package tickets to Koh Samet, including a minibus from Bangkok to the wharf on the other side of Koh Samet (about 3.5 hours by car), and a boat ticket to the island (about 40 minutes by boat). If you take the morning bus, you’d better buy a good ticket the day before and buy it temporarily. You don’t have to have a seat.

1) From downtown Bangkok to Koh Samet (including return trip)

You can choose to take the air rail BTS to the bus station to buy tickets, take the bus to the wharf, and then buy a boat ticket to Koh Samet. The method is as follows:

From Ekkamai terminal east bus station in Bangkok

We went to Ekkamai terminal east bus station, took the bus to ban Phe pier, and then transferred to Koh Samet. BTS Ekkamai station, get down from exit 2 and walk to the intersection to get to the eastern bus terminal. There are buses from the east bus station to the eastern provinces of Thailand, such as Pattaya, Rayong and KOH samed.

When you enter the station from the main entrance, there are many ticket offices in the hall. Most of them go to 117b of pattya on the right. Keep to the left and look for the window No.5 banphe – KOH samed to buy tickets (banphe is the entrance to Koh Samet). Each person has 173b + 100b round-trip tickets to Koh Samet. Remember to ask if he is a non stop bus. Every hour, he will arrive at Ban Phe pier in three hours Tickets can also be purchased at the dock.

There is a luggage storage area in the bus station. No matter how big or small it is, the service staff will hand out a receipt to you. You need to pay in advance. If the number of days exceeds the original reservation, you can come back to collect it and make up the difference. There will be no overtime charges

The terminal station is banphe station, and you can take it here for the return journey

After a 3-hour drive, get off the bus and walk across the street next to 7-11, which leads directly to ban Phe pier to take a boat. Before taking the boat, there is a window to charge for the government tax in Koh Samet, which is 200B per person, because the government stipulates that tax should be charged in the inland area of Koh Samet control zone and in our hotel. (KOH samed belongs to the National Park, and you need to pay for tickets. Foreigners are 200B, Thais are 40B. The administrator will go to the car and charge one by one.)

After getting off the ship, there will be 7-11 docks. There are only two on the island, so it’s better to buy more things to go to the hotel. The traffic on the island is only motor and two cars. It’s 20b per person where two cars go

Leaving Koh Samet for Bangkok or Pattaya:

Ban Phe pier has minibus to Bangkok or Pattaya. You can also take a bus back to Bangkok.

Bus timetable of ban Phe pier from Bangkok east bus station to Banpei Wharf

Departure time: 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. And 16:30, 18:00, 19:00, 20:30

Return time: 05:00, 07:00, 09:00-19:00 (departing on the hour).

Schedule of Rayong – Koh Samet

Departure time: 11:00, 13:30, 16:00

Return time: 10:00, 12:30, 15:00

2) From Bangkok airport to Koh Samet (including return trip)

Take a bus to Pattaya first, and then take a bus from Pattaya to Rayong wharf.

Suvarnabhumi Airport – Pattaya, Bangkok

It’s at gate 1 / F 8 of the airport

Schedule: start at 8:00 in the morning, and the last one is 22:00, with an average of one hour, which is convenient and fast.

Pattaya ~ Rayong Wharf

Minibus 350b company one way ship (1H)

Schedule: 08:00 / 12:00 / 15:30

In the hotel, you can ask the front desk attendant to make an appointment for minibus and arrive at the dock in 1 hour

Rayong wharf to Koh Samet

Big boat (45-60mins) and package ticket

It’s slow, but you can enjoy the nearby islands and scenery

In fact, you can also take the speed boat white shark speedboat for the journey. They are all 250B

Koh Samet to Rayong Wharf

*Speedboat 250B (15mins)

It’s only available in the same villa resort. It’s 100b cheaper at some designated times.

Rayong wharf to Bangkok

* minibus 200B (2.5-3hr)

*Bus 157b (3-3.5 HR) is suitable for tourists with large luggage

In fact, I believe it only takes 2 hours by car

Because it takes a long time for the driver to get in the fuel and pick up the guests from different places

Get off at victory mount BTS

Pattaya to Sammy

Take a bus from South Pattaya to Rayong. In Pattaya, you can directly find a master of Mo and tell him to take you to Rayong. He will take you to a bus under the bridge. There is a shuttle bus to Rayong. When you get off the bus at Rayong’s station, a group of people will ask you if you are going to Koh Samet. There are “Two-lane cart”, which costs only 20 baht, and taxis, 200 baht. Then, they will take you there To the port on Koh Samet, you can buy a ticket first and then get on the ship, 50 baht. For speedboats, 100 to 200 baht

PS: it takes about an hour for Pattaya to go to Rayong. Rayong takes 30 to 40 minutes to get to the wharf of Koh Samet, and it takes 30 to 40 minutes for the wharf of Koh Samet to get to the island. When he gets to the island, he has to take “Two-lane cart” to enter the park area. To enter the beach in the park area, foreigners have to pay 200 baht and Thais 40 baht.

Back to ban pen Bangkok, hotel office booking van, 300B / person, direct to Victoria station. The whole process lasted for 3 hours.

Snorkeling will be fixed on the island, and the whole island will be charged. 12: 00-17:00 trip, 600B, including a fried rice at noon. Snorkeling environment OK, but also a cave, very chic.

3. Koh Samet Hotel

After entering the gate of the park, you can get tickets. Along the beach, you can get one resort after another. Koh Samet is a slender hill in the sea with a north-south trend. More than 90% of the resorts are located on the beautiful east bank. Almost all of the rooms are within five minutes’ walk to the seaside, and almost all of them are on the hillside of Contemplating The Sea and in the dense woods.

Paradee Resort

The hotel with the highest score on booking is very beautiful and comfortable, but the disadvantage is that the price is too high.

The paradee hotel is located on a palm planted beach on Koh Samet Island, offering teak and Thai silk decorated villas with private balconies and free internet access. There is a library in the hotel. The paradee hotel features a thatched roof villa with separate living areas and spacious bathrooms.

Price per night: over $500

Sai Kaew Beach Resort

Sai Kaew Beach Resort is located in KOH samet, adjacent to Pineapple Beach and Sai Kaew beach. The resort has three outdoor swimming pools, two seaside restaurants and various water sports.

Price per night: over $150

Mooban Talay Resort

Mooban Talay resort hotel has a high foot villa with outdoor shower and a sports center providing a variety of water sports. The hotel has a spa with outdoor massage and a swimming pool with a bar.

Located at noina beach, resort mooban Talay offers two free cruises from the hotel’s private pier to nuanthip pier every day.

Price per night: over $100

Samed Pavilion Resort

The samed Pavilion resort is located on KOH samet, only 40 meters from Ao Phai beach. It has an outdoor swimming pool with a sun deck, a restaurant and a tourist information desk.

Price per night: over $100

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