Regaining Memory-Japan

In order to save the happy time, writing travel notes is the best way to seal up memories. Recently, I have filtered the places I have visited in my mind. Japan is a country where I have been more impressive, so I decided to write my travel notes and regain my happy time in Japan!

I flew from Shenyang to Japan. December is the season of nine cold days and heavy snowfall for the Northeast, but Japan is much warmer than the Northeast. During this trip to Japan, I was traveling with my daughter. In a hurry, but Japan gives me the feeling that it is a country full of exquisite and delicate beauty. Exquisite cuisine, beautiful scenery that changes in the four seasons and a strong Eastern style, classical and fashion, history and modernity meet in this country, presenting a symbiosis Its fascinating sight!

Arriving at the Japanese airport, this trip to Japan is to visit with a travel agency.

On the first day we arrived in Japan to arrange free activities. My daughter and I chose to go to Nagoya Castle for a walk and take a look.

1. Nagoya

Take the subway to Nagoya Castle.

Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle, Oban Castle and Kumamoto Castle are also known as the three most famous cities in Japan.

It was originally built by Tokugawa Ieyasu, and the castle tower was the hereditary residence of the Tokugawa family for three generations. The most famous in the city is the Jin Sha, which was used as a firewall to decorate the beams and later became a symbol of the power of the city lord.


The Tenshukaku is one of the most visited buildings in Nagoya Castle. The entire building has five floors. The roof spine is decorated with a golden animal head and fish body at both ends.

Honmaru Palace

The golden wooden buildings and the golden decorations in the hall are simply magnificent and impressive, fully demonstrating the power and wealth of the Tokugawa family as a shogun.

2. Tokyo

After breakfast, the trip officially begins. Start the Japan trip we are looking forward to from Tokyo!

Royal Garden

In the bustling and noisy center of Tokyo, there is a clean place, the Imperial Palace of Japan, which is a must to visit Japan. It is hidden in the depths of large woods and gardens.

The Imperial Palace Nijubashi is the bridge at the main gate of the Imperial Palace. The double bridge, it is said that the bridge in front is only used by ordinary people or people with low official positions, and the bridge behind is used by people in the Imperial Palace. Tourists from all over Japan like to take pictures with Niju Bridge and the ancient tower as a background.

The outer garden of Tokyo’s Emperor’s residence is very large and there are many pine trees in the square.

The protagonist of the sculpture is called Masaaki Nangi, a famous general from the late Kamakura Shogunate to the Northern and Southern Dynasties.

Sensoji Temple

Sensoji Temple is located in Taito Ward, Tokyo. It is an existing “Edo-style” public recreation area in Japan. It is also the oldest temple in Tokyo. The gate of the temple is called “Kainarimon”, the official name is “Kazeraijinmon”, which is a symbol of Japan and the Asakusa region.

Kaminarimon is the entrance of Sensoji Temple. The huge lantern hanging in front of the gate adds a lot of style to Sensoji Temple. People pray for good weather and good harvest!

Some people worshipped silently by burning incense, others wrote blessing messages on cards, and some walked into the hall just after washing their hands and eloquently.

There is a saying about “divine fortune” circulating in Sensoji Temple all year round, and the content written on the paper indicates the future.

Opposite Sensoji Temple, on both sides of the road are rows of large and small shops that have continued from the Edo period.

Sell ​​Japan’s most unique and inexpensive small Japanese gifts and various tourist souvenirs, folk crafts, kimonos and snacks that Japanese people like to eat.


Come out from Sensoji Temple for free time and stroll around the bustling Tokyo shopping street. Ginza is the most prosperous main street in Japan and has become a paradise for tourists to shop!

Akihabara is a must-visit place for tourists who like to shop for Japanese appliances. On both sides of the road are various electrical appliances stores and animation shops.


Odaiba Seaside Park is an artificial seaside park where visitors can enjoy the view of Tokyo’s coastline. Although swimming is prohibited here, visitors can take boats, sightseeing, and overlook the beautiful scenery of the Rainbow Bridge and the other bank. You can also stroll in the park, which is refreshing.

The Ferris wheel is very beautiful against the blue sky!

Take a boat trip to Tokyo Bay and enjoy the coastal scenery!

The Statue of Liberty located in Odaiba Seaside Park, Tokyo is the third “Statue of Liberty” in the world, with a total height of 15 meters.

Taking a photo with the goddess with the Rainbow Bridge as the background is an indispensable event in Tokyo.

Fuji Television

The first majestic building that Odaiba came to see was the famous Fuji TV station.

3. Hakone

Peace Park

Heiwa Park is a typical Japanese garden style, including the gate tower, the King Kong Rishikeri gate, the Nanmou Buddhist Lotus Sutra monument, the statue of the statesman Katsuma Seiichi, and the most important landscapes-the bell of peace, the bell of prayer, and the relic The towers, etc.; all kinds of trees in the garden are beautiful in shape, the air is fresh and pleasant, the scenery is quiet and elegant, the beautiful environment and the beautiful vision make this place quite sacred.

On both sides of the white gate of Pinghe Park, it is written: Pray for peace in the world and stability of the country.

Pinghe Park occupies a large area, the scenery is quiet and elegant, and there are many pavilions.

The most famous in the park is a stupa from India, with a white tower with a golden Buddha statue under it, standing on the large square of Pinghe Park.

