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Ho Chi Minh Tan Son Nhat International Airport practical guide

Ho Chi Minh Tan Son Nhat International Airport is currently Vietnam’s largest airport with many flights, but many people choose Ho Chi Minh as a transit place to transfer to other tourist cities.


Airport to downtown backpackers a street only 8 kilometers.
The airport is divided into two terminals, the domestic arrival terminal and the international arrival terminal, there is a special passage between the two terminals ,5 minutes walk to arrive, do not need ferry push .

Ho Chi Minh Airport – Arrival

Ho Chi Minh Airport entry: if you enter the country with landing approval, please go to the Visa Office to collect the form, fill in the form, pay the money, sign the landing, and then go through the entry procedures.
If the visa is processed in advance, then go directly to the entry counter to handle the formalities.
After entering the country to pick up the luggage, the airport hall has a foreign currency exchange office, need to exchange VND cash can be exchanged at the airport, or use a bank card directly in the ATM to take VND cash.

Common Communication Card for VietNam

If you need a Vietnamese phone card, you can also go to the communication counter at the airport to handle the phone card. There are several types: those who can access the Internet but can not call, and can call online.
Some operators in Vietnam don’t have 4G of communications, and the commonly used ones are: viettel、vinaphone and mobiphone

Ho Chi Minh Airport is only 7 kilometers from the city, the traffic is very convenient, the bus has 109,152 lines to reach the city, the fare is about 100000 VND, taxi is not expensive, and the local can use the taxi software: uber and grab.But it’s safe to suggest booking a regular shuttle.

Ho Chi Minh Airport – Departure

Ho Chi Minh Airport International Terminal 2 has a rest area (SLEEPZONE) for long-distance connecting passengers, free public areas, and a separate room for a fee of $7 per hour. It is very suitable for long-time passengers but not convenient to stay in the hotel.
Ho Chi Minh Airport International Departure Hall ,2nd Floor Rest Area

Ho Chi Minh Airport Duty Free Shop

As Vietnam’s largest airport, the international terminal of Ho Chi Minh Airport, after boarding and leaving the country, there are duty-free shops. Like most duty-free shops in China, there are perfumes, alcohol and tobacco, handbags and so on. But the price is generally about 20% discount on the market price, compared with the domestic advantages are not too obvious.

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