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Ayuthaya tourism strategy

Ayuthaya is a glorious Dynasty in the history of Thailand, which is called Ayuthaya Dynasty. It has a history of nearly 500 years, but later the whole city was destroyed by the Burmese because of the war. The buildings and works of art of the big city were destroyed and became a ruin. This is the ruins of the Ayuthaya today.

The way of transportation between Bangkok and the Ayuthaya.

Train (cheapest)

Hua LamPhong takes a bus to Ayuthaya, about two hours. Bangkok takes a train to Ayuthaya. If you want to take a ticket, you need 245b for one person. In car 1-2, there are air conditioners and fans. If you want to take a ticket, you need 20b for one person. There are no seats. There is no need to buy the train ticket to the Ayuthaya in advance. There is one every half an hour.

How to get to the railway station in Bangkok: MRT, there is a channel under Hua LamPhong station to directly enter the railway station and go to counter 2 (the ticket seller can speak English) to buy a ticket. After buying a ticket, check the ticket. Bus, 29 terminal is the railway station, 25 and 40 have a railway station.

Train timetable from Hua LamPhong to Ayutthaya in Bangkok

You can also take a bus to the Ayuthaya, but I suggest you take the train to feel it. The scenery along the way is also good. I like the quietness of the Ayuthaya, but also shocked by its fragmentary beauty. In this ancient capital, you can see a kind of tree with bright red flowers everywhere. I like it very much.

After getting out of Ayuthaya Railway Station, you need to go through the alley opposite to take a ferry (2 cents), about 5 minutes to get there. Out of the ferry is still a small alley, where you can rent bicycles, motorcycles and Dudu cars. If you rent a bicycle, it’s the cheapest. It’s only $1 a day. It’s about $10 for three hours to rent a Dudu car. It’s a bit expensive. Three or four hours in the Ayuthaya is enough. If you are riding your own bike, remember to ask the car rental owner for a map of the Ayuthaya. By the way, ask the boss to help you mark out the famous scenic spots.

When you return to Bangkok from Ayuthaya, you should pay attention to that Ayuthaya Railway station sells tickets only 20 minutes in advance, and sometimes the departure time is different from that on the Thai railway network. Considering the long interval between trains, it’s better to see clearly in front of the small blackboard marked with departure time at Ayuthaya Railway Station when you arrive.


It’s about an hour’s drive. If you go to the Ayuthaya and take a minibus, remember not to get off at the gate of the city. Be sure to get off at the terminal minibus station. There are restaurants, hotels, car rental shops and 7-11. It’s much more convenient.

The bus stop is on the side of victory monument. Take BTS light rail to Victory Monument Memorial station.

Back from the Ayuthaya, the end of the minibus is still Victory Monument bus station. Victory Monument bus station is basically a minibus, which is flexible and convenient, and it’s just under the BTS station, so it’s easy to transfer.

From the BTS station, there is a building. Downstairs, there is a minibus parking lot. Here are minibuses to Huahin, Ko Chang and other places. From here to the north, it’s about 50 meters away, that is, to the north of the 7-11 convenience store in the picture, there’s a right turning intersection. If you go in from this small intersection, you’ll see a ticket office and a parking shed.

From here, on the right hand side is the ticket office, where you can buy tickets, and then go on, there is a waiting hall, where you can sit and wait for the bus. There are cars going to Ayuthaya, MaeKlong and Amphawa in this greenhouse. But we must pay attention and be diligent when we take the bus here, because the tickets and license plates are all in Thai. We don’t know where and when the car will be issued. In the front row of the waiting room, there are two on-site ticket sellers who can ask them. If you are worried, you can go directly to the shed without going into the waiting room, ask the driver which bus is going to the direction you want to go, and show him the ticket. He’ll tell you which bus to take.


The long-distance bus from Bangkok north station goes to Ayuthaya every 20 minutes. Because it stops at the station midway, the total distance is about 2 hours. Air conditioned first class seats cost 50 baht. Take the BTS light rail to MOH chit station, get out of the station, cross the overpass, and take bus No. 3 or no. 77 (air conditioned bus 12 THB, ordinary bus 7 THB) at the right bus stop for 10-15 minutes to the north bus station. Two cars are terminal, get off across the bridge is the north bus station. The daily operation time is 4:30am – 7.15pm.

3. The mode of transportation between Ayuthaya and Sukhothai


There are two kinds of buses from Ayuthaya to Sukhothai (6 hours). One is the first class (359B), which only runs two times a day, 11:30 and 18:00 respectively. The other is the 2nd class (278b). The schedule is as follows:

There are two bus stations in Ayuthaya. One is to Bangkok, the other is to Sukhothai. The station to Sukhothai is north bus station. It’s far away from the railway station. It’s about 100b by taxi.

Chiang Mai enters at the gate of the bus stop in the new town. On your left, you will see two ticket windows, each according to your left and right. On the left, Sukhothai goes to Bangkok / on the right, Sukhothai goes to Chiang Mai. When you go to the ticket window in Bangkok, most of the cars back to Bangkok will stop in the Ayuthaya.

In fact, the bus to Ayuthaya and to Bangkok are the same bus. Because we have to pass Ayuthaya to go to Bangkok, Ayuthaya only stops in the middle. We bought a 356B ticket to the Ayuthaya. After buying the ticket, I sit on the bench in front of the buffet and wait for the bus. The bus is quite on time, and the bus to Ayuthaya is newer than the bus from Chiang Mai. Thai movies on the bus

The bus stops at Sukhothai new town and some passengers come up, so you can actually take a bus in Sukhothai new town. However, for tourists living in the old town, the buffet on Highway 12 is more convenient.

