The closer, the more charming. (Classic Japanese Kansai three places Kyoto + Nara + Osaka vomiting blood detailed food arrangement)

Tips for Traffic in Japan

I was planning a trip to Japan 4 months in advance, and almost refunded my ticket while doing the transportation strategy! Why is transportation in Japan so complicated! The head is going to explode! Ah ah ah ah ah! After a few days of continuous collapse and intermittent giving up, I calmed down and simplified the complexity.

First of all, I only go to Kansai this time, so I don’t need to see the watermelon cards in Kanto.

Second, only play Kansai, and you don’t need to worry about Shinkansen or Shinkansen.

Third, since you only play Kansai, the ICOCA card is the first to buy. This website is the official website of ICACA&HARUKA card. You must be patient to read all the text. ICOCA card is a basic card, which is equivalent to buying a bus card in hand, HARUKA is a ticket from Kansai Airport to Kyoto (of course, you can also choose Osaka and other places as the destination). The reason why it is sold separately is Because it is a special ticket, you can order it step by step on this website. The English required is very simple. If you are too lazy to fill it, you can fill it out on Taobao, which is only a few dollars. After the reservation is successful, type the email attachment in the mailbox and take it to the JR ticket office to buy it.

I think, first get a basic card, plus the ticket from Kansai Airport to Kyoto, then even if I can’t figure out the traffic in Japan, I will have a big deal every day! I feel more at ease!

Fourthly, after I arrived in Kyoto, the Google Maps app that was downloaded in advance on my mobile phone in China is no longer restricted. You can navigate by typing in Chinese. No matter driving, traffic, or walking, the route prompts are very clear. However, one thing to note is that sometimes Google will only give you the subway route. After that, I bought the Kyoto bus one-day ticket and wanted to save money by taking the bus. However, there are no buses on all the routes suggested by Google. At this time, I need to open my mouth. Ask for directions! The Japanese are very enthusiastic and will definitely give you guidance.

Fifth, the one-day bus ticket in Kyoto is 600 gang, and the average adult boarding time is 230 gang. So if you need to take the bus more than three times a day, you must buy a one-day bus ticket. The method of purchase is to tell the driver that you need one day pass when you get off the bus, and the driver will give you one, and then swipe it once. After the date is printed, you can show it to the driver every time you get off the bus. ps: The Kyoto Bus One Day Pass cannot be used on Keihan Bus (the word “Keihan” is written on the front of the bus)!

Sixth, you must pay attention to the right direction when taking a bus in Japan, because it is the opposite of the domestic driving direction and it is easy to subconsciously take the wrong direction.

Seventh, there is a small way to prevent you from taking a stop. When the car is driving, drive the navigation and drive by the side of the car. The small blue dot in your navigation can let you know if you have taken the wrong route and leave the destination. How far is it?

Eighth, every station has a code when taking the subway. If the station is not easy to remember, remember the code, C16, T8, etc. .

Ninth, after all, Kyoto is small, and the bus system is relatively simple. Osaka is different. A Umeda station almost crashes every time I walk. JR, Hankyu, and Hanshin gather together, all kinds of interlocking. . . Look at the road signs. The reason why transportation in Japan is complicated is that it is not dedicated to special railways. After the subway arrives at a station, standing at 1 is going to one place, and standing at 2 is going to another place, but his prompts are very clear, so watch more and observe.

Tenth, there is a difference between Osaka 1-day ticket and 2-day ticket! Instead, the 1-day ticket can be used more widely! It can be used on the Osaka Metro (Line 1, Line 2, Line 3 of every city in the country) and private railway (the private subway). The 2-day ticket cannot be used on private railways! Neither 1-day tickets nor 2-day tickets can be used for JR! ! I spent two days in Osaka because the first day was freedom and the second day was Universal Studios, so I bought a 1-day ticket. The way to purchase is Taobao. The guidebook of the included Osaka Amazing Pass must be taken, and it is best to take it to Japan. The subway map and various free items in it are very practical! (In addition to free tickets, there are free boat rides and free soup baths! Be sure to study carefully)

Last but not least, let me talk about the airport bus from Osaka to Kansai Airport. There are many bus stops, and it is cheaper than the subway and the time is about the same. You can buy tickets in cash at the window, or you can swipe your ICOCA card (1550 gang for adults, 780 gang for children).

