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Angkor 3-day itinerary references

The following is a 3-day suggested itinerary that basically covers the essence and features of Angkor ruins. But for friends who have more time, it is recommended to leave Angkor more time and slow down to listen to Angkor’s story.

The first day

Angkor Wat sunrise—Ta Prohm—Bayon—Angkor Wat—Phnom Bakheng and sunset


Angkor Wat is the most popular place to watch the sunrise. You can get a better photo position only when you arrive before 5 a.m.

The best photography position is in front of the lotus pool of Angkor Wat. The spire of Angkor Wat is reflected in the lotus pool. It is very beautiful. The left position can show all five spires of Angkor Wat.

After watching the sunrise, the time is about 7 a.m. let the driver go directly to Ta Prohm temple and have breakfast in the car, so the hotel can provide breakfast packing service. In this way, before the arrival of a large number of tour teams at 9:30 in the morning, we can finish visiting Ta Prohm temple. If we want to take pictures of the scenes inside, we must to queue up.

It’s also a very popular project to watch the sunset in Phnom Bakheng mountain. To get a good position, it’s better to go up the mountain at 4 p.m. and pay attention to wearing sunglasses and hats. It’s not easy to take a place in the big sun and wait for the sunset. But to be honest, I think the sunset fame of Phnom Bakheng mountain is greater than the essence.

The second day

Beng Mealea—Prasat Kravan—Banteay Kdei/Sras Srang—Pre Rup—Ta Som—Preah Khan


except for Beng Mealea, all the temples are outside the circle. The scale of these temples is not large, so the tour will be faster.

The third day

Banteay Srei—Phnom Kulen—Kbal Speam


The Banteay Srei is made of red rock and red clay. It is like a burning flame under the sunlight. Although the Banteay Srei is small in area, its sculptures are extremely exquisite, especially the statue of the goddess in the temple. I think it is even better than Angkor Wat in terms of carving technology. To get a good shooting effect, it’s best to visit before 9:30 a.m., when the sun is slanting and the color is strong.

Phnom Kulen must be arranged in the morning, because the road up the mountain is very narrow, so the scenic area stipulates that vehicles can go up one-way before noon and down one-way after noon. If you can’t get there before 12 o’clock, you can’t get on the bus. The only way to get up the mountain is to take a private motorcycle. The price is unknown. The waterfall in Phnom Kulen mountain can swim. There is a simple changing room.

It takes 1.5km to walk from the entrance to the scenic spot, and it needs to walk between the stones and tree roots. Most of the road rises slowly, while a few are steep, which is not suitable for the elderly and children.

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