Snow mirage – Nepal

To myself many years later

One day, will be old to forget all, or hope to leave little traces of life, even though the years merciless.

The memory of snow mountain

One day’s flight from Macau to Kuala Lumpur and then to Canada

On January 18, 2020, the second day of winter vacation, he left for Nepal. After going through the customs in Macao, the ADB flew to Kuala Lumpur and then to Kathmandu. There was no coronavirus prevention and control measures at the airport during the whole journey. The air luggage weight of the transfer flight of ADB is demanding. We didn’t consider it carefully when booking the ticket half a year ago. Fortunately, we didn’t adapt to the late night transfer. Half a year ago, a month after my trip to Egypt, I decided to come to Nepal. For the first time, I set foot in this land that I had heard about for a long time. Some of my friends have come to Nepal three times. I am so grateful to my colleagues that when my friends ask me for strategies, I always say that it is better to go with a person who has been there many times than to watch many strategies. Macao departs on time at 8:00 Chinese time and arrives at T2 of Kuala Lumpur ADB airport at about 12:00 at night. Free night buses between airports can transfer from T2 to T1. In the airport commercial street, a bowl of hot Ipoh style chicken soup and rice noodles can clear away the short-term fatigue and happiness. A journey out of the comfort zone has begun unconsciously.

The second day of the trip, Duba square, Kathmandu

At 8:00 a.m. local time, we landed at tribuhufan airport. Due to the 7 kg luggage restriction of the Asian Development Bank and the preparation plan for hiking in annaburna mountains, a little woman wearing children’s size walking shoes, carrying a 7 kg backpack, began to set foot on the land and prepare for the old clothes discarded on the last day of the journey. In other words, she did not prepare more professional clothes except two climbing sticks It’s self-evident that we have to bear hardships because of our mountain climbing clothes. Although the clothes are old, there is no sense of embarrassment here because of the old clothes. In Nepal, people can’t help but relax, relax again and don’t worry. The front desk boy of gunuang hotel often laughs and says, relax, relax

Gaduduba square in black and white

Duba square was once the site of an isolated royal palace and the residence of goddess gadukumari. The ancient streets are full of immortal civilization that has been precipitated in the market since the era of pritvee Narayan Shah. Duba square is also healing the heavy wounds caused by the earthquake in 2015. Some of the buildings in the 18th and 19th centuries or even older have been damaged to varying degrees, some of them are intact. The wisdom and persistence of the ancients are reflected in the works of art about eternity, which are always beyond our modern expectation. After a thousand years, will the modern people pursuing efficiency be just a period of cultural desolation without leaving any trace? Of course, I have no basis for such an assertion. I’m just a little person, conjecturing and asserting. I really did not make any achievements, but I watched and speculated. After dissecting myself, I didn’t want to make any connection between my shame and the surrounding reality, so I remembered the story of stealing bells from my ears.

It is said that the hotel level in Nepal has greatly improved than before. However, there are still problems such as lack of hot water and slow network speed. Friends who come to play in winter must make sure of hot water before taking a bath.

On this day, after staying in the hotel, I came from a warm place, and my body still kept the warmth of a hot place. Coupled with the tiredness of the whole night, I couldn’t help taking a warm bath first. About 12:00 at noon, walking along the outside of the hotel, I met a local restaurant. I ordered milkshakes, fried noodles and the local traditional food Dal bhat, which was unexpectedly delicious. Before I went, I thought it would take me longer to adapt to the Ni food. In the next few days, it was proved that the diet of Nepal was better than that of many less developed countries, such as Egypt, Myanmar After all, Jiadu restaurant has rich choices and strong sense of taste hierarchy.

Half an hour away from the hotel, we went through the chaotic process of modernization from a small town to the old medieval city of Architecture – Duba square. The small shop with short eyebrows, all kinds of exquisite peacock door wood carvings, crisscross wires, head surging, floor cement brick, wooden, modern, ancient, shuttle and walk, as if into a dreamland, sometimes sober, sometimes addicted. The streets, the sound of carriages, the sound of motor vehicle horns, the sound of selling vegetables, the sound of overlapping.

