Japan in late autumn is not withered but the next one begins!

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After a year of travel, it’s hard for me to have a good memory. Hahaha. I decided to resign at the end of last year and still have a lot of annual leave. Thinking about it, I decided to explore Japan, so after talking about sister Yue, I bought tickets, booked a hotel, and set off!

Departure time: 20181129-20181206 Departure place: Shanghai

1. Regarding visas: Of course Taobao is almighty! The materials are complete and signed out quickly.

2. Regarding air tickets: It is recommended that the friends who go to Japan for the first time choose east in and west out or west in and east out, that is, Tokyo enters Osaka and departs or vice versa. At that time, we chose Tokyo round trip for the sake of cheap air tickets. We found that the Shinkansen between Tokyo and Osaka would cost 1600 JR Passes, which was almost the same and wasted time. The ticket is booked on ANA’s official website, two months in advance, and the round-trip ticket is 2400RMB.

3. About the calling card: Taobao, the all-powerful one! It is not recommended to rent a WiFi egg. Shen has to charge it and return it. The phone card signal is very good.

4. Regarding the exchange of money: each of us exchanged 5,000 RMB, and you can basically swipe your card for shopping in Japan. Cash is mainly used for food, drink, and transportation cards, so the amount varies from person to person.

5. About the subway card and JR Pass: Taobao is everywhere! The subway card is a must, your trip is not complete without feeling the subway in Tokyo. Japan’s subway and public transport are not cheap, and taxis are extremely expensive. Travel basically depends on public transportation. Of course, please ignore it. As for whether you need a JR Pass, you can refer to this guide, the arrangement is clear:

6. Regarding accommodation: Generally speaking, accommodation in Japan is very expensive. The rich have the way of living for the rich, and the poor have the way of living for the poor, but in short, it can be done on Booking. We lived in Tokyo near Sensoji Temple, Kyoto lived near Kyoto Station, and Osaka lived near Universal Studios for the convenience of Universal Studios. I will introduce the specific accommodation in the detailed schedule.

7. About APP: Just prepare a Google map. The accuracy of Google Dad will make you have the urge to bow down to him every day

8. About language: English + Chinese. Today, when Chinese people are running everywhere, major tourist cities have also kept pace with the times and equipped with Chinese staff, so don’t worry. Moreover, the popularity of English in Japan is very high. I asked a 40-year-old uncle for directions on a sparsely populated road in Kyoto. He accurately told me in English to wait for the bus opposite! (Of course it may be my luck)

Let’s go to Shibuya to take a look!

Get ready, meet with sister Yue to leave from Pudong Airport~

ANA is a five-star airline, but to be honest, I didn’t feel the five-star service, maybe because it’s economy class… (poor) But the flight attendants in Japan are really gentle and naive… Get on a plane The meal is pretty good!

Arrived in Tokyo! Find the JR Pass redemption point (you can ask the staff if you can’t find it, and will tell you the location very enthusiastically), fill in the information and redeem it at the counter. Here I want to say that the JR Pass redemption form is bought on domestic Taobao, so when you get to the airport, you have to redeem the JR Pass, and then use the JR Pass to redeem the ticket you want to ride, so the JR Pass must be kept. The staff at the exchange point at the airport will ask you where you want to go, and then she will help you redeem the ticket directly. If your itinerary in the next few days is confirmed and will not change, you can also tell her to help you issue the ticket. If you are unsure, just change as you go. Part of the city’s traffic can be boarded by showing the JR Pass, no ticket is required. Generally, tickets are required for Shinkansen and limited express trains, and no tickets are required for light rails in the city.

The main reason for staying in Tokyo near Sensoji Temple was the hotel price. In the end, I chose the b tokyo asakusa for two nights with a total of 1,300 yuan. The hotel is very cost-effective. The rooms are not particularly big, but they are clean and tidy, with sound insulation and excellent service. There is a Chinese front desk. The transportation is convenient near the hotel, very close to the subway station and bus station. recommend.

Because the day after check-in was dark, we decided to eat first and then go to Shibuya for a stroll. Ippudo Ramen is near the hotel. That’s it for the first meal in Japan!

