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Practical tourism information of Cambodia

1.About currency:

there are few places in Cambodia where you can swipe the card. Please change the US dollar in your country first.

2.About time difference:

1 hour later than Beijing time. If Beijing time is 8 o’clock, local time is 7 o’clock.

3.About the power supply:

The local power grid voltage is 220V, mostly two hole plug. It is recommended to prepare the change-over plug in advance.

4.About communication:

Users with international roaming can use mobile phones in Cambodia, but the cost is very expensive. The mobile wifi signal is not very good in the scenic area. It is recommended to apply for a local mobile phone card.

5.About public security:

The local public security is relatively stable, but try not to travel alone at night. In case of emergency, please call 117 (police), 118 (fire), 119 (ambulance) or contact the embassy of your country.

6.About dressing:

Cambodia has a tropical climate, so it is OK to wear summer clothes. Due to the strong light, you need to do a good job in sunscreen. If you need to get up early to experience the beauty of Angkor sunrise, you can take a thin shirt to keep out the cold; when you travel in rainy season, don’t forget to bring an umbrella. Visitors to temples and historic sites should not wear off shoulder and backless clothes. Trousers or skirts should be above the knee.

7.Entry and exit regulations:

(1) Each person can bring about one bottle of wine and two cigarettes duty-free;

(2) Advanced cameras, video cameras, laptops and other items need to be declared at the customs;

(3) It is strictly forbidden to bring antiques into or out of the country illegally and bring foreign fruits into the country;

(4) Cambodia is a country with tip system. Customs officers still extort tips. It’s OK not to give it, but it will delay the speed of entry and exit. If you give it, it’s about $1.


Cambodia is a country with tip system. Many local people make a living by tipping. If you are satisfied with the service, you can give them tip appropriately. They will be very grateful to you.

9. Other contraindications:

(1) Women should avoid contacting monks;

(2) Cambodians believe that the head is a sacred part of human beings, which can not be touched at will;

(3) Cambodians have great respect for their king and don’t offend the royal family.

(4) Gambling is forbidden in Cambodia. Even in hotel rooms, you can’t play cards or mahjong.

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