Two of the pavilions were destroyed by the earthquake in 2015. The Chinese government assisted in the restoration of the pavilions. The tickets are now 1000 NIS. A lot of digitally encoded bricks and tiles are piled up waiting for splicing. It reminds me of the introduction of cultural relic restoration in a program I watched some time ago, the Palace Museum. I can’t help but be proud of the dedication and wisdom of the Chinese people in international cultural relic restoration.

On the second day of arriving in Nepal, I strolled in the Duba square by mistake. The wood carvings in the house were exquisite and exquisite. A group of Nepalese believers from all over the country were waiting and waiting. They put their hands together. The believers and staff stared at US tourists and told us not to take photos. A few minutes later, I was lucky to see them “Living goddess” appeared in the attic window for more than ten seconds. It is said that the goddess does not show her face every day, and only stays for a few minutes at most when she comes out to be loved by the believers. This is also the first time that little a has seen her for several times. The present goddess is a little girl who doesn’t know anything about human affairs. The “living goddess” must come from a certain Sakyamuni family, and the ancestors must live on the banks of the two holy rivers in Kathmandu, the bagmati River and the vishnuti river. According to the regulations, the candidate girl must be very healthy, never sick, bleeding, without any spots on her body, not missing a tooth. Only girls with 32 characteristics at the same time can enter the final candidate competition. For example, the neck is as bright as a shell, the body is as tall and straight as a bodhi tree, the eyes and hair must be bright black, and the hands and feet must be slender and beautiful. At the same time, if you want to be a living goddess, you must have the talent of calmness and fearlessness beyond ordinary people. You must spend the night in the same room with the sheep’s head and buffalo’s head for sacrifice to prove that you are not afraid of the dark. The selection committee has to pass a series of strict tests to select the goddess. The selected age of living goddess is 3-5 years old. Once selected, she has to leave her original life and the life track of normal people. During her tenure, she lives in Kumari temple. Kumari usually walks in a sedan chair, and her feet can’t touch the ground during her tenure. On weekdays, the living goddess is closed. On some festivals, she goes out on a tour to receive the worship of the people all over the country. At ordinary times, some believers come to pray. In addition to assisting her maid, she does not see outsiders or even relatives. By puberty, when the body bleeds, the “living goddess” will be considered unclean and retired. After retirement, she has to re integrate into her daily life. By guessing, her mortal life after retirement is bound to be full of bumps. After all, the goddess has never received any school education, family education or social education that a normal girl should have. From birth to adulthood, her life experience is the same as that of white paper, except for receiving pilgrimage. Although the goddess is beautiful and outstanding, it is difficult to attract Nepalese men to spend their lives with her after retirement, because they believe that marrying the goddess will bring bad luck. For the goddess, this is a glorious and lonely life. Looking at the goddess, I am full of sympathy for the life that this little girl who is not familiar with the world can not choose.

Today’s Jiadu, a variety of vegetables and fruits, especially pomegranate, red color, is a rare natural color of urban life, is the unique temptation of mature fruit. Everything is so noisy and disordered, but we are reluctant to speed up the pace. This is a slow walk full of curiosity of tourists, and it is also the charm that makes people unable to look away.

The old city of Kathmandu is a grand open-air Architecture Museum composed of medieval temples, pagodas and pavilions. The 13th and 14th centuries are really a glorious past. Looking back on history, both the East and the West are in this period, and human art and architectural belief has reached unprecedented brilliance. If I can travel through it, I am willing to return to that glorious time of human beings unconditionally and have a time travel.

We don’t pay attention to us outside our personality. It’s as if you come and join us, and no one will force us to leave. We are not hosts, nor guests, or passers-by? In retrospect, I don’t think so.

On the third day of the trip, Monkey Temple, bodna, paspatina

Get up at 8:00 local time in the morning, the host yells, want hot tea or coffee, drink hot tea, fix a picture, send a circle, wait for more than half an hour, then, breakfast has not come up. Invisible, eat less dinner. After breakfast, it was 11 o’clock. We started from the hotel, walked across the bridge, and passed the Bagmati river. It was very dirty. On the bridge, we took a group photo.