Convenience Store Food in Japan

As a sweets lover, within a week in Japan, I also swept 7-11, the whole family, Lawson’s various desserts and ice cream, a word to the brothers, just buy it, it won’t make a big difference, but if You don’t like sweets, so don’t try it lightly. The typical feature of Japanese desserts is that they can taste whatever they want. Milk-flavored ice cream, which has a really rich milk flavor, almond tofu, which has a very prominent almond flavor, and sweet potato-flavored cones, which has a real sweet potato flavor. Very rich~ I especially love their puddings and cones, which are awesome!

I basically ate the rice balls and sandwiches. I didn’t think the rice balls had anything special. The sandwiches were new and limited.

For instant noodles, there are not many types to try. Some noodles are very hard, a bit thick in the soup, and some are very salty. I won’t go into details. Let’s try!

Travel tips

Regarding visa: Taobao is the most convenient, and the required materials vary from region to region.

Regarding plugs: In Japan, there are mostly two-way flat jacks, so our mobile phone chargers are all right.

Regarding payment: Shiqijia and drugstores all have Alipay, and some cooperative merchants have Alipay. In most places, cash and credit cards are mainly used. Therefore, it is definitely correct to change some cash in advance in China. I exchanged the cash one day in advance after making an appointment by telephone at ICBC. The exchange rate is based on the same day. In addition to the visa card, I also brought the Chengdu Gold Card. Overseas withdrawals are free of handling fees for the first 30 transactions each month.

Regarding accommodation: friends in the plan must book in advance! The price increase in peak season is too great! ! Youth hostels are all price against the sky.

Regarding the weather: It is cold in the morning and evening in Japan in early November. The sun is so hot at noon that the skin hurts, so you should wear your clothes well.

The highlight! All Japanese delicacies!

Kyoto Kaiseki Cuisine: A Legend ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Tel: 075-254-4070 URL: (I don’t know if you can access to this URL) Address: 604-8121 Kyoto-shi, Nakagyou-ku, Jumonji-machi, Yanaginobanba-dori, Nishikinoboru, Jumonji -machi 435 604-8121 Jumonjicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Yanagibanba-dori Kinjoe 435 Jumonjicho, Kyoto City (Closed on Wednesdays)

Google Maps directly loses the name of the store. I booked it through the hostel owner a month in advance. However, this store is not so popular. It is eaten by locals, so it should be possible without reservation. The kaiseki cuisine at 230 RMB per person is really cheap and good. The dishes are very good, and the environment and service are great!

Kyoto Box Sushi: Sento Ritei ❤❤❤❤❤❤

(Closed on Thursday) 203 Rokugencho, Higashiyama District

There are only two people in the shop. I don’t know if it is a husband and wife. The man is responsible for making sushi and the woman is responsible for lay hands. Those who come to eat are all locals, and the price is considered cheap and good in Japan. The signature is mackerel sushi! One serving is 6, 2,100 gang.

Kyoto Eel Rice: Keaza ❤❤❤❤❤

Address: 363-20, Kodaiji South Gate, Higashiyama District

Phone: +81-75-5311719

Business hours: All year round Monday to Friday 11:00-16:30 Saturday to Sunday 11:00-18:00

The eel rice is delicious, and a set meal of 2,100 oka. The eel melts in your mouth and is very tender. The soba noodles are also delicious, but the downside is that the people around you are all Chinese. It feels like you have entered a hype shop, but it is delicious and the price is reasonable. of.

Kyoto rice dishes: Yatsushiro Megibei❤

Address: 296, North side of Gion Town, Higashiyama District

Phone: +81-75-7088173

Business hours: All year round 11:00-14:30 18:00-21:00

It’s really the last meal I’ve had in Japan! ! ! I read the guide before and learned that this restaurant is attracted by its speciality in rice dishes. I heard that lunch is much cheaper than evening, but the schedule is not allowed, so I only come to eat at night, looking forward to the full arrival, it is opposite Yasaka Shrine On the road, there was no one in line, so I arranged a seat upstairs when I entered. Then a meal started my depressed journey all night! RMB 324 per capita! Eat white water. . . Porridge. . rice. . Rice bread. . . Rice noodles. . . I am really angry! No taste, no fragrance, no service. . . The intestines are all regretful. . .

Osaka Umeda Ramen: Tamagoro (Osaka Station No. 4 ビル shop) ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Address: 1-11-4, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, 4th Hall, B2F, Osaka Station

Phone: +81-6-63413503

Business hours: All year round 11:00-22:30

I saw this shop when I passed by Jizo Yokocho. At that time, I saw a lot of Japanese people rushing in after get off work. I think it must be the locals who think it tastes good! I chose a time to taste it, and it was better than the first ramen I ate in Ramen Koji! This store entered one door and the other exited. I just went out through the entrance. I guess I became an alien in the eyes of others.

