What do you want to see in Malaysia?

There are famous Kuala Lumpur twin towers, national mosque, Penang, rankawi, Malacca, Sabah, etc. Malaysia is known as the country of thousand islands. They are all beautiful islands, and the resorts on the island are also very good. Now Sabah is very hot and beautiful. The places shown in the following photos are free of tickets, which are very worthwhile to see and are also popular places for Chinese tourists.

1) The Dutch red house in Malacca is a must for tourists. Located on the banks of the Malacca River, the Dutch red house is the oldest Dutch building in Southeast Asia. It was originally the residence of the Dutch governor. Because the walls and wooden doors are red, the local people call it “red house”. The building materials were made of red bricks specially imported from Holland by the Dutch colonial government at that time.

Tourists from all over the world like to stop and take pictures in front of the red house monument in Holland.

“St. Paul’s Church” is the symbol of Malacca. It was built by Portuguese. It is built on a low mountain of Malacca fortress, facing the vast and charming Malacca Strait. The famous missionary St. Francis was buried here. There is a statue of father St. Francis in front of the church.

The site of St. Paul’s church.

The beautiful pink water Mosque on the lakeside of Prince city in Malaysia is world-famous. It is one of the largest mosques in Malaysia and can accommodate more than 10000 people to worship at the same time. Visitors can enter the church to visit, but the premise is to enter the church area must put on the red shirt of the mosque to enter. So in this square, all you see are red shirts.

The national religion of Malaysia is Islam, so the main government buildings are mostly in this Arabic style. The green dome behind the trees is Malaysia’s prime minister’s residence. Visitors can take photos in the square in front of the prime minister’s office.

Malaysia’s National Palace is the current king’s residence for office and rest. Many palace parties, banquets and celebrations are also held here. In addition, visitors can come here every day to watch the shift changing ceremony of the palace guards. The head of state of Malaysia changes every five years, so every five years, the host of the National Palace changes. It’s said to see if the king is at home and the national flag. Visitors can only overlook through the door, not enter.

The brass monument is built to commemorate the martyrs who died for their country. It is also one of the largest independent sculptures in the world. Designed by Wilton, a famous American sculptor, it was cast in Italy.

It is the place where Malaysia celebrates its national day every year. On August 31, 1957, the national flag of Malaysia was raised here for the first time, and Malaysia became independent from the British rule.

Kuala Lumpur Guoyou Shuangfeng tower is 452 meters high and 88 floors above the ground. It is the world’s tallest twin tower and the world’s fifth tallest building. The twin peaks tower and the neighboring Kuala Lumpur Tower are both famous landmarks and symbols of Kuala Lumpur. Everyone who comes to Kuala Lumpur must see this world-famous tower with their own eyes. When the light is on at night, it will be more brilliant.

Malaysia is located on the equator, hot all year round, so does Malaysia have a summer resort? Yes, that is the Yunding plateau at an altitude of 1800 meters. It is the largest Plateau Summer Resort in Southeast Asia. There are overlapping mountains, green trees, luxuriant flowers and plants, and fresh and pleasant air. Surrounded by clouds and fog, it is like Penglai Pavilion in a sea of clouds and mirage. When you come here, you should check your luggage at the bottom of the mountain and put on long sleeve clothes to keep out the cold. There is no air conditioning in the hotel at the top of the mountain. Taking the cable car to the top of the mountain is really a double day. The sweat on my body is turned into cold sweat by the wind. It’s still a little cold after wearing long sleeves.

The cable car drives out from the floor, takes the guests to the top of the mountain, and then gets off from the floor. It’s a wonderful design.

From the bottom of the mountain to Yunding plateau, you can take a bus or a cable car. The cable car will take you directly to the floor of the plateau, which is very convenient. As the cable car slowly rises, Malaysia’s unique exotic flowers and plants appear in front of us. Overlooking the tropical rainforest landscape at our feet, we can often see clouds and mist around the hillside, like entering a fairyland.

Malaysia is very warm and polite, so when you come to Malaysia, you must respect the elderly and pay attention to your manners when you visit the local family.

1) You must take off your shoes before entering any place of prayer, such as a church or temple.

2) If you want to take photos in the church or other places of religious prayer, you must obtain the permission of the administrator in advance.

3) Malays in Malaysia do not drink or eat pork, so they should respect the local customs.

4) Take sunscreen, umbrella and sunscreen.

5) Don’t make any noise in public.

6) Except for the casinos allowed by the state, gambling is forbidden everywhere in Malaysia. Please do as the Romans do and abide by the local laws.

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