All the way along the monkey haunt, first came to the Monkey Temple, that is, swayanblat temple. At the entrance, monkeys yelled, wild dogs were lying lazily, believers turned their hands, and a big tree seemed to have stood for thousands of years. After staying at the foot of the mountain for a long time, the pigeons, the flipping prayer flags, the jumping monkeys, and the shaking warp drum seemed to be still, and it seemed that they never stopped. Watching the monkeys fighting, I didn’t want to move for a long time.

It takes about 20 minutes to climb to the top of the mountain. Along the way, there are towering ancient trees. The unique Buddha Eye patterns of Nepal are everywhere. On the top is the big Buddha pagoda often seen in postcards of Nepal, which belongs to the world cultural heritage.

On the top of the mountain in January, the sun is warm, and people pray peacefully. In the distance, there are snow mountains, and Jiadu is located in the valley. Time is still.

Take a taxi down the mountain to paspatina temple. It’s about 4 pm. Paspatina temple is the most sacred body burning place in the eyes of Nepalese. The body burning platform on the river bagmati is the final destination for Nepalese of different levels.

It’s dark when you come out from paspatna and go to bodna temple. After dark, it’s said that it’s the best time to meet Tibetan believers in bodna. Three world-class material and cultural heritages a day are full, but the mobile phone is overloaded and has no power.

The temple of swayanblat

In the Monkey Temple, which is 3km away from the city center of Canada, there are monkeys, prayer flags, pigeons, and turning cones. There is still in motion, and there is no clear boundary. About 2500 years ago, it belongs to the world cultural heritage. The tower base is like a monk bowl with a white hemisphere. The tower is about three stories high. The circle on the first floor symbolizes “Earth”; the second floor is square, symbolizing “Qi”; the third floor is triangle, symbolizing “water”; the fourth floor is umbrella shaped, symbolizing “fire”; the spiral image on the fifth floor symbolizes “life”. The tower has a square seat and a sharp top. The tower is surrounded by a pair of Nepalese eyes. The pyramid is 13 layers of gold-plated rings, representing 13 levels and knowledge, which is the way to nirvana. There is a huge gem embedded in the top of the canopy, representing nirvana. Standing on the Suwa Yangbu temple, you can overlook the Himalayan snow mountains and kaddu. It has a vast land. No matter who is floating or sinking, you can enjoy the taste of Zen. Now I think it’s just because of the cognitive limitations of little people. The words that seem to be carefully selected are still rough. Ah, I don’t know how to express them.

The body of the pagoda is conical, representing the ground. The base is square, representing Qi. The sharp body on the top represents fire. On the four sides of the base of the pagoda is painted a pattern called “eyes of wisdom”, symbolizing the ability to see everything in the world. As the holy land of Buddhism and Hinduism, it attracts tourists all over the world.

Swayanblatt’s dove

Monkey Temple integrates Buddhism, Hinduism, tolerance and communication, teaching all living beings equality and harmony between human and animals. It is said that the owner of the shop is the descendant of Sakyamuni, who has been guarding the White Pagoda ever since. Pigeons stop occasionally, and they can’t tell what’s going on and what’s going on. The Nepalese old lady, who is quietly basking in the sun, and the devout believers who are shaking the scripture drum by hand are a unique cultural spectacle.

Swayanblatt’s monkey

On the road about 1km away from the Monkey Temple, I met a monkey family of three who stole steamed buns from the bakery. They ran away in a hurry and climbed up the stone ladder from the foot of the mountain. We could see three or five groups of monkeys leisurely looking for food, jumping, sitting upright, catching lice, fighting It is said that the Bodhisattva shaved three thousand threads of worry here, and the lice on his head turned into monkeys. Therefore, the monkeys here are regarded as “holy monkeys”. It is said that the monkey is the embodiment of Hanuman Monkeys or primates, according to the theory of biological evolution, come from the same origin as humans. We always have a set of theories to recognize things in this world. What about nature itself? Maybe they don’t agree with us.

