What did you know when you went to the temple of heaven?

Five paths for walking in the temple of heaven
There are many paths that are very suitable for walking in the temple of heaven. Here I only recommend five of them.
Ginkgo Road: between Huangqian hall and beitianmen, there are 23 trees in two rows, which are very beautiful both in summer and autumn.
Cooper Road: on the west side of Danbi bridge, there are 26 cypresses in a row. There are seats for rest on the side of the road. Next to gubailin, it is very comfortable to walk or rest.
Dingxiang Road: between Rose Garden and ancient Berlin, it is the largest clove forest in Beijing, covering an area of 6300 square meters. There are 240 species of cloves. The trees are nearly 50 years old, which is very rare in Beijing. Clove road is in the middle of this clove forest.
Guohuai Road: between the West Tianmen gate of the temple of heaven and Gubai Road, there are two rows of tall Guohuai trees in the middle of the sky. It’s a shade below. Sitting on the seat by the side of the road, looking at the green in the eyes, I feel better all of a sudden.
Neitan Ring Road: along the wall of qigutan, there is a small road, which is called neitan ring road. Along the way, there are red walls, green tiles, green pines and cypresses. After visiting the Qigu altar, it’s good to avoid the crowd and come here for a walk.

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