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Nha Trang Airport Practical guide

Now, I will introduce Vietnam’s important tourist city airport —— Nha Trang Airport

Nha Trang Cam Ranh Bay Airport is about 35 kilometers from the suburbs of the city.

Nha Trang Airport – Arrival

Nha Trang Airport has only one terminal, international and domestic are the same terminal (international flight is gate 4, domestic flight is gate 2).
After you go through the entry formalities, take your luggage and come out of the airport hall with a foreign currency exchange counter (24 hours). The exchange rate is good (every day according to the market exchange rate is different). You can exchange some VND cash here. Both CNY and US dollars can be exchanged.
Tips: Nha Trang Airport has two names, transliterated as Kamran Airport, the word translated as Cam Ranh Airport, the two airports are the same!
Nha Trang Airport is far from the city, there is an airport bus (50,000 VND / person) back to the city, about 30-40 minutes to send a bus, there is a designated route, but not to the hotel.

Bus in Nha Trang Airport

Nha Trang Airport also has an airport minibus (16 minibuses ,50,000 VND / person), back to the city, full of passengers.
If you have more luggage, you can also choose an airport taxi. It is best to negotiate the price before you get on the bus (about 300000 VND /4 cars can return to the downtown hotel). If you don’t talk about the price, the price is about 50-600000 VND.
Nha Trang’s regular taxi team is green mailinh, blue and white quocte, yellow asia.

Common Taxi in Nha Trang

You can also book a shuttle service, to Nha Trang Airport after walking out of door 4, there is a driver waiting for you, very convenient. Note that drivers are not allowed to enter the airport hall. Please move outside the door to find the driver.
Nha Trang Airport – Departure
Nha Trang Airport International and domestic are the same terminal, into the airport terminal, left for Vietnam domestic departure check-in counter, right for Vietnam International departure check-in counter, if you buy Vietnam Airlines flight, no baggage check-in, You can check in with self-service check-in, if you need checked-in luggage, please go to the counter queue.


Nha Trang Airport is very small, there are duty-free shops, few types of goods, a little high price, so it is not recommended to shop in Nha Trang Airport duty-free shop.
Nha Trang Airport is 35 kilometers from the urban area and the driving time is about 50 minutes. It is recommended to leave 3 hours in advance to avoid missed flight.

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