Shibuya is a paradise for young people, and it is also known as the busiest intersection in the world. So of course it’s indispensable! You have to wait for the right time and be careful of traffic safety…These pictures were really taken at the risk of “life-threatening”…

The statue of Hachiko, a loyal dog, was also in Shibuya, but there were too many people to take pictures again at night. There are many in Kabuki Town… Cowherd is soliciting customers, of course we both refused. Go back to the hotel and take a hot bath! The task tomorrow is arduous!

Day-2 Runaway Tokyo

There is no turning back on the route today. Those who don’t know how to arrange can refer to: Sensoji Temple→Akihabara→Ueno Park→Meiji Shrine→Ginza→Tokyo Tower.

Get up early in the morning and go straight to Sensoji Temple. When we went, the shops on both sides of the road hadn’t opened yet. There are not many tourists.

It is said that the temple lottery in Japan is very good. If it is a lucky lottery, it will be taken away. If it is bad, it does not matter. Tying the lottery to a special place means that bad luck will be left behind, and there will be monks who will do it. I was lucky to get lucky, happy! There are also places to sell defensives in the temple, such as academic guards, health guards, marriage guards and so on. Whether it’s working or not, let’s judge for yourself~

From Sensoji Temple, head straight to Akihabara. This is really a paradise for otaku. Sister Yue and I are not big fans of Riman, but we still want to take a look. The last two got nothing, for the simple reason, that they are poor…at least 300 good-looking and delicate ones. If I have that money, I’d better buy lipsticks… The players who play with figures are really rich. The two of us also accidentally discovered the place where the island country action movie was sold, and smiled at each other, but we didn’t go in and explore. We should go in and buy two of them…haha.

Lunch was settled in Akihabara, conveyor belt sushi. It is the first one in Dianping!

I went to Ueno Park from Akihabara, which is a big park. I don’t know why we both want to go to the park in Tokyo. Anyway, because the route is so smooth, we went there. It was a weekend and the weather was also very good. We left around 2:30 and found a lot of people pouring into the park. We thought it was something to do, but we found out that it was all the parents who came to the baby. Hahaha, sure enough, all over the world same.

If you took a photo on the road in front of a certain temple, it’s time to check in.

Next, I went to the Meiji Imperial Palace, a back garden opened to the public by the Emperor of Japan. This is the place where we feel the least interesting but consumes countless physical energy during this trip. It’s really boring. It’s just a small and unremarkable park. If you are not a particularly idle partner, it is not recommended. But on the way to go, I passed by a very Japanese-style bridge, under the bridge is a train track, overhead is a variety of antennas, leave this scene!

We were too tired in the afternoon and finally arrived in Ginza before 5 o’clock. It’s boring to see what park and what shrine. After going to two attractions and the time on the road, we can also arrive in Ginza at 5 o’clock. We are already somewhat exhausted, we choose to replenish our strength first, after all, the night is the highlight! It must be said here that Starbucks in Japan is really cheap. We who are poor in Japan can only afford Starbucks. Isn’t it funny? I also found that the little brother who ordered is so handsome!

Ginza mainly uses luxury goods and some mid-to-high-end brands, so we will not experience the pleasure of scanning goods here. And because the last stop was Osaka, we didn’t want to carry too many things to the city, so we only brought some things for our friends. We went to the last stop of our rampage today, Tokyo Tower in the dark night!

Those who want to see the night view have two options. To go to Tokyo Tower, you need to buy a ticket (the One Piece store is also within the range of buying a ticket), or to go to Roppongi to see the night view with Tokyo Tower, you need to buy a ticket. Today I walked 3W steps, really tired.

Regarding the Tokyo subway, it is really complicated, but Google really, you can completely believe it, let you get on when you get on the train, and get off when you get off. Google Dad, make the subway no longer complicated~

Day-3 First sight of Kyoto & first experience of kimono

We departed early in the morning to take the Japanese Shinkansen to Kyoto. The JR Pass ticket was changed when we arrived at the station. You can check the train schedule directly on the website, or you can check the train schedule when you arrive at the station. Because of the difference in speed, the running time is also different, so you must read it carefully when buying tickets. It takes about two and a half hours to reach Kyoto.