Nara: Tuna Lodge ❤❤❤❤

Address: 1st Floor, 6 Plaza, Hanashib Nandu District, Hanashibachi

Phone: +81-742-233766

Business hours: All year round, all week 11:00-21:00

This store was searched temporarily, the facade is small, there are many customers, and there are more blondes and blue eyes. Husband and wife operate. The tuna is very fresh, but for sashimi, I prefer the sea bream with sauce and more flavor. The boss is very good and speaks good English. When I left, I asked what was on the plate. She said it for a long time and I couldn’t understand it. Later, she gave me one to try. Haha, it turned out to be crispy persimmon. This is the first time I have eaten it. When I was in China, I always thought it would be astringent, but I didn’t expect it to be so delicious.

Kyoto Ramen Path: Shirakaba Villa ❤❤❤❤

The ramen shops in the ramen road are full of dazzling arrays. I really don’t know what to eat, so I simply chose one with few suitcases at the door. . This shop is actually free of eggs! Unlimited eating! They are still sweethearts!

I don’t really have much research on ramen, it seems to be eaten to check in, the taste is ordinary.

Osaka: Kani Doraku ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Address: 1-6-18, Dotonbori, Chuo Ward

Phone: +81-6-62118975

Business hours: All year round, all week 11:00-23:00

Passing by the Dotonbori main store at 2pm, there is no need to line up! Hurry in ~ 276 RMB per person, there are packages to choose from. It’s really delicious! Boiled crab meat, raw crab meat, crab meat tempura, crab meat sushi, crab meat rice, crab meat soup, crab meat hot pot, crab meat pasta ~ everything is so delicious! ! ! Don’t miss it! There is no domestic price at this price! ! !

Osaka Yakiniku: It’s a pity that I really don’t know the name of this restaurant. The only word I can recognize at noon is charcoal fire. . As a private gourmet bar, the address is next to the hotel monterey le frere osaka. There are a lot of locals, similar to a barbecue izakaya, communication is very difficult, 345 yuan per capita. ❤❤❤❤❤

Xingfutang Sandwich Pineapple Bun: Before I went to Japan, I saw that the world’s second most delicious pineapple bun in Shinsaibashi was closed. I was very sorry. As a result, I saw this pineapple bun with many people lined up on the road in Shijo Kawaramachi, Kyoto. The same is the ice cream sandwich. I chose matcha, it’s delicious!

Nishiki Market: Nishiki Market in Kyoto is a good place to eat snacks, but unfortunately it is filled with various temple arrangements every day. So although the Youth Hostel happened to be right next to the Jin Market, it was closed every day when I went back. The only day I ate was the cones and jade burnt.

Doupi: On the way to Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, I ran into a small store. Many people were eating milky white things with a small plate at the door. I felt very strange and I ordered a portion. Nani! ! ! ! It turns out that the tofu skin is fresh and undried! What a huge amount of bean curd. . .

Ichizen Western Food: 238 North of Gion Town, Higashiyama District

There are many kinds of yakisoba with many kinds of ingredients, the taste is average, and you are attracted by the production process!

Baked rice cake dumplings: This shop is super mysterious. There is no storefront. It just set up an oven on the side of the road. It only started selling at 8pm, and it sold out soon, so I missed it for many days and only ate it once. There are a lot of people, but it’s fast. And can’t take pictures. The packaging is very good. And it’s very cheap! ! !

Izakaya: How to feel the local customs without going to Izakaya in Japan! So when I passed this hot and popular izakaya, I immediately locked it! Char-grilled and fresh fish izakaya ~ The boy is very handsome and cute. I don’t know the menu, so let him find the picture in his hand to show me, hehe. Izakaya is really a kind of Japanese culture. It must be a happy thing for office workers to come here after work to celebrate or have a small gathering. Most of them are AA system. The taste is also super! The price is also close to the people!

Tengu in Kyoto: Tengu can be regarded as an izakaya, but it is not a particularly authentic izakaya. It is like saying that the izakaya in the previous store was a convenience store, and the dog was Wal-Mart that day. The tang is bigger and eats more, and the eating tables are separated by separate wooden boards. So there is still a separate space. I thought fried noodles and fried dumplings were very common, but I didn’t expect them to be the best! ! !

Shikiya & Yoshinoya: The relationship between these two is probably like McDonald’s and KFC. The food here can be said to be too good value in Japan! In Japan, when you are getting used to eating just a few hundreds, you can fill your stomach with dozens of pieces and eat well! In other words, there were very few girls who ate here in the past, because the food here is good and cheap, and many office workers often patronize it. The girls will hate that this place is always occupied by greasy uncles or dicks instead of coming here. It’s better now, but according to my observation, male customers do make up the majority.