From Sukhothai to Ayuthaya / Bangkok: This is relatively simple. I believe Sukhothai bus station has many flights to Ayuthaya or Bangkok. However, in view of our experience, if you have a choice, if you also go to Ayuthaya, don’t take the bus with the terminal in Bangkok! Try to choose the bus with Ayuthaya as the terminal.

4. Hot spots in Ayuthaya

wat ratchaburana

The temple has the tallest and most magnificent corn tower in the Ayuthaya. Through this broken door, you can feel its great shore.

The Ayuthaya is different from other tourist destinations. Maybe these cultural relics need to be protected and repaired, so almost every temple is charged, but only foreigners are charged, and Thais are free to visit. The ticket price is uniform. It’s all 50B alone.

The buildings in the Ayuthaya are basically red brick structures. It seems that 500 years ago, Thais knew how to make red bricks. The remnant wall and broken tile here have been weathered for hundreds of years. Some brick walls tend to crumble.

wat maha That

Admission: 50 Thai strains. Opening hours: 9:00-17:00

Transportation: wat maha That is located in Ayuthaya, on the east side of Wat Phra Si Sanphet. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from Wat Phra Si Sanphet. You can also take a minibus or Tutu bus at Ayuthaya Railway Station for about 15 minutes, and the fare is 30 B / person.

It’s across the road from ratchaburana. This temple is even more famous because the famous “eternal smile” is in it.

The most representative masterpiece of Ayuthaya is the tree wrapped Buddha head. That is, some people call it the eternal smile. She is so beautiful, so peaceful, you can always watch her here for a long time, no matter which angle you look at her, she is always smiling.

The origin of this landscape is also very interesting. 500 years ago, the Ayuthaya was destroyed. In order to crush Thailand’s politics and culture, Burmese people destroyed all temples and Buddha statues, including this Buddha. The body and head separated, the Buddha’s head was cut off and rolled to the corner.

However, as time goes by, a banyan tree grows in the corner. Its strong roots gently pull up the Buddha’s head and grow with it. Up to now, the Buddha’s head and the banyan tree can’t be separated, which symbolizes that Thai culture and profound Buddhism will never die and come back to life.

Wat Lokayasutha

According to the current situation, wat lokayasutha can no longer be called a temple, because it is already a piece of grass, there are no buildings, only a half collapsed tower and the famous big Reclining Buddha. Because of this, the local people call it watpanao, which means Reclining Buddha Temple.

The length of the reclining Buddha is not small, it is about 50 meters by visual inspection, and it is about six or seven meters high. Since it is called Wat, it means that it is also a temple, and the reclining Buddha is the treasure of the temple.

Wiharn Phra Mongkhonbophit

Admission: admission is free. Opening hours: 9:00-17:00.

Transportation: Wiharn Phra Mongkhonbophit

is located on Ayuthaya, about 500 meters south of Wat Phra Si Sanphet. It takes about 5 minutes to walk from Wat Phra Si Sanphet. You can also take a minibus or Tutu bus at Ayuthaya Railway Station for about 15 minutes, and the fare is 30 Tai / person.

Wiharn Phra mongkhonbophit is a modern temple. It looks very new. I don’t know whether it was rebuilt or repaired.

wat phra si sanphet

Wat Phra Sri sanphet is next to wiharn Phra mongkhonbophit. What’s special about this temple is that there are three beautiful pagodas.

Admission: 50 Thai strains. Opening hours: 9:00-17:00.

Transportation: wat phra si sanphet is located in Ayuthaya, on the west side of pamahatai temple. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from Wat Pha Mahathat.


Wat Phu Khao thong the pagoda is located in the northwest of the big city. This charming pagoda, translated as “Golden Mountain”, was first built during the 15 years of Myanmar’s occupation of the big city (it was built before it was invaded in 1767 and then collapsed).

5. Ayuthaya food

chicken fried rice

When I eat in scenic spots, I generally don’t have high requirements for food. Chicken fried rice and seafood fried rice have always been the best choice, not too expensive, not bad to eat where to go, not too much waste of time.

Som Tam

There are crabs. They have purple shells. It’s salty. It’s salty. This is 20b. Outside mahatai temple, there are vendors

Water Market

A lot of food. There will be a lot of stalls around 4 p.m. It’s all bought by local people. It should be for dinner.

6. Ayuthaya accommodation

Baan Thai House

Transportation: it’s very convenient. The hotel can rent bicycles for free.

Bad environment: very quiet, very garden atmosphere, perfect facilities, free WiFi, swimming pool, spa room.

Food: there are not many kinds of menu, but they are all delicious, especially fried noodles and chicken.

Service: the landlady and the waiter are nice, and they speak English very well. They will respond to you with a smile every time, which makes us feel very intimate.

Bifern homestay

Hotel Address: 172 / 9 moo 4 tambon patuchai, ampoe Muang, 13000 Grand City

Services: provide free wireless Internet connection and parking space, as well as bicycle rental and tourism services.

Transportation: it’s a 10 minute bike ride from the temple ruins and an hour’s drive from Bangkok.

Woraburi ayothaya convention resort

Hotel Address: 199 / 19 moo 4, moo Baan Sri krung villa, Pai Ling, Ayutthaya., 13000 Tacheng

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