Do you want to go to Malaysia, a holiday paradise rebuilt from the ruins of tin mines?

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, which was once rated as one of the top ten travel destinations in the world, is definitely one of the punch in places for tourists. It is not only the most important transportation hub in Southeast Asia, with air routes extending in all directions, but also an inclusive and diverse culture, rich food, high-end luxury shopping center and wonderful amusement facilities. It is like a kaleidoscope, which makes people want to go home.

In recent years, Kuala Lumpur tourism has been continuously upgraded and innovated, with new places and new ways of playing emerging one after another. When I went to Kuala Lumpur in the past, many people only went to landmark scenic spots such as “time honored” Cichang street and twin towers, but they knew little about Sunway city. Shuangwei resort city was invested and built by Malaysia’s Shuangwei group in 1990, covering an area of 324 hectares. It has become a famous tourist resort from the desolate tin mine ruins 30 years ago. It is a miracle in itself. My third trip to Kuala Lumpur is for the beautiful Shuangwei resort.

Superior location, convenient transportation

Shuangwei city is a large-scale comprehensive tourist resort integrating Hotel, catering, entertainment and shopping. At present, there are five-star Shuangwei luxury resort hotel, four-and-a-half star Shuangwei Pyramid Hotel, four-star Shuangwei Clay Hotel, Shuangwei water theme park, Shuangwei pyramid shopping center and hospital, exhibition and University, etc. in the resort city, no matter the scale or grade, there are many advantages and disadvantages Malaysia is second to none. Today, it is a must for tourists to Kuala Lumpur. It is also an excellent choice for business meetings and leisure holidays.

Shuangwei resort is located in a superior location with convenient transportation. It is only 25 minutes’ drive from the center of Kuala Lumpur and 35 minutes’ drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. After I got off the plane, I put on my tunetalk phone card (this is the largest and fastest growing mobile network operator in Malaysia. Its purpose is to provide people with ultra-low call rates and unexpected additional rewards. The network coverage is light and the network speed is very fast, which is worth recommending), and then I officially started this highly anticipated vacation trip in Shuangwei city.

Shops gather to enjoy shopping

The hotel is connected with Sunway Pyramid shopping center. The shopping mall covers an area of 400000 square meters and has more than 900 stores, including major stores, boutiques, specialty stores and various facilities… It’s only a few minutes’ walk from the hotel, where you can enjoy a super discount shopping experience, and easily realize shopping, shopping and eating.

[Royal Selangor] Kuala Lumpur’s tin mines are very developed, and its tin ware is even more famous. Among many tin Ware brands, Royal Selangor represents the top tin ware boutique. This tin ware brand with a history of more than 130 years not only produces daily necessities, but also more products have become fashionable artworks with exquisite design, which are widely loved by people of different ages.

Bonia, a leather product brand founded in 1974, is a leader in the production and retail industry. It has many sales channels in many countries and more than 350 counters and stores in major department stores. It is mainly engaged in the design, production and retail of young and fashionable handbags, silver bags, leather goods, shoes, men’s and women’s wear, watches, accessories, etc. Bonia brand is in the leading position of fashion in the market, making every product with the most exquisite handicraft, making it an art. Uninhibited, simple, self, is the theme of Bonia.

It is particularly worth mentioning that this is the first shopping mall in Malaysia that combines a large-scale skating rink. Adults, children and three to five confidants skate here to spend winter in midsummer. It is absolutely the best choice for Kuala Lumpur to cool off and enjoy leisure sports in hot summer. In addition, Sunway Pyramid shopping center also launched the Sunway pals customer loyalty program, which not only provides member privileges, but also provides long-term exclusive discounts. Members of Sunway pals can get special rewards and discounts from more than 1000 participating stores.

Water park, play a lot

Sunway lagoon, a water park with the theme of “primeval forest”, makes people feel as if they have come to an adventure country, full of challenges and surprises. Walking in the park, the fresh oxygen released by the green jungle makes the urban people trapped by urban dust and haze get a kind of “salvation” and call back a childlike innocence that has not been seen for a long time. Weishui theme park is reconstructed from the abandoned tin mine and is known as “the world of adults’ worries and children’s fairy tale world”. There are six theme parks in the park: Water Park, amusement park, wildlife park, extreme Park, thrill Park and Nick lost park. There are more than 90 fun projects, which make you feel relaxed and passionate!

There is no doubt that Shuangwei water theme park is the most fun and diversified theme park in Southeast Asia. In the long summer, it has attracted tourists from all over the world, created endless joy and surprise, and also reaped countless screams. The park has set records for a number of amusement facilities, such as the world’s largest water slide, the world’s largest man-made beach of 13000 square meters, the 5D water multi-dimensional special effects cinema, which brings visitors the ultimate dynamic viewing experience, and the first surf simulator in Malaysia.

The latest creative masterpiece of Shuangwei theme park, a brand new theme park hidden in 10 acres of dense tropical rain forest, green grassland and stone mountain, is called Nickelodeon lost Lagoon, the most popular cartoon characters in the American Nick children’s channel, which is popular all over the world, is in a poetic rainforest with local characteristics. It’s a wild adventure that can’t be missed by cute kids!

As the first Nickelodeon theme park in Asia, there are cartoon characters of Nickelodeon every day: SpongeBob, Dora and Ninja tortoise, all of which are children’s favorite.