Kyoto chose a hotel where you can have a bath called Kyoto Kong Hotel. 800 RMB per night. It was also the most expensive hotel we stayed in this time. This hotel has two hot springs, one big and one small, and men and women rotate. The girl had her turn to the small hot pot that night we stayed. I was a little disappointed. However, this girl’s bathing room has a password, which is safer~

Arrived at the hotel at 11 o’clock at noon and couldn’t check in yet, so I left my suitcase and went straight to Kiyomizu Temple-a must-visit place in Kyoto. The scenery of the maple season is indeed worth visiting.

I rented a kimono on the way. The kimono is a shop that I made an appointment on Taobao in advance. This is for everyone. It is ok to make an appointment or not. The advantage of making an appointment in advance is that you can roughly understand the situation of the shop and choose a high-scoring one. Maple Leaf season recommends choosing the main red kimono for photogenic. But the experience of this kimono is really hard to describe in one word. It is really good-looking, but it is also really tight, and you can only walk in small steps. Because the kimono is all wrapped tightly in layers, I feel that I am on the plateau every minute and every second, and I have to be stretched all the way, and I really have difficulty breathing. Fortunately, I went for a meal. If I want to wear a kimono to eat, I would rather run naked.

In front of Japanese temples, there will be joshou ponds, so you can experience it when you come to the village. It is said that how to wash is also exquisite, you can Baidu yourself.

The commercial street in front of Kiyomizu-dera Temple is called Sannenzaka Nenenzaka, on both sides are some local specialties or snacks. From Kiyomizu Temple, you can stroll around and eat something. You can buy a lot of cute little things here, it’s good to keep them or give them away~

After returning the kimono, I can finally sit down and eat a meal quickly! Sister Yue especially wanted to eat unagi rice, so she found a restaurant with a relatively high score for unagi rice. tasty!

I went to Kamogawa for a stroll in the evening. It is said that I could meet a geisha by chance, but we didn’t meet it. I didn’t have much interest. I was almost shopping, so I went back to the hotel to take a bath~ Rejuvenate and get up early tomorrow!

Day-4 Fushimi Inari Taisha & Rurikoin

To avoid colliding with the crowd, go to Fushimi Inari Taisha in the morning! Fushimi Inari Taisha is dedicated to the great god of Inari who blessed business prosperity, wealth and prosperity, and many pilgrims. At the entrance stands the large torii gate, and behind it is the main shrine and other buildings, especially the “Senbon Torii”. ·The dense vermilion “Senbon Torii” is one of Kyoto’s representative landscapes. You can get there by subway and light rail! It rained lightly that day, but the rows of red torii gates were really beautiful. Zhang Ziyi’s memoirs of a geisha were also shot here~

Our time in Japan coincided with the opening of Rurikoin. Therefore, we decided to abandon other attractions and chose Rurikoin. The predecessor of Rurikoin was a villa built in the Meiji period, which was later changed into a temple. Because of the green moss in the courtyard and the colorful light and shadow in the courtyard, it was named “Rurikoin.” ·On ​​both sides of the road, there are more than 100 kinds of red-leaf trees, which are dazzling every fall; Ruri garden is covered with moss, showing another beauty of the Japanese garden. It is only open twice a year. The specific opening times can be found on the official website of Rurikoin:

There was already a long line when we arrived. When queuing to enter, there will be staff to help take pictures, so don’t care about the level of photography. When you buy the ticket, you will give a small bag with a scripture and a piece of paper in it. Find a corner on the second floor of the temple, copy the scriptures, write down your wishes, and hand them to a fixed place when you leave, where monks will help you pray.

Because we were going to Osaka at night, we went back to the hotel to pick up our luggage after we came out of Rurikoin.