I really miss the taste of the fat beef with raw egg liquid~ The eel rice is also cost-effective! So during the Japanese period, breakfast is solved here almost every day.

Nara Kikuya Wagashi: Just try it, it feels like eating a chestnut for 20 RMB

Nara Nakatani: This one has been collected for a long time! Really must eat! Although it’s just glutinous rice dumplings, it tastes great! It’s too weak to hold it in your hand! The pictures of their screaming screaming dumplings are also fun!

Nara drinkdrank: Attracted by the advertisement of persimmon smoothie at the door! Persimmon-flavored desserts have never been seen in China. They are delicious! ! ! Just wait too long for the production time.

Okonomiyaki: I don’t know if this Mizuyaki restaurant in Dotonbori is very famous. In short, there are many people in line. I just went in when there were few people. The way of eating is very unique. Sit around the iron plate and shovel it directly in front of you. The taste is average~ Maybe because I just ate Kaido Raku, I feel a little bit supportive.

Yuzhijia: On the way from Shinsaibashi to Nihonbashi, I accidentally found a line of people, and they were all locals! ! What are you doing! what! It seems to be eaten! Yep! Then I must row too!

I didn’t know until I got close. It turned out to be glutinous rice dumplings. Well, Japan really likes glutinous rice.

I thought I could buy one for a taste, but was told to sell at least six in a box. There are three flavors, I said that the same two. I was told that I can only choose two flavors! There are so many rules~

The method of making glutinous rice dumplings is very unique. The red bean paste is wrapped around glutinous rice, and the taste of glutinous rice is between the grains and the puree. Although it is said that spending so much money (972 Gang) to eat a bowl of the three big cannons in Chengdu, I still think it is worth it. The packaging is beautiful, but it’s still a wooden box!

Osaka Takoyaki Museum: This is the place I must visit after going to Universal Studios. It is next to USJ. It feels like a ramen arena. Many takoyaki are gathered here. I was dazzled by the look, so I just picked one. Koga stream.

Bread at Shin Umeda Shokudo Street in Osaka: I couldn’t help standing behind when I saw a lot of people line up. Although I was about to leave Japan and there was not much yen left, I resolutely bought two! ! Wow, the soft texture is really amazing!

Kyoto Temples

Let me commemorate the Xifang Temple where the appointment failed. The postcard appointment method is really different. Let’s not say whether you can make an appointment. I doubt how likely Japan is to receive postcards from China! So the safest thing is to spend money on Taobao to make an appointment! I failed two months earlier. The picture is the failure feedback card of Xifang Temple.

Kinkakuji Temple: The first stop in Kyoto, the bus arrives~ Kyoto is still very cold in the early morning. The convenience store makes a rice ball and leaves Kinkakuji on a cloudy day.

There are many tourists and thieves. The Kinkakuji Temple in the cloudy sky seems to be a bronze pavilion ~ there is no luster at all. The tickets are very interesting.

Scenic spots and specialties are good friends. In fact, it is fancy fish skin peanuts. The mustard tastes good. If you are a Chinese hawker, you can speak some Chinese words.

The bus stops of scenic spots are often equipped with counselors. Although they are older, they are still enthusiastic to answer questions from foreign tourists. very warm.

Hanami Koji: The only place to go to Kiyomizu Temple, you will indeed encounter many Kabuki! Visitors looked at them one after another, and if they asked for a photo, they would cooperate enthusiastically.

Kiyomizu Temple: There are so many people! And this kind of national clock-in place is really boring to tell the truth~ I feel like all kinds of people from all over the world are all gathered around me~ Savadika in the left ear, Kang Sang Hami in the right ear~

This day is in the process of playing. The weather gradually cleared, so I finally watched the sunset at Kiyomizu Temple~

Yasaka Shrine: The ghost messenger is actually visiting Yasaka Shrine at night. After eating, I found the Yasaka Shrine by accident. The night is also beautiful.

Yuanguang Temple: Highly recommended! ! ! Very very beautiful! It was my first wonderful experience of temples in Japan. There are very few people, so quiet ~ the morning sun is over~

Rurikoin: At first, seeing the photos of autumn leaves in Rurikoin made me yearn for Kyoto! It’s really beautiful, but also very small. Very expensive. many people. . . . According to the navigation, the route to Liuliguangyuan turned out to be a small road. The few tourists made me think this place is not a tourist attraction!