There are 14 new amusement projects in the park, which can absolutely meet the different stimulating needs of players of all ages, including: splash splash, primeval, Jungle Fury, monsoon 360, kubarango, etc. in addition, for the frequent visitors of the theme park, the daily “sticky slurry flood” stage of SpongeBob adventure is also the most exciting moment for tourists.  

In the hot summer, the water park is absolutely the best summer resort. Wearing bikini beach pants and diving into the cool swimming pool is like finding an oasis in the desert. Here, you can choose to surf in the endless waves, or lie on the beach and enjoy the sunshine freely. There is also a water slide, vuvuzela, which is absolutely not to be missed. It has also set the largest and highest record in Asia.

If you think you are brave and have the courage to take risks, you may as well plunge into the turbulent waters to fight with the rapids, and finally fall into the rotary trumpet and be washed to the bottom. Or you can climb up African pythons, slide in the closed pipe inside the barrel, scream all the way until you fall into the pool at the bottom. In addition, there are more than 40 characteristic challenge projects in the water park, such as Congo challenge.

Once you have tasted the wet pleasure in the water park, immediately put in another completely different stimulation to guarantee that the remaining water on your body will evaporate rapidly. This is a challenge mobile paradise with countless screams, and an adventure world for the brave. The colorful theme playground in children’s candy Park absolutely makes children ecstatic. Young people and adults can choose to enjoy the whirling fun in Apache pots or experience the endless excitement of the whirlpool with their families in the Grand Canyon.

Pirate’s revenge is a key project that can’t be missed in the challenge manoeuvring park. This 360 degree revolving sailing pirate ship has a straight-line stimulation. In addition, there is a 428 meter long suspension bridge across the lake, which is the longest pedestrian bridge in Malaysia. Walking on it, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the lake. It is also one of the favorite places for thousands of wanghong to take photos.

In such a fun theme park, how can there be less cute animals. Wildlife park is also an important member of Shuangwei theme park. In this first fully interactive animal education theme park in Malaysia, visitors can have close contact and interaction with more than 150 exotic animals from all over the world.

Unlike most other zoos where you can only see animals in cages from a distance, you can really get in close contact with animals, including sun bears, leopards, gliders, civets, gibbons, marmosets, otters, prairie marmots, eagles, rhinoceros, peacocks, pythons and other rare animals. This will definitely be a wonderful learning experience for children .

Because the wildlife park will provide children with educational and interesting information in the way of “education in fun”, so that they can better understand the animals and their characteristics.

Kuala Lumpur attractions recommendation

Kuala Lumpur is rich in tourism resources, including the world-famous twin towers, the green independent square, the leisurely Central Art Square and the prosperous Wuji miandeng road There are also Chinatown, Hindu black wind tunnel and various mosques and churches. Of course, the special food there will make you ecstatic. Hainan chicken rice, meat bone tea, and all kinds of cheap fruits are the reasons why you fall in love with Kuala Lumpur.

[Twin Towers] this is a landmark of Kuala Lumpur City and a travel sign of Malaysia. It is located in the northwest corner of KLCC planning area, Zhongshi City, Kuala Lumpur City. The building is 452 meters high and has 88 floors on the ground. It is designed by American architect Sisa Perry and is the geometric shape of traditional Islamic architecture. At night, the twin towers under the bright lights are fashionable and magnificent, just like two giant “alien objects” standing in the city of Kuala Lumpur, becoming the most dazzling “protagonists” in the city.

[Independence Square] this is a famous landmark with deep historical and cultural background in Malaysia. It is located in front of the Sultan adushamah building in Kuala Lumpur. At midnight on August 30, 1957, the British flag was lowered here and the Malaysian flag was raised for the first time. At the south end of the square is a 95 meter high flagpole, one of the tallest flagpoles in the world. Every year, the National Day Tour of Malaysia is held here on August 31 to commemorate the glorious moment of the founding of Malaysia.

[Central Art Gallery] located in the core of Kuala Lumpur, it is a landmark building integrating Malaysian culture and history. It is a one-stop Center for Malaysian arts, handicrafts and cultural heritage. It is one of the tourist attractions that tourists and Malaysian art lovers can not miss. It brings together more than 300 shops with traditional cultural characteristics from various Malaysian States, from handicrafts, souvenirs, antiques, home furnishings to traditional costumes, Badi, etc., providing visitors with unique shopping experience.  

[Cichang Street] is located in the center of the earliest Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur, which retains a strong traditional style. Even if you just stroll in the street, you can feel the local conditions and customs, noise and vitality here. There are all kinds of delicacies hidden here. The restaurants or food stalls handed down from generation to generation guarantee that the food can be enjoyed. You can buy cheap and high-quality goods here, and taste delicious and authentic Chinese food. If you want to understand the local culture, you must go to Cichang street!  

[City Gallery] this is one of the best tourist attractions to learn more about the history of Kuala Lumpur. It has a photographic record called “old Kuala Lumpur”, as well as scale models of independent square, spectacular city models and various exquisite works of art. It is rich in profound historical and artistic culture, which is very suitable for tourists who love history and art. This one century old building has attracted many tourists to take photos and clock in.

[gatewayklia2] this is a shopping mall where you can fly. It straddles the entrance and exit of Malaysia’s klia2 airport. It is an international aviation mall with an estimated 25 million passengers and unlimited potential. It has 35000 square feet of rentable space, more than eight floors, a multi-storey car park and a new aviation mall concept. You can easily get there by taking public buses, taxis, renting cars and trains.

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