Abandoned oil drilling platform transformed into diving center

Mabu Island, Sabah, Malaysia, is one of the world’s top snorkeling sites, with the reputation of “snorkeling paradise”. This small, goose egg shaped island is located on the edge of the continental shelf, surrounded by sand beaches. The ocean of Mabu island contains the most abundant organisms in the world. Most of the diving sites here are not deep, the water is calm, and the seabed is mostly Sandy. They are especially suitable for the training of ow diving certificate. In addition, they are very close to the world-class diving Holy Land “shibatan”. It takes only about 20 minutes to get the ow diving certificate to dive in shibatan. Therefore, there are a lot of water on Mabu island Several diving shops and resorts. Not far from Mabu Island, there is also the only diving center transformed from an oil drilling platform in the world. It is also a five-star shop certified by PADI. It is the ship building below in the photo. Our scuba diving course in Mabu Island started on this platform surrounded by deep sea. Its full name is shibadan platform extreme diving resort.

Shibatan island is a paradise in the eyes of diving enthusiasts, and also the top of the five cliff diving in the world. In view of the protection of marine ecology, there are no residents or hotels on shibatan island. To go diving, you need to have a license. Moreover, there is a daily limit of 120 people. Most of the tourists who have got the ow diving license in Mabu island are for diving in shibatan after they get the license.

Sipadan is suitable for diving all year round. From shallow to deep, you can see coral, sea anemone and sea wolf storm formed by thousands of sea fish. This underwater diving paradise is also a hotbed for green turtles and hawksbill turtles to inhabit and breed in groups. Divers can join a large-scale turtle queue at any time and enjoy the underwater world under their guidance. There will even be sharks swimming past you. Although they are not too big, and they will run away when they see humans turning around, they will not attack. However, for the divers who have “intimate” contact with sharks for the first time, they will inevitably be nervous and excited.

This is shipadan’s famous sea wolf storm. The “sea wolf” here actually refers to the Barracuda. They swim fast and often hunt other fish together. They are extremely fierce, but they usually do not take the initiative to attack humans. It’s very exciting to meet the spectacular sea wolf storm. It’s really exciting to imagine that you are swimming around them, even in the circle of their movement.

If you already have an ow diving license, you can go to Sipadan diving directly through the diving shop. If, like us, we are going to do research before diving in shibatan, we need to arrange at least five days and four nights. We are inexperienced. We arranged four days and three nights, which is only enough for three days. If we can’t dive for one day, we have to take a return flight. Therefore, we only got the ow, but we can’t go to shibatan. The above three photos are provided by our sister who is diving on the same platform. Thank you here.

For those who want to go to Mabu Island, there is a boat to take them to the platform every afternoon for free. They can go to the island and stroll in fishing villages and public beaches.

For residents, the diving platform itself is a unique landscape, and newcomers will take photos with it. For diving enthusiasts, the sea area where the platform is located is a free diving point. As long as there is a diving companion, you can dive unlimited times, even at night. Like diving friends, you can jump into the sea from the platform at any time, enjoy the stimulation.

We take a boat from the diving platform every day, and we can reach the practice diving point in Mabu island in less than five minutes, where we can train the most basic ow diving course.

If you look closer, the sea here is not too deep, the bottom is mostly sandy, and the visibility is also high, which is very suitable for diving courses.

At the beginning, there will be some intolerable conditions, such as psychological tension, ear pressure pain, etc. I once wanted to give up. Under the patient guidance of the potential guide, I finally mastered the most basic essentials.

At this diving point, there are several early sunken ships and motor tricycles on the bottom of the sea, and now they have become the homes of marine life.

The big turtles on the sunken ship are not afraid of people at all. They can be observed closely, but please don’t touch them.

Occasionally, there will be a school of fish passing by. Although it can’t compare with shipadan’s sea wolf storm, I’m very excited for my first contact with deep diving.

Useful information:

Reservation method: there are many reservation channels on diving platform, and the price of TB reservation will be more favorable.

Transportation mode: Mabu island belongs to xianbena. The nearest airport to xianbena is douhu. You can fly to sabayapi or Kuala Lumpur before connecting to douhu. Reservation platform accommodation, two or more people include Dou Hu airport to xianbena pier, pier to platform full water and land transfer. It’s about an hour and a half by car on the road and 45 minutes by boat on the sea.

Note: whether you are preparing to test for diving license, or friends who have already held diving license, you should always pay attention to safety when diving. After all, free diving is the second most dangerous extreme sport in the world. Of course, beginners are always accompanied by a submarine guide, you can rest assured. In addition, you can’t take a plane within 18 hours after diving, so you need to make reasonable arrangements.

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