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A one-day tour to seaside of Nha Trang

Vietnam has not only Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, but also a long coastline. You can not only walk through the streets to visit the vicissitudes of churches and white Buddha statues, but also can take part in a day trip to the sea, enjoy the fun of the sea and the island, and sit by the sea to eat seafood and enjoy the sunset. The blue sky and blue sea of Nha Trang and the old streets have formed a special holiday feeling. What else must do in Nha Trang?

The coast of Nha Trang is long, the beach is soft, and the surrounding island is a good place for cruise ships and diving. Usually can arrange two-day itinerary: one day to visit the urban attractions, one day to participate in the four islands of Nha Trang tour. Nha Trang City is not big, rent a motorcycle from the north to the south of the city almost half an hour.

First choice for family trip – Han Tam Island

Han Tam Island lush, fresh air, everywhere revealed a primitive beauty, here can find their own.

The island has all kinds of living and entertainment facilities, swimming pool, open-air bar, special restaurant, tropical fruit self-help and so on.

You can roam the sea, walk around the island, enjoy the unique song and dance performance of the five-star hotel on Silkworm Island, or take a beautiful nap at the seaside, and have fun at or to the golf driving range on the island. Cut the body to meet the sea, spring blooming comfortable time. When you have time, you can also explore the ruins of ancient houses on the island and all kinds of handicrafts, walk along the scenic steep shore path, and steal half a day’s leisure in the charming scenery.

Mode of arrival: You can take a taxi or charter a bus to go.

Diving Undersea – Green Star Diving Center

A year-round 28℃ of temperature and clear blue water makes it Vietnam’s preferred diving resort, with 25 diving sites in the area. The average visibility in water is 15 meters, preferably up to 30 meters. There are steep slopes and underwater caves to explore, and there are extremely rich species of coral.

Firstly, Nha Trang Green Star diving Center has PADI and SSI qualifications, can arrange diving training according to personal needs, so that you can easily and happily get a diving certificate. From Italy, Australia, Malaysia and other countries diving coach one-to-one training guidance, Chinese diving textbook training and learning. Nha Trang is the first dive to explore the world under the sea, but also the paradise of diving enthusiasts!

Mode of arrival: Including hotel shuttle. It’s very convenient!

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