Eating around the hotel can be regarded as an afternoon meal. It’s a small local restaurant in Kyoto. In Japan, ordinary restaurants are indeed very small, and the peak dining time is to queue at the door. The waiter will ask you to order food when you are in line, but what is amazing is that the waiter will not take notes on what you ordered, and the food served to you after you are seated is not bad. Facial blindness definitely cannot do this job. And the information transmission between them is so effective and accurate, I really have to admire them.

It takes about 30 minutes from Kyoto to Osaka, and there are many trains, which is a bit similar to the feeling of Suzhou and Hangzhou to Shanghai. So don’t worry too much. After getting on the train at Kyoto Station, we will head to Osaka, the last stop of our trip! I saw the famous detective Conan before, and I liked Heiji very much, so I had inexplicable expectations for Osaka. The subway in Osaka is not as complicated as Tokyo, with Google Dad’s guidance, so it’s not bad!

Day-5 Universal Studios Osaka is not to be missed!

We planned to go to Universal Studios Osaka early in the morning, so we chose to stay in a hotel near the studio. Osaka Seagull Hotel, this is also the biggest and cheapest hotel we stayed in Osaka, 800 for two nights. Universal Studios Osaka also needs to be prepared in advance! Sister Yue and I think that since we are here for only one day, we are as efficient as possible, so in addition to the tickets, we also bought express tickets, which can be done in advance on Taobao! Recommend a guide for specific projects:

We entered the park at 9 o’clock. We arrived at about 8 o’clock, and there was a long queue. What we are most looking forward to is the Harry Potter park. I learned that the Harry Potter park had to change the pass card to enter the park at a fixed time. But after entering the park, we went straight to the entrance of the Harry Potter park and found that the pass card is not required in the off-season, which means you can go as many times as you want. Because we wanted to see the castle light show at night, we decided to play other projects first and then go in the afternoon.

Exciting projects include Hollywood Dream and Flying Pterodactyl. The Flying Pterodactyl and Yue Jie gave up after taking a look below. This kind of stimulation is not something we can bear. The staff in the park are really super nice. When I sat on the Hollywood Dream, the staff started to persuade me. The staff saw that I was nervous and asked me where I came from to chat with me in English. When I came back, they gave me a high-five. Really Super touched!

I didn’t catch a cold at the beginning of the little yellow guy, so I went to play because I had a quick ticket. The result was really great. Let’s put it this way, Shanghai Disney’s flying over the horizon was directly dropped by the PK.

In addition, I recommend Spider-Man and Jurassic Park’s torrents. Finally, we have been waiting for Harry Potter! Let’s have a glass of Butterbeer. To be honest, I think it is a bit sweet, not as good as it is said on the Internet. Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey is really totally recommended! In the end, there is no time, otherwise I will really go to the second brush!

The light show at night is really beautiful~

Finally, sister Yue and reluctantly strolled around in the park, ending our global tour! The only regret is that all the items are in Japanese. I don’t understand it. The important thing is that every time I think of Japanese, I feel like a Japanese manga, and there are some dramas. In the future, you have the opportunity to go to the United States to enjoy the original plot!

Day-6 Shinsaibashi Shopping

Pure shopping itinerary on the last day! No strategy, go directly to Shinsaibashi. Big brands recommend going to Daimaru Department Store, where you can get a tax refund directly upstairs. Other cosmeceuticals Matsumoto cleared it up and were tax-free. If this one does not have one, switch to Matsumoto Kiyoshi. There are various local brands on the pedestrian street of Shinsaibashi. If you are interested, just go in and buy.

It’s really been a whole day of shopping. In addition to my own things, I also need to help others to buy things. Sister Yue and I are so tired that I don’t want to finish our meal. Finally found their home in 711, the two of them had two large boxes of oden, plus various snacks, and then lay on the hotel bed and enjoyed the last night in Japan.

Day-7 Return to Tokyo, return home!

At the beginning, I also said that we went to and from Tokyo. We took the Shinkansen back to Tokyo on the last morning, and then took the light rail directly to the airport. There is another opportunity to replenish goods at the airport, but the two of us are particularly calm at the moment, lying on our chairs waiting to board the plane. And I really miss the domestic food.

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