“Maple Leaf” and Me

Maple leaf

Maple Leaf, Flower Language: Ability to self-control. If you like this flower, you have your own set of life principles, be aggressive, and keep moving forward. In terms of feelings, you seem to withdraw, still obsessed with your first love, and fearful of love. In fact, as long as you know how to improve yourself from the experience of failure, it is so difficult to find true love. Flower motto: Be gentle when you should be gentle, and be powerful when you should show off.

Maple Leaf’s flower language describes a real me, which is why I like Maple Leaf! A long time ago, because I liked anime, I gradually learned a little bit about Japan, and now I’m connected again because of Maple Leaf. Japan is regarded as one of the countries with the most beautiful autumn leaves in the world. Autumn in Japan is long, and many trees whose leaves turn red in autumn, such as maple and beech, complement the beautiful scenery and scenery. The red leaf landscape in Japan is roughly divided into the fields and gardens. One part belongs to the wild natural landscape; the other part blends with the human landscape (such as temples) to form a garden landscape. Red leaf tourism is a famous tourism project in autumn in Japan. So, in the fall, choose to go.


The so-called preparation is the strategy, the so-called strategy is the summary by yourself! If you go out to play, why not be free and casual? But for the planning of the itinerary, I am still fully prepared! Since the title is set as preparation, let me share some necessary preparations with you. I also hope that you will give more guidance or suggestions for unreasonable places. After all, this is my personal idea!

1 Since going abroad, the choice is not a visa-free country, so the first thing to get is a visa. As for the visa materials, each travel agency needs not exactly the same. You should submit it according to your region and the requirements of the entrusted travel agency. I’m not going to introduce it here, no small ads!

2 For maple viewing, it must be seen in Japan during the maple leaf season. It is also important to choose a destination. A good route can save time and travel expenses. Japanese travel expenses are still relatively expensive. I often see peaks and peaks choosing Kanto and Kansai together. Play, but I think it’s better to play only one area, so you don’t have to spend time on the road, and you can play more places, right?

3 Transportation options. For transportation in Japan, I can only say that it is too big and complicated! It takes time to understand transportation. For example: JR, Kintetsu, Shinkansen, planes, night buses, etc., direct flights with fast flights, some local airlines in Japan are relatively cheap, and cross-city If there are more, it is recommended to buy JRPASS. It is a bit more expensive, but it is more convenient to travel! As for other transportation, it depends on Fengfeng’s own itinerary to make a decision. Everyone’s itinerary is almost different, so find the most suitable one.

4 Purposeful itinerary, as I said in the second article, admiring the maple, then some are for shopping! Some are for anime, so it is necessary to plan the itinerary for your own purposes.

5 The last point is, be sure to book air tickets and accommodation early! ! ! ! ! ! ! why? Because it’s cheap~~~ (ps, pay attention to local etiquette before traveling)

To sum up, I did some preparations before this trip. If there is a confused peak, you can make a reference!


My spontaneity lies in traveling alone. Although I have asked my friends around me if I want to go together when I am preparing, I basically get the same answer. I either have no time or don’t want to go to Japan. The third is no money! In this case, it is better to embark on the journey alone.


The stage of this trip is Kansai. The Kansai region of Japan includes Osaka Prefecture, Kyoto Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, Nara Prefecture, Wakayama Prefecture, Shiga Prefecture, and Mie Prefecture. The initial plan is to go to Kansai for 11 days, but the boss doesn’t Give me so many holidays, I can only give up. In the end, I bargained with the boss and got a 9-day holiday. So, this trip is 9 days in Kansai~~~Presumably everyone is curious about which cities I went to? The cities of mass tourism will definitely go, and the rest are just places that few people go to! Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara are indispensable and basic cities in the Kansai region. Except for these three cities, Kobe and Himeji will also have peak summits, followed by Wakayama, Kinosaki Onsen, and as far as Okayama Kurashiki. , There are still quite a few cities in the calculation, don’t worry, there are more! Ibaraki, don’t guess, it’s not Ibaraki in the Onmyoji, but a city close to Kobe. I was also impressed. The last one is Koga in Mie Prefecture! I guess everyone didn’t expect me to go to Koga, right? Although it was very late in Koga, I went shopping a little bit. Some specific itineraries will be explained later, and pictures will also be shown, so don’t worry about it! Seeing this, if you are interested, you can also read my divided travel notes. I wrote a city or two cities separately. I hope you will like Fengfeng and I hope you can help you go to the peak of Kansai. peak.


With my ticket, passport, bag, and suitcase in hand, I went straight to the airport. After 11 o’clock on the plane, I arrived at the airport after 8 o’clock. I wandered around idly. I wanted to go to the airport to find a friend. No way to go to work. It is hard to wait until the moment of boarding, thinking about waiting so long, it still feels bad for me.

Shanghai Pudong Airport—“Kansai Airport—“Kyoto

I chose to live in a homestay in Kyoto because of my love for Kyoto. The antique is different from the hustle and bustle of Osaka and Tokyo. It is very suitable for living. After you have been to Kyoto once, the quiet beauty makes people feel comfortable.




Kyoto runaway

Kyoto-Kobe-Mount Rokko


Osaka-Wakayama-Kinosaki Hot Spring


I wrote the travel notes of each city separately. I won’t write them in detail here. If you are interested, you can look at it directly. Below is the portal.

About Kyoto

About Wakayama Kinosaki Hot Spring

About Okayama and Kurashiki

About Mount Rokko

About Himeji Kobe

About Nara

About Lanshan


Many Fengfeng will ask, how to play Bandin and East? Want to play Hokkaido, Tokyo and Osaka trips? Or how about Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo? Wait for some questions, I personally suggest that it is best not to travel with such a large itinerary span. Reasons: 1 The simplest is the traffic problem. Friends who are familiar with Japanese transportation should know that transportation coupons and other discounted packages are available, but journeys in different regions , Either the plane, the Shinkansen, or the bus! But it’s really not cost-effective, and the money on the Shinkansen is not cheap. 2 With children, the children’s physical strength is not as good as that of adults. If they spend all their time on the road, I personally feel that it’s not necessary. I just come out to play and spend all my energy on the road. It doesn’t feel like fun anymore, does it? 3 I really don’t like this. Sometimes I drag my luggage to different cities or stay in different hotels every day. Although I can experience some local customs, I run back and forth, especially with my luggage. I feel so tired~~~ But the above is just my point of view, please forgive me for not saying it well~~

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