On the third day of the trip, Bodman temple, Tibetan Buddhist pagoda

Eight kilometers away from Canada metropolitan area, it is known as the largest circular Pagoda in the world. Of course, I remember right. Rangoon Pagoda in Myanmar also said that it is the largest, but it is certain that this pagoda is also one of Nepal’s eight world heritage sites. Bodna pagoda has beautiful shape, simple lines and perfect proportion of structural lines. It is a rare example in the world. This is the place where Tibetans pray every day. There are countless large and small prayer cones, and there are an endless stream of Tibetans. This is what LP says about the bodha temple. I’m afraid we can’t find another place like bodna. There is the largest Buddhist pagoda in Asia. It’s full of vitality. Thousands of believers gather here every day. Under the gaze of the eyes of the golden Pagoda in the middle, they turn around the huge circular pagoda. This is one of the few places in the world that can have zero distance contact with Tibetan Buddhism It’s one of the best places to be.

Historically, this pagoda was an important supply station on the ancient commercial road of Lhasa and Jiadu in China. Before driving yaks across many high mountain passes in the Himalayas, Tibetan businessmen would come here to pray for a safe journey for the gods. It was also the settlement of the Tamang people and the Sherpa people, and the descendant base of the eastern Tibetan people in the Qomolangma Region who immigrated here in the 16th century. Now, we are about to open the Nepalese Ring Road, a sense of history, because the full arc architecture depicted by the ancients came from ancient times like an echo, but, we can’t hear it, it’s just a superficial feeling of punch in.

On the third day of the trip, the temple of paspatina, commonly known as the temple of burning corpses

The tour may not last more than an hour. However, we sat on the high platform on the other side of the river and watched a farewell ceremony before the cremation of Nepalese bodies with local young people, children and foreign tourists. We didn’t know it was dark.

It is 5km away from the city center of Canada. It is located by the Bagmati river. It is the largest and most sacred crematorium. It is also the place where people pray for a good spouse, childbirth, recovery and peace, and ascend to heaven after death. Every year on festivals, many believers come here to take a bath. Although it’s filthy, it means to wash away all the sins of the past year. There must be some pollution. What we can see is that pilgrims from all over the world are happy, until we see a true report about the same faith in the circle of friends. Although it’s about Varanasi in India, the Bagmati river is the Varanasi in the eyes of Nepalese. The brief description is as follows: a high caste priest with doctor of water conservancy returned to Varanasi to preside over Ganges Night sacrifice, well aware of the pollution of the Ganges River, painstakingly advised the people that sacrifice has nothing to do with bathing, and never drink the Ganges River again. The people cried and answered, “Your Highness, please, please don’t say that. Who will despise the dirty mother?”

“Pass” means “all beings” and “Patti” means “Lord”. Built in the 5th century A.D., it is dedicated to Shiva, the God of destruction. As one of the most sacred Hindu holy places in the world, non Hindus are not allowed to visit the temple. Over the past 1500 years, there has been an endless stream of believers coming to the temple of paspatina to worship.

The ascetic monks store their beards and hair. They are unkempt and unkempt. They expose their skin to the evil natural environment. Their whole body is covered with ashes. They live on alms. It is said that ascetic monks can endure severe pain, such as fasting, lying on a bed full of nails, walking on hot charcoal, drinking urine and eating excrement and other unreasonable things. The more sufferings you suffer in this life, the more sins you can redeem. Through smoking marijuana, anesthesia spirit to communicate with the gods, not for this life, repair afterlife.

However, now we can’t see through the true and false asceticism. After all, we are mortals.

There are a number of stone platforms, located in the upper reaches of the royal or noble dedicated, located in the lower reaches of the crematorium is the common people. In our opinion, there is no difference in the final destination between the nobles and the common people. The cremation ceremony of Nepalese is simple. It is said that before the cremation, the eldest son of the deceased shaves his head on the river and goes into the river to clean himself. After a simple ceremony, the deceased is wrapped in white cloth, put on a platform close to the river, and burned on a shelf made of four logs. Three hours later, the ashes are pushed into the river and die with the water, finally flowing into the Ganges River. Most of the tourists stand on the bridge or sit on the other side to watch, the whole process is quiet and solemn.

