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The first choice to Nha Trang – Four Island Tour

Four islands tour in each introduction has been an indispensable existence, because it is the best way to understand Nha Trang! Four Island Tour, as the name implies, is to spend a day visiting the four islands, beautiful island scenery, humorous boat boss and rich entertainment programs, is the reason many people like this travel package. Play snorkeling on Black Island, enjoy colorful corals and rare marine life; the first island has prepared a passionate reception to high with fellow travelers from all over the world; BAI SAN Island, stroll in the original island landscape on the Rock Beach Island; Visit the aquarium on the last island to feed sharks and turtles.

Don’t worry about traffic. Four Island Tour includes hotel shuttle!


1.Don’t listen to the local irregular tour guide or driver.

2.Four islands tour is the most popular experience of Nha Trang, it is recommended to book in advance online, save money and easy.

3.Nha Trang surrounding islands are numerous, which four islands are not much meaning, in short, can experience different rides in different islands can go to sea a circle of these meanings is enough.

Nha Trang Four Island Tour

Nha Trang four islands tour is the most tourists come to Nha Trang will participate in the project, four islands usually refers to wood island (Hon Mun), silver island (Hon Tam), pearl island (Hon Tre), Miao island (Hon Mieu), Mo island (Hon Mot) four, experience activities such as island tour, visit aquarium, snorkeling and other water activities.

In the four-island tour project, generally will arrange swimming, snorkeling, deep diving and so on, can swim heartily in the sea, watches the beautiful coral.

Lunch will be arranged on the boat for a hearty lunch, leading everyone to sing and play games. Then go to other islands to play some water sports, such as sea parachutes, or lie on the beach in the sun.

The tours on different islands include:

Wooden Island (Hon Mun): usually do not go ashore, ships stop in shallow water areas, visitors can snorkeling or swimming;

Silver Island (Hon Tam): the upper island requires a fee, usually reserved for a long time for you to visit the island. You can sunbathe on the beach, enjoy the green forest landscape on the island, and participate in water sports such as sails, sea parachutes (at your own expense). Return to the ship will generally be rich in fruit;

Bamboo Island (Hon Tre): the upper island needs to charge, tour content and self-funded items are similar to Silver Island, so it is usually silver island, bamboo island two choose one;

Miao Island (Hon Mieu): mainly to visit the aquarium (at their own expense), very mini;

Mo Island (Hon Mot): usually do not go ashore, but in the surrounding sea for carnival activities, such as Live bands, dance performances, lunch, interactive games, and even water floating bar.

Reference Time: 1 day

Transportation: Full journey by boat

Tickets : January 1-December 31 Monday-Sunday

tips:The offer is usually between $6 and $12, including hotel bus shuttle, lunch, fruit and snorkeling, etc.

The third island landed with an extra 10000 VND and the fourth aquarium ticket 20000 VND.

Opening hours: 08:00-16:00(January 1-December 31 Monday-Sunday)

Attractions Location: Nha Trang,Vietnam

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