The reflection of this mirrored table is indeed wonderful, and the staff will come to wipe it after a while, because there are all people taking pictures on the side, handprints are inevitably everywhere~

Changjiguang Temple: Quiet, beautiful ~ Even at the beginning of November, I saw the red leaves dripping blood for the first time~

Gio Temple: After seeing too many temples, it is really easy to be aesthetically fatigued. The moss in Gion Temple is beautiful.

Yongguantang: Forced push, although it’s not very unpopular, but there are definitely few people. But the best time to see the autumn leaves is crowded~

Fushimi Inari Shrine: I saw an advertisement on the bus saying that there was a fire festival on 11.8, so I specially arranged a trip to Inari Shrine in the afternoon, but it was delayed on the ramen path, and it was dark when I reached Inari Shrine ( I’ll complain, it’s getting dark too early in Japan! It started to darken at 4 o’clock local time) So I didn’t consider the most famous Chitori gate~

The fire festival is too slow and boring~ I left before finishing watching~

Nara Kasuga Taisha:

There are always naughty little deer attacking the deer cake vendor. Many locals bring children wearing kimonos to pray for blessings. It is very cute.

Mount Wakakusa in Nara: Mount Wakakusa is recommended to play in the evening~ because the sunset is really beautiful~ and you can also see the spectacular sight of a large number of crows and tired birds returning to their nests~ the sky full of rattles~

Osaka One Day Tour + Universal Studios

When I first moved from Kyoto to Osaka, I was greeted by a pouring rain, and my heart was cold. How can I play this!

Fortunately, when I arrived at the hotel, the rain stopped~ and it was clearing!

The first stop is Osaka Castle Park.

Japanese students really like to organize and play, there are students everywhere. The yellow hat is so cute~

In the middle, we also went to Tsutenkaku, Shinsaibashi, and Dotonbori. The Osaka One Day Pass is really easy to use~

The Tianbaoshan Ferris wheel is not crowded with transparent carriages.

The second day is my most anticipated trip to Universal Studios in Osaka! The ticket is booked on Taobao 3 days in advance. It will send the picture of the QR code to your mailbox on the first day, and then you can download the picture and save it in your mobile phone. Just swipe the QR code when you enter the park. Previously, it was said that the opening time of Universal Studios is variable, usually at 9 o’clock. I didn’t expect that I would have opened after 8 o’clock! I was shocked in my heart. I thought it was over. Isn’t Harry Potter already going to line up? Thinking of this, I ran even more, leading more than 100 people in a few steps! ! Unexpectedly, there was no queue when I arrived in the Harry Potter area, haha, just follow the next process, issue reminders, deposit bags or something. . . Once everything is done, start your taboo journey! I won’t describe it specifically to avoid spoilers. Before I came, I was thinking about the second brush, but I felt dizzy after sitting. . . Half of his life will be lost. .

This time I came to Universal Studios to catch up with the Christmas special. Harry Potter has a castle light show every night, which is really beautiful!

There are several major sections in Universal Studios. I personally recommend harrypotter, waterworld, jaws, jurassic park, spiderman, and backdraft. Among them, Water World is ranked first in my mind!

Personal feelings and miscellaneous notes

Actually, I don’t know why I especially want to come to Japan. I don’t watch Japanese TV series or anime. The only thing I really love is Japanese cuisine. Relying on this simple yearning for Japanese food, he enthusiastically started a 4-month trip to Japan.

During my stay in Japan, I had a full schedule of itineraries every day, and there was no day that I went out early and returned late. This kind of “hard travel” once made me lose interest in Japan, but this country has a unique charm, which makes me organize photos and memories. When traveling, I was so obsessed with it.

Regarding Japan’s strict garbage classification, strict garbage disposal, and the scarce garbage cans that make me feel very inconvenient, this is what I love and hate! The ground without trash cans is cleaner. Next to the coin-operated machine is a trash can for throwing beverage bottles! Seeing a supermarket or a convenience store is like seeing a savior because you can throw trash inside.

Soaking in a hot spring in Japan is really a novel experience! I checked a cheap hot spring called Funaoka Hot Spring in Kyoto, and I chose to go on the day I bought the one-day Kyoto bus ticket. Very cheap, more than 20 yuan per person, a towel for more than ten yuan. Nothing after entering. . I don’t know what to do when I take off my clothes. . When I walked in, I saw a row of short shower heads by the wall and several pools. After looking at the samples and learning, I realized that Yuanchao had to sit by the short shower first and take the bath first, and then soak in the pool! ! Haha, I’m so embarrassed,,,

Finally, I want to know a question, where do the Japanese answer the phone? ? ? (I have never seen anyone’s phone ring before…)

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