In Nepal, death is symbolized by orange flowers, red Tika and golden satin. In order to achieve reincarnation, death is surrounded by Sanskrit, left in the blessing of relatives, Nirvana in the raging fire, and guilt in the holy river.

Hinduism believes that the soul can get rid of the body by burning the body and sprinkling ashes into the river after death, and the soul can get rid of the body by drifting to another world with the wisp of smoke.

All living beings in the material world are subject to the control of time, so they must suffer from the samsara of life and death: “death is just the prelude to rebirth.” ——From Upanishads

The fourth day of the trip: the old city of Patan

After breakfast, we took a taxi to the ancient palace. Now it’s a museum. As for the palace, the Royal tragedy that shocked the world happened in 2001, but Baidu, we saw the scene of the murder. On display in the palace, all kinds of rhinoceros, tigers, leopards, wolves, crocodiles, antlers It’s a cold and strange specimen. It takes about half a day to visit. Some walls are hung with paintings of royal family members, marking their time of life and death. Most of them are short-lived and can’t stand sighing about life. After lunch, we left in a hurry for Patan, a small town near Kado.

Patan used to be a highly independent city-state, but now it is almost the suburb of katu, separated by the turbid Bagmati river. The Duba square in the old city of Patan is famous for its exquisite wooden structure. LP recommends that we can spend a night here, but we don’t have it.

On the fourth day, sleep until you wake up naturally. After breakfast, book a ticket to chitewang the next day and punch in Patan and Laowang palace. Patan is probably my favorite of the three major Duba squares in CADU. The symmetrical structure is delicate and clean, as if time would stay in the Middle Ages forever.

Chitwan on day 5

Qiqiwang is an animal world and a good family holiday resort for parents and children.

Day 6: qiqiwang Wildlife Park

Revere nature. The river is clear, with a village on one side and a vast wildlife reserve on the other. The river is clear, with vast wetlands and no pollution. There are crocodiles living in the river. Local people study the habits of crocodiles. On the small island near the village in the river, there are people shuttling, but almost three crocodiles come ashore every day. It seems that they have reached a consensus with human beings and brought us a lot of fun. A lake about 30 kilometers from the hinterland of the protected area is inhabited by many creatures, especially crocodiles. Tigers are afraid of rhinoceros, rhinoceros are afraid of elephants, elephants help people All things should be equal and in awe.

We signed up for a one-day tour, including half day canoe and forest hiking, half day 4-hour jeep and safari forest. When you see a fierce rhinoceros, a beautiful peacock, a healthy runner, a deer, and a crocodile who just got up at noon, you can distinguish the footprints of rhinoceros, elephants, tigers, bears, and birds that can swim and dive, just like ducks Big birds in pairs.

Day 7 departure for bocala

The 7:00 a.m. bus, with a ticket of NT $700, departs from qiqiwang to bocala and arrives at the destination around 1:00 p.m. I took a taxi from the old city station to Pokhara tourist center. I spent the seventh day in tiredness. Maybe it was someone’s exaggerated description of Pokhara. When I arrived at the destination, I didn’t expect anything beautiful.

Bocala seems to have become a city of one side, tourist distribution center, coffee shop, national flavor hotel, souvenir, tourism project shop, etc., get rid of all the predicamental embarrassment that backward conditions bring inconvenience to tourists. Compared with the time when my friends came here ten years ago, modernization is also rapidly promoting the development of the city, so that nowadays, it is difficult to rent motorcycles at preferential prices. At the same time, tourists driving motorcycles have to face the interception and fines of traffic police.

After arriving at Pokhara tourist home in Pokhara, after a brief understanding, the hotel has just opened for half a year, with brand-new rooms, 24-hour hot water and clean sanitation. The boss is in urgent