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The most common JOMA

JOMA is the most common cafe in Vientiane. It can be seen everywhere. There is no Starbucks here. However, I think Lao coffee is better than Starbucks. It’s very cheap and the environment is good. I like walking 5-10 minutes from my residence to foreigner street in the afternoon or morning. I can order a cup of coffee and a dessert and then I can read a book! Very comfortable!

el destino

Recommendation 2: El destination this is Spanish, meaning destiny. The coffee is delicious, and there are many desserts to choose from. There are thick toast, ice cream and beauties!

This is taken at the high value destination home. I like this mat very much. The store is not big, but the food is delicious!

true coffee

Recommendation 3: cafe is called true coffee. There are some novel coffee varieties to try. There is also a shop in foreigner street. Once I ordered a taffei, which is very delicious!


Recommendation 4: Benoni. The boss is a foreigner, the TripAdvisor score is good, recommend the restaurant! How to say, I think the coffee in his family is average, and the dessert is OK, but you can try breakfast, especially the French stick breakfast common in Laotian street. It’s good! And porridge!


Recommendation 5: Amazon. In the Mekong River, the service is not very good, but recommend his home’s puff, it’s really delicious! Coffee is just so!

paris cafe

Recommendation 6: Paris cafe. It’s also quite common. This family’s crisps are delicious. American coffee is not sour. It’s not bad! It’s also on the second floor of Vientiane central shopping mall! I often go to the one opposite Lao Plaza

This one was shot in another Paris cafe. This one is also OK. I highly recommend this one’s crisps. It’s delicious! Macarone, forget it

cafe vanille

Recommendation 7 (New): Cafe Vanille. This shop is on bourichane road in Vientiane. There is an unfinished building. There are many bread choices in the shop! However, the pancakes recommended here are sweet and salty. I try sweet pancakes, vanilla ice cream chocolate pancakes. They taste good! The fruit sauce here is very popular. If you like, you can buy it and try it.

le banneton

Recommendation 8 (New): Le banneton cafe. This family didn’t expect to be so popular. There were a lot of people at breakfast, most of them were foreign backpackers. When I came at 8 o’clock, I almost had no seat. I also came here to eat several times, but I couldn’t help it. I wanted to try every breakfast, and now I haven’t tried it all. Ha ha! It’s recommended here. But after eating one, I found that the original flavor was general. On the contrary, almond and chocolate were more delicious. In addition, also recommend the coffee here, I ordered a Matcha, from the flower to taste very good! Black coffee is also good! There is menu for breakfast. You can sit down and order. Dharma stick is also a higher food ordered here! If you like egg tarts and cakes, there are many desserts to try. I ordered three kinds of egg tarts. They are all good!

kung’s cafe

Recommendation 9 (New): Kung’s Cafe. It’s hard to find. It’s in the alley opposite Ximeng Temple (the most spiritual temple in Vientiane). However, the environment here is really wonderful. A small yard, three or four tables, a landlady, a dog and flowers. Don’t be too comfortable! ha-ha! The most famous one here is mango sticky rice pancake. I paired it with black coffee. The pancake is really delicious! French stick with fried egg is also a classic! There are also the fans that Laos can’t escape, ha ha! It’s really a good arrangement to come here to have a breakfast after you visit the temple!

This is the famous mango and glutinous rice pancake of Kung’s Cafe! It’s really delicious. It’s sweet and smooth with mango and crispy pancakes outside. Inside, it’s fragrant with glutinous cake. Tut Tut, it’s delicious. Ha ha!

green leaf coffee

Recommendation 10 (New): green leaf coffee. It’s next to the timeline. The store is not big and the layout is very warm. Rainbow cake is recommended here, but it was sold out when I went I didn’t taste it. I ordered a thousand layer cake of mango passion fruit, and it tasted good. Matcha latte is not recommended. However, pasta is good, you can try it.

comma coffee

Recommendation 11 (New): comma coffee. It’s on the road of foreigner street. The store is very small. If you don’t pay attention, you’ll miss it. It’s also a coincidence that I didn’t want to drink coffee, but when I passed by, I found that it was recommended by TripAdvisor and poor travel, so I came in. It was decorated with art and art. The waiters had a good attitude and were very considerate. There was a wall with the names of different countries on it. There were picture albums and colored pens of the secret garden. I could draw and kill time when I was free.

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