The “Peace Bell” is hung in the park, and the bell is engraved with “Pray for peace of mankind in the world”.

Mount Fuji

Drive to Mount Fuji and see Mount Fuji hanging in the blue sky from a distance.

Mount Fuji is the highest peak in Japan and a symbol of the Japanese nation. It is called the “Holy Mountain” by the Japanese people. Mount Fuji is located in central and southern Honshu, about 80 kilometers away from Tokyo, with an area of ​​90.76 square kilometers and an elevation of 3,776 meters. The peaks are towering into the clouds and the peaks are white with snow. The mountain is cone-shaped, like a fan hanging upside down. Japanese poets once praised it with verses such as “Jade fan hanging upside down in the East China Sea” and “Fuji white snow reflecting the morning sun”. From below 2000 meters above sea level to the foot of the mountain, there are vast lakes, waterfalls, jungles, and the scenery is extremely beautiful!

Heading to Mount Fuji, the road was closed due to heavy snow, so we could only look at the beauty of Mount Fuji from a distance. We went to the next stop Oshino Hakkai.

Oshino Hakkai is a spring group in Oshino Village between Lake Yamanaka and Lake Kawaguchi in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. It is named “Oshino Hakkai” because there are eight clear springs scattered in a spot. It is said that Oshino Hakkai existed 1200 years ago. It is the eight clear spring water filtered by the melting snow of Mt. Fuji through the ground: Ogama Pond, Suzuno Pond, Choshi Pond, Turbid Pond, Wakuike, Mirror pond, calamus pond and exit pond.

The excellent and fresh natural scenery here attracts many tourists.

The weather today is particularly good, the blue sky and white clouds, and the snow-covered Mount Fuji is particularly beautiful from a distance.

The spring water of Mount Fuji is clear and sweet, not to be missed!

Four, Kyoto

Kiyomizu Temple

Kyoto is a city with a long history, no matter what season it has its unique charm and charm.

One of the most famous is Kiyomizu Temple in Otowa Mountain. Almost every tourist who comes to Kyoto will visit here.

The entrance of Kiyomizu Temple, “Nioh Gate”, is called “Akamon” because of its beautiful vermilion lacquer.

After exiting the Kiyomizu-dera scenic area, follow the trail to explore the surroundings of Kiyomizu-dera Temple and enjoy the charm of a different ancient capital. There are small shops in Kyoto on both sides of the block, and tourists are in constant flow every day, attracting tourists to stop and watch.

There are many Japanese-style wooden shops on both sides of the way, from various snacks to souvenirs. There are also some Japanese restaurants and coffee and drink shops for tourists to rest on the way. Another scenery here is local tourists wearing kimonos.

Landlord Shrine️

The “Landlord Shrine”, recognized as a World Cultural Heritage, is located behind the main hall of Kiyomizu-dera Temple. It is dedicated to the famous god of friendship in Kyoto. There are two love divination stones inside, which can pray for good relationship and health.

The most famous “love divination stone” at the Jizu Shrine is a stone that has been said to pray for success in love since the Edo period. These are two large stones with a sign of “Love Divination Stone” hanging 10 meters apart.

This is the only shrine in Japan where you can meet and pray for love.

5. Nara

Nara Park

It is a majestic, tree-lined historical park. The most famous is the deer herd of Kasuga Taisha. They are regarded as messengers of the gods and are taken care of by people.

The deer are more docile and very cute! The deer playing in the park in groups are designated as national protected animals. The fawns either silently forage on the grass, or play with each other, or come to you and lower their heads to nudge you.

6. Kobe

Kobe is a strolling coastal city, romantic and quiet.

Kobe Port Tower is a beautiful landscape of the city. The Kobe Port Tower is very tall, and its shape is very similar to the small waist of Guangzhou, China.

There is a tall Ferris wheel on the shore, very beautiful!

Sun Wen Memorial Hall

Maiko Park is located under the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in Kobe.

7. Osaka

Osaka Castle Park

Located in the center of Osaka, Osaka Castle Park is an urban garden with a large area. The Osaka Castle Tower stands in the middle, which is an irreplaceable symbol of Osaka. When visiting the castle tower in Osaka, you can climb to the castle and look at the city scenery of Osaka. There are exhibitions in the castle to tell the history and story of the castle tower. This is also the best place for cherry blossom viewing, but unfortunately we are not here at the right time, but the park scenery is still very charming!

The castle tower is located on a corner of the ancient city of Osaka. It has eight floors and is currently an exhibition of historical memories of generals in various periods.

Dotonbori Food Street

Dotonbori Food Street is located in the center of Osaka. It perfectly contains the local food of Osaka. It is a lively, rich and Kansai-style long street. Here visitors can also see quite representative billboards.


The most conspicuous location of the Dotonbori Food Street is the famous local crab restaurant-Kanidoraku. The huge red crab sign is like the business card of the food street, and it can provide N different ways of eating crabs. Come to Japan You must eat seafood.

Shinsaibashi is the most famous shopping street in Osaka. It is home to large department stores, chain drugstores, old brand stores and small shops of various grades and styles.

Return home

It’s too late to savor the food and beauty of Japan. Don’t end the seven-day itinerary. Japan left me with a beautiful impression. The blue sky, bright sunshine, fresh air, clean streets, and delicious food all make me nostalgic. I look forward to the next time. Come to Japan again, go deep, go slowly!

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