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Angkor tour guide reference

It is very important for foreign tourists to choose a nice tour guide. For Angkor Wat, a destination with strong cultural color, whether to invite a guide or not is also a very tangled problem.

The discussion on whether to invite a tour guide has been going on all the time. I agree with the view that the quality of a tour guide is uneven. If you can invite a better tour guide, it’s definitely worth it; if you can’t, it’s better not to invite one. If you need a guide, you don’t need to go through the whole journey. You can ask a guide to explain in key temples.

The preparation before the trip to Cambodia was rather hasty. I contacted two tour guides, but they didn’t have time, so we all went on our own tour this time. Before departure, I read “Cambodia in May “and learned about Angkor’s historical and religious background. The book is scattered, but it can give people a general impression. During the tour, I carried “travel around the world: Cambodia and Angkor temple”, in which the maps of various temples are very detailed, and the places worth watching are marked on the map.

After visiting many temples, we left time for Angkor National Museum. The exhibition and interpretation in the museum were beyond my imagination. According to the history of Angkor, the museum is divided into several exhibition rooms, in which the typical statues, Buddha statues, murals, architectural features and construction technology of Angkor relics are systematically explained. Multimedia is fully utilized and multi language short films are produced. By visiting a complete Museum, I can connect the fragments of various temples scattered in my head for a few days. I can also better understand the stories behind these relics and know how to appreciate their beauty. The pictures in the short film will let me relive the scenes of Angkor ruins. The ticket price of Angkor National Museum is $12, and the rent of Chinese interpreter is $3. Although the price is expensive, it is highly recommended!

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