Free travel in Japan: University of Tokyo, Hayao Miyazaki Museum, Shinjuku & Tokyo Tower

My eyes became red and swollen due to a long flight. The first thing I did in Japan was to walk on the quiet streets of Tokyo with a lever at two o’clock in the morning, and finally found a drug store to buy eye drops. …

Arrived at the hotel booked online at 3:20 in the morning, a place with a little ambience. The Japanese boss introduced us to the various requirements for accommodation in authentic Japanese English. Arran nodded, and I was confused. This will be our small place for three days.

The accommodation in Japan is well known to everyone: the price is not low, but the area is small, two people and a trolley box squeeze into a small room, there is no place to go! From Kunming Changshui to Hong Kong Airport to Tokyo Haneda, we squeezed into a narrow bed after a hard day and went to sleep…

My eyes are so swollen that I can’t wear glasses anymore. What is it earlier? I can’t guess what my myopia is, and I can’t smell it. Japanese people’s English is very bad and I can’t understand the questions I ask. what. Later, I found a lot of milk balls, so I kept adding them to the coffee. After adding more than a dozen milk balls, I was satisfied with my mouth, haha

Today’s route is planned by Yaya and includes the University of Tokyo, Miyazaki Museum, Shinjuku and Tokyo Tower. I will follow with curiosity. I cannot wear glasses for three days, so Tokyo has a hazy beauty!

The University of Tokyo is a world-renowned university, top 3 in Asia, with a beautiful campus environment, simple architecture, lush green trees, history and charm, and it is amazing. The graduates call their friends and accompany to take pictures, we are envious! We used Google Maps to find the school cafeteria in a huge underground space, eat with teachers and students from famous schools, and observe the lives of Japanese teachers and international students, which is very interesting.

“Red Gate” or Red Gate is a famous attraction of East University. We looked up and looked at it. It was even lower-key than the gate of Peking University. Nothing was written on it, just quietly guarding a century-old school!

The Hayao Miyazaki Museum is the first choice for young people. Yaya likes it. I will accompany it. I queued to enter the door and queued to take pictures. The enthusiasm of these fans was everywhere. We watched a video, and it was a life of a Doudou , The children like it very much.

What we learned in Shinjuku is two trolley suitcases and two bowls of “Ichiran Ramen”, both of which are net celebrities. Waiting in line for the ramen is not long, the small facade, walking downstairs, is lined up by the curtain, the machine will automatically order food, and will be kindly let in when it is about to arrive. Each person has a seat and uses a piece of cloth with others. Separately, the noodles taste average, and the seats are small, so if you are not careful, you will be taken by the neighbors’ hands. This kind of Japanese-style small restaurant is very polite and very interesting.

We live close to Tokyo Tower, and we saw it when we walked up the road and turned around. The famous Tokyo Tower that has appeared in many Japanese movies shows us the bright lights at night, which is a bit confusing.

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