A 9-day tour of Kyoto, Japan and SetoNaikai Art Festival


Although I have been to many places, I was very nervous on the first day of my trip to Japan. First, I was afraid of getting lost in the subway, and more importantly, because we had booked a love hotel! But after we arrived, I felt a lot of peace of mind. The hotel is very beautiful. Ah, most of the residents are tourists!


Dotonbori handshake meeting
The next day, my travel companion came every day. In the evening, I watched the handshake meeting of an unknown women’s group in Dotonbori, and was surprised to discover the magic night view mode of Huawei mate20pro.


Peach boat
Sitting on the Shinkansen this morning, Okayama came. Only after I came did I know that Okayama is Momotaro’s hometown, and Momotaro elements are everywhere. We also visited the shrine dedicated to Momotaro’s prototype Kibi Tsuhiko, and I drew a lottery.

Lottery drawn at Kibitsu Shrine
Another magical thing in Okayama is that the front desk of the hotel that looks like a Chinese suddenly changed from English to Japanese to talk to me after I filled in the check-in information, and then we finished the follow-up in the mode that I speak English and she speaks Japanese. All processes…


The 20th is really the most bumpy day. I got up at 5:30 and squeezed the tram with the middle school students to Uno Port. As a result, all ferries were cancelled due to strong winds. We took a train from Uno to Takamatsu again, and found that only the boat to Shodoshima had not been cancelled, so we immediately decided to go directly to Shodoshima. The whole voyage was the whole boat screaming and the boat fighting the wind and waves.

Because of the bad weather, the scenery is also lacklustre. The highlight of this day was that when the bus entered the office and stopped, the office’s staff gathered beside the green space in front of the door. There was also a camera to take pictures. There was a large rock on the green space, and a few iron rods were inserted between the large stones. The hammer hit the iron rod. When the bus was about to leave the office, the stone was knocked away. All the people in the car “Wow~~~” and then laughed together~

After passing by that afternoon, there are only cracked stones left


This day is the happiest day!

The weather improved, and I took a boat from Shodoshima back to Takamatsu and then took a boat to Naoshima. Unfortunately, the bicycles were all borrowed, so we chose to walk around the island.

The only place we booked the tickets during the whole journey was the Chichu Art Museum in Naoshima, but it was set on the 22nd, and the tickets were written as non-refundable and non-refundable. Even if the weather caused all the boats to be cancelled, there was no refund, but we still left 30 Minutes to try our luck, but after ticketcentre emphasized that it was a special case, we still exchanged tickets for us! It is not allowed to take pictures inside, and I don’t know much about art. The overall atmosphere is more like a hospital.

Chizhong Art Museum cafe
We walked for another 30 minutes to Lee Ufan Art Museum when we came out of the Dizhong Art Museum. When we were about to buy tickets to go in, we heard a young lady walking out and saying IwouldnotpayifIknow…We immediately decided not to go in, but the grass was lying outside the museum. It’s still quite comfortable.

Outside Lee Ufan Art Museum
Then we walked to the benessehouse. We liked chatter robots and Tian Mi the most, but still not allowed to take pictures.

Huang Nan melon
After that, we walked for another half an hour to the port of the village to take a boat. When we walked to the pier, we found that the boat from the village to Takamatsu was cancelled that day, but the road was quite beautiful.

Suspected of taking scenic spots for n, it was later discovered that n was not filming in Naoshima, but Shodoshima
On the return trip that day, I saw the sunset. I was so happy that I wanted to jump in Takamatsu Port.


This day I went to Toshima! It is still a day when all bicycles have been rented out. But the Toshima Art Museum deserves my scorching sun.

Teshima Art Museum Cafe
Stayed in there for more than an hour, calm and refreshing.

I went back to the pier and bought the ferry ticket and found that the hat was missing. I didn’t know where to find it. I saw a staff member holding three hats and quickly took them back. Later, I ran to ask Sister Hat where there is a mailbox, and we completed the exchange in the mode that I speak English and she speaks Japanese.

After returning to Takamatsu, I went to buy a ticket to Kyoto the next day. The lady at the counter couldn’t understand the payment page of Alipay, and finally found the word “success” she knew Ah! Seiko!


Leaving the Seto Inland Sea and returning to the city

The most surprising thing early in the morning is that there are still stations on highways in Japan…

Kyoto is really hot and crowded (catch up with the school trip season), and I stayed in the only hotel where I couldn’t open a box. My favorite in Kyoto is Erzunin. The reason is that there are not enough people… But in Kyoto, I encountered a Japanese uncle (who uses Chinese very difficultly) and a super funny restaurant owner who took the initiative to give us directions.

In Lanshan, I met a grandfather with various boat models.


It’s Nara! It’s still a day of exposure. But at Yakushi Temple, I listened to the monk giving a lecture to the school tour group. I don’t know what it said, but I still find it very funny. What I don’t understand is that the ticket for Yakushi Temple is so much more expensive than the Great Buddha Temple of Toshodai Temple… I love Toshodai Temple And Big Buddha Temple.
In the Spring Festival, Dashe met a traditional wedding and was very happy.
February Church
I ate in the evening, and walked back and forth in the hotel ticket shopping street for a long time. Three years ago, at the end of May, we handed in the paper and immediately started the roadtrip to Eastern and Southern Europe. Three years after graduation, we only saw Four times, when is the next trip?


The most boring day, there is nothing to buy, no shopping, and I fell into the sad mood of returning to real life early.

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