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Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport practical guide

Hanoi Airport – Arrival

Hanoi Airport entry: if you enter the country with landing approval, please go to the Visa Office to collect the form, fill in the form, pay the money, sign the landing, and then go through the entry procedures. (please prepare a 2-inch standard photo in advance, landing fee, it is best to download the landing sign form in advance on the Internet, so as to save the time to fill out the form after disembarking, can hand in the information directly).

If you have processed the visa in advance, please go directly to the entry counter.

After entering the country to pick up the luggage, the airport hall has a foreign currency exchange office, need to exchange VND cash can be exchanged at the airport, or use a bank card directly in the ATM to take VND cash.

The phone cards are also available at the Hanoi airport’s communications counter, as are the viettel, vinaphone and mobiphone companies

Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport is 45 kilometers from the city, the international terminal has 86 buses to reach the city directly, the terminal is Hanoi Railway Station (06:30-23:30), the fare is about 300000 VND.

Domestic domestic terminal also has 7,17,90 buses to arrive, the price is about 9000 VND, the whole journey is about 50-60 minutes, the average Vietnamese like to take these buses.

In addition to the above buses, Hanoi Airport also has airlines’ airport buses directly to the city. The ticket price is about 40,000 VND / person. It can be delivered directly to Hanoi Daewoo Hotel or Gujie area, but not to the hotel. You need to transfer a taxi again.

Hanoi Airport to the first floor of the lobby there are duty-free shops, if you like to shop and buy, you might as well pay attention if you have time.

Hanoi Airport – Departure

If you take the bus to the airport, then Hanoi Railway Station has 86 buses can go directly to the airport (05:10-22:30);

Do not want to wait for the bus, you can also take the Vietnam Airlines airport bus, at any time a car sent to Hanoi Airport (search address: so1pho Quang Trung), the airport bus fare is about 40,000 VND / person.

Besides Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar also has an airport bus from the city to the airport, the ticket price is also 40,000 VND / person, bus address search :204 Tran Quang Khai.

However, if not experienced for safety, it is recommended to book a shuttle bus, the driver directly to pick up.

Hanoi Airport Duty Free Shops

As the departure hall of the international terminal of Vietnam Capital Airport capital airport row International Airport, there are duty-free shops after boarding and leaving the country. Like most duty-free shops in China, goods include perfume, alcohol and tobacco, bags and handbags. Shops are larger and more varied than Ho Chi Minh Airport, but the price is not cheaper than domestic duty-free shops.

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