Vientiane has a variety of restaurants

If your stomach can’t adapt to Laotian food, then recommend several non Laotian restaurants!

Japanese Restaurant

(1) Chrysanthemum. Under the Lao Plaza Hotel, Abe lived here during the ASEAN Summit and is said to have eaten in this restaurant. We sometimes choose this restaurant when we entertain guests. It’s more private. The most common ones are the assassin boat and tempura. The price is a little higher, but it’s clean, the environment is quiet, and the taste is good!

(2)Fuji Shabu Restaurant。 This one is on the main road leading to the airport. Compared with Ju, this one is more grounded. The eel is good! Sashimi is inferior to chrysanthemum.

(3)Fuji。 Next to the Vietnamese embassy, the environment of this one is pretty good. It’s suitable to invite some close friends together. The dessert is worth recommending, including strawberry pudding and Matcha ice cream! Salmon head can try.

(4) Sabadee (next to Lao Plaza). It’s the most people friendly family. It has rice, noodles, sushi, barbecue, etc. It’s suitable for one person. The price is about 40 yuan.

MK Thai hot pot

MK hotpot is very well known in Thailand. Laos, not far from Thailand, naturally has it! Compared with the domestic hot pot, this one is more healthy, tender meat, and roast duck. Ha ha! Recommended here’s Matcha smoothie, very good to drink! Laos seems to have only one MK on the Mekong River. There is a Teppanyaki restaurant next to his home. It’s not bad. The price is a little expensive, but the fried rice in the Teppanyaki restaurant is delicious! Every time we go to eat MK, we must order a bowl of fried rice with Teppanyaki. Ha ha! Fried with butter, very fragrant! After eating MK, the clerk will give you a calorimeter to represent how many calories you have taken in this meal. In the middle of the day, there will also be some salesmen performing songs and dances!

Chinese Restaurant

(1) Sanjiang hotel. Sanjiang is equivalent to Laos’ China town. The quality of the products sold here is very good. However, you can still eat all kinds of domestic dishes in the restaurants here, such as shredded potatoes, meat cakes, dumplings and boiled fish. If you miss domestic food, you can come here to comfort your stomach. The dumplings here are good. There are noodles with scallion oil, lotus root dice and so on

(2) The old place. Sanjiang nearby, eat barbecue, I think it’s average, can’t compare with the domestic ah, but the gift of porridge or tremella soup is good.

(3) Guandong jiaozi restaurant. This is a chain store. It seems that there are three of them.

(4) By the golden river. In the new world near the Mekong River, the new store, the owner’s wife is from Tianjin, the second floor is Chinese food, the third floor is barbecue, there are also some Western food. It is suggested to watch the sunset on the third floor, have barbecue and roast leg of lamb!

There are not many styles of Chinese food on the second floor, but they all taste good. Fried milk is delicious! And big elbows!

(5) Next to EDL, there is a dumpling restaurant in Liaoning, which has steamed buns! Fish flavored shredded pork is also good!

(6) There is a Shaxian snack on the third floor of the Vientiane center. We often go there for lunch. It’s recommended to fry eggs, tomato, rice and bean paste

(7) Chongqing Bayi hot pot (next to Guyuan Guoqiao rice noodles). This is more like the domestic hot pot, spicy very spicy But I don’t like it very much

(8) Fumanlou. It’s a Chinese restaurant recognized by Laotians. I’ve only eaten it once, and there’s nothing amazing about it……

western restaurant

(1)MIX。 There is a big one in foreigner street and a branch on the 4th floor of Vientiane Center (there are not many dishes, but there are business lunches). We ate it in the Vientiane center. The chicken wings are delicious! It’s baked with honey. I ordered a chicken curry rice is also good! More choices for drinks and desserts!

(2) Senglao movie theme restaurant. I like this restaurant very much. Although the location is a little remote, the wine is not afraid of deep alleys. There are many cars at the door. I think all the dishes are delicious! The theme of the movie is very bright. There will be popcorn before dinner! It’s really like being in a movie theater!

(3)black canyon。 This restaurant also has a lot of meals, and coffee is even better. It is said that the flower drawing technology has won the prize! There is a special coffee with ice cream and Italian espresso, which will bring you a surprise taste! It’s worth a try!

Bitterness and sweetness! Biscuits are delicious, too!

I prefer fish rice or curry! Cream mushroom soup is good!

(4)pizza company。 To tell you the truth, pizza is a common chain store, just like pizza hut.

(5) Rakuten fried chicken. Because there is no KFC and McDonald’s uncle here, this Lotte fried chicken restaurant is a fast food restaurant, and it has just opened. I think it’s average for all kinds of fried chicken tastes.

(6)Korea restaurant。 I recommend this Korean food! Barbecue, seafood fried noodles, soup All good! The boss is Korean, will be Chinese Oh! (near Chongqing Bayi hot pot)

(7) (New) pizza Da Roby. If you want to eat pizza in Vientiane, don’t go to the pizza company. If you want to eat it, just eat the authentic pizza Da Roby! This restaurant is opened by foreigners. It’s not only rich in ingredients, but also crisp in the bottom! Can try the Italian pizza dumplings (Calzone), I have not eaten before, this fresh try, not bad! Recommended crispy fried garlic, I do not have the courage to try, you can try Oh! I don’t recommend this dessert very much. Maybe I didn’t eat tiramisu. Anyway, the one I ordered is not very delicious. It’s too sweet!

(8) (New) chanmally cafe. If you want to eat hamburgers, you can’t miss this one: chanmally cafe. This shop is really small. I almost missed it when I went there. Fortunately, there was Google map. Recommend the hamburgers and desserts of this restaurant! I’ve been there twice, and I’m not disappointed every time! Brownie salted caramel with ice cream is the key recommendation, chocolate cake with coconut flavor ice cream, when I ate it, it was like having a love with this dessert, I didn’t want to talk, didn’t want to chat, didn’t want to be disturbed, just wanted to taste its delicious quietly! This hamburger is my second recommendation. When I took the first bite, I thought Laos was right without m and KFC, because this hamburger is enough to dump them for several blocks! The beef is full and the food is fresh. In a word, it’s delicious!

(9) (New) ray’s grill. Another recommended hamburger is Ray’s Grill, which is small and closed on Saturday! On the road to pizza Da Roby. It was almost one o’clock when I went there, but I didn’t have any seats. I could see the extent of the fire. Because I didn’t want to eat hamburgers, I ordered another beef pancake of his family. It was delicious! Next time I decided to try his hamburger!

(10) (New) douang deuane. This family is owned by a French grandfather. When I went there, I ordered the most famous chocolate dessert, a coconut mango glutinous rice, which gave me sweet Chocolate is not bad, glutinous rice is not bad. Other dishes haven’t been tried yet, but they are very expensive!!

This is the pizza’s Italian pizza dumplings. Ha ha! I’ve finished all by myself!!!

This dessert has beauty, but no connotation!

This is the recommended dessert of chanmally, the sweetness of love!

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