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TOP 3 tourist attractions of Nha Trang

Come to Nha Trang, the first time you will fall in love with it, this is a small and carefully designed city, every avenue of the city leads to the beach, the beach on the silver and golden beach lying on the comfortable visitors. The sea of  Nha Trang is crystal clear. The sky of Nha Trang is as blue as washed. The sea and the sky are connected into a line in the distance, clearly visible.

TOP 1:Nha Trang Beach

If Dalat was once a French romance, Nha Trang was once the favorite of American soldiers, and Nha Trang Beach was one of them. The beach in Nha Trang has two colors: silver white and peacock blue. The beaches of Nha Trang are changeable, with the most beautiful sunrise and sunset. As long as you stroll along the Nha Trang coastline, you will chase the most beautiful white sand and soft soles.


1.Coconut forest is on the edge of the coastline, more interestingly, the local people see the business opportunities of coconut, coconut fruit fresh sweet, the price on the beach is 300000 VND, worth tasting.

2.If want to walk around Nha Trang, it is recommended to visit the Nha Trang National Ocean Museum, located in the French colonial architecture of the Ocean Institute, located 6 km south of the central city.

3.The coastline of Nha Trang is very long, all places with umbrellas and mats are “contracted” by local people. It costs 35000 guilders to rent their large chairs and umbrellas.

4.Strongly recommend a walk to Nha Trang Beach at six in the morning or after five in the evening. Because the morning light and the sunset will make you feel special about the beach.

Top 2: Gothic architecture-Cathedral of Christ the King

The appearance of Cathedral is relatively atmospheric, is a typical Gothic architecture. In addition to the biblical story carved on the skylight, the ochre stone walls are retro and refreshing. If you want to experience part of the local life of Nha Trang, it is recommended to go to Nha Trang on the weekend. You can see that the local believers are very serious about worship in Nha Trang Cathedral. The choir’s song is very ethereal, because the top of the church is fifteen or six meters high enough to reverberate through the building. The church needs to pick up the steps, the right side of the sculpture about a meter high. There is also a wide square. Visiting the church is free. At the same time, the church is not far from the railway station of Nha Trang, 15 minutes walk can be reached, it can be suggested that travelers from Nha Trang to Vietnam’s next city can arrange to visit Nha Trang Cathedral before leaving, half an hour can be completed.


1. Cathedral holds mass every morning and evening, but usually in the morning before sunrise, if the weekend comes, there are many mass in the morning and afternoon, can hear chanting or choir singing echo in the church;

2.If come in the morning, you can usually take very beautiful photos with the sun;

3. At noon, visitors can not enter, until 14:00 open;

4. Gothic architecture, very suitable for shooting couples wedding photos.

Top 3: Ponagar Tower-a small Angkor, Vietnam

Ponagar Tower is a relatively famous one of all the scenic spots in Nha Trang. Although it is not large, because of its long history, it has a history of 1200 years. It is a Hindu building is very exotic. If you have not seen Angkor, you can feel it when the sunset is down, it is still very beautiful. Now come here to visit, not only Vietnamese, but also a lot of local Chinese, when entering, don’t forget to take off your shoes. If you want to go in and visit, I think they will give long-sleeved clothes, a little like a monk’s robe. In general, this religious shrine, it is best to prepare a long-sleeved dress.


1.Ponagar Tower (PoNagar Towers,D2Thang4)should remember the foreign language in parentheses, or simply download the picture to the driver and show it to the driver when you take a taxi. 2. main entrance is generally not open, ticket office in the right hand of the tower, ticket price 22000 VND, from the ticket office directly opposite the side door. 3. entering the tower needs to take off the shoes at the door. 4. there are no traffic lights at the intersection here, there are so many motorcycles

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