Vientiane travel in Laos

As early as the 17th century, Vientiane was a prosperous commercial center. Modern Vientiane gives people the feeling that the street is not very wide, but the market is very busy. There are many shops on both sides of the street, most of which are department stores, restaurants, photo shops and clothing stores.

In the suburbs, there are mostly wooden and bamboo buildings in the style of Laolong people. The front and back of the house are often surrounded by trees or fences to form a large or small courtyard. In Laos, where the climate is hot, living in this kind of house feels cool and comfortable.

Vientiane city faces Thailand across the Mekong River. Every dry season, most of the river bed shoals of the Mekong River are exposed, with only a small stream left in the middle. People can wade to Thailand.

[scenic spots]


Address: Lang Xang Avenue

The Arc de Triomphe in Vientiane, located in the center of the city, was built to commemorate the liberation and independence of the Lao people. The appearance of the Arc de Triomphe is similar to that of France, and it is also the most prosperous street connecting Vientiane. However, it is much smaller in scale. If you look closely, you will find that it is quite different from that of France. The Laos Arc de Triomphe is full of religious color, with Buddhist statues and figures in fairy tales carved on it.

There is a music fountain square in front of the Arc de Triomphe, which was built by China and opened regularly.

Pha That Luang

Address: Ban Nongbone, Vientiane, Laos

Taruan temple, built in 1556, is one of the most magnificent pagodas in Laos. The pagoda is covered with real gold. Even in cloudy days, you can see the pagoda from a distance. It is said that Sakyamuni’s hair and bones were buried under the pagoda. The whole pagoda has three layers, 45 meters high and 54 meters wide. The bottom of the main pagoda is also square. There is a worship Pavilion in each direction. There are 30 auxiliary pagodas on the second layer, and the third layer is covered with gold foil. The base of the pagoda is designed to allow believers to climb up. Each floor has passages and stairs. Each side of the corridor is 85 meters long, and there are various Buddha statues.

Taluan temple has experienced ups and downs in history, and its treasures have been looted. After reconstruction in the 1930s, it has become the most important Pagoda in the hearts of the Lao people. During the festival, monks and believers from all over the country come in an endless stream, and cultural and sports performances are also held in the square. It was November when we arrived in Laos. Unfortunately, when we got here after work, the temple was closed.


Address: 168, Luangprabang Road, Bang Muang Wa-Tha, Vientiane Lao P.D.R

Dansawang lake, also known as the south Russia lake or Tianhu lake, is the largest natural lake in Laos, covering an area of about 390 square kilometers. With numerous islands and lush forests, it is a natural tourist resort. It’s about 60 kilometers away from the downtown area of Vientiane. It’s the nearest natural oxygen absorption place to Vientiane. After a week’s work, the boss arranged a one-day tour on the lake for us, full of blue sky, white clouds and lake water. This is not my favorite.

The driver took us to the dock, and we 11 people selected a relatively new and larger ship, safety first!

As soon as we got on the boat, we couldn’t help taking pictures, as if we wanted to take back the beautiful scenery here. Although there’s nothing special here, it’s a bit like Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang. But seeing blue sky, white clouds and clear water can make us great Chinese people happy. Who let us come from a big haze country!

The owner of the boat took us around the lake (about 2 hours). Some of the islands could be ashore, with some handicrafts made by local residents and dried fish for us to buy.

Here is the most unforgettable scene: two local children are playing naked in the lake. Under such beautiful blue sky and white clouds, it seems that there are only them in the world. They are carefree and happy to watch them play

In fact, there are no scenic spots in Vientiane. It’s more interesting to stroll along the Mekong River, look across Thailand, visit the night market in Vientiane and see the lovely people in Vientiane?



Address: 183 Souphanouvong Rd., Hom 1 Ban Nongpanay Sikottabong District Vientiane, Lao PDR.

At the end of a week’s work, the boss brought us to one of the most representative restaurants in Vientiane. What we eat here is not taste, but feel

By the Mekong River, in the moonlight, listening to the live concert, while overlooking Thailand on the other side of the river, eating the local food, it’s really enjoyable…

Laotian glutinous rice is famous. You must taste it with your hands. Recommended index****

Papaya salad, this is my favorite, almost every meal will order, sour and spicy, this one do more beautiful, but the taste is not the best, should add some soy sauce is better, recommended index*****

The pure natural Mekong fish has no taste at all. It needs to be dipped in the sauce beside it to become delicious immediately. Laos is more suitable for spicy food lovers. Almost all local food will bring spicy food. Recommended index***

Because the restaurant is located on the Bank of the Mekong River and has a good view, it is difficult to get the position by the river without booking in advance. The dishes here are not amazing, but they are absolutely delicious. The environment is first-class, so it’s worth a try. Tips: remember to use more toilet water. After all, there are many mosquitoes in natural places

Pho Zap

Address: Khun Bu Lom Rd, Vientiane, Laos

It is said that this is the most famous rice noodle shop in Vientiane. Our beautiful Laotian colleagues said that they must bring us to have a taste. As expected, they all have different styles. The people inside are full, and they may even have to arrange seats.

A portion of rice noodles, the main ingredients is not much, a lot of ingredients, remember all pour in Oh, those raw bean sprouts, beans put in may not be cooked, careful! Recommended index*****

Roadside snacks

Bamboo rice

Laotian glutinous rice is famous. The glutinous rice and some other things in the bamboo tube rice. I didn’t taste them, but it’s a little sweet. Don’t eat too much

Avocado Milkshake

Since I ate the avocado milkshake in Malaysia, this has become my favorite drink. All countries in Southeast Asia have it. There is no difference in practice. Love is a word!


Don Chan Palace

Address: unit 6, Piawat Village, Vientiane, Laos

The five-star don Chan palace, Hotel & Convention is located along the Mekong River. Its spacious rooms overlook the Mekong River and enjoy modern decoration. All rooms are equipped with mini bar, cable TV and private bathroom with bath.

As the ordinary rooms in the hotel have been fully reserved, and I am the only female colleague, I was upgraded to a suite. By this chance, I enjoyed the first hotel suite in my life, with more than 100 square meters of river view, one room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and two balconies.

From the balcony of the living room, you can see the Mekong River and Thailand opposite!

The living room has a big TV, a big sofa and a bar. You can invite your friends here to have a cup of old beer and coffee.

The bedroom is also quite large. A person can enjoy a two meter wide bed, a work table and a dressing table.

In fact, the indoor facilities of this hotel are quite ordinary. Don’t compare it with the high-end five-star hotels in China. You will be disappointed. But for Laos, this is already one of the best hotels in the area.

The above is a little summary of Vientiane. Oh, by the way, I also went to experience the “old style horse killing chicken”, which is similar to the Thai style, and it also twists you around. But this is not suitable for me. I prefer Chinese acupoint massage. But you should try the local characteristics everywhere!


The face value of Lao dollar is so big. Everyone is a millionaire. You should count it clearly when you pay

When shopping or taking a Tuktuk, you can bargain. It depends on your ability

Laos has hot weather and many mosquitoes. Remember to take sunscreen and anti mosquito measures

Laos can sign on the ground. Just prepare us dollars and round-trip tickets

Girls dress, if it’s a work meeting, it’s best to wear knee skirt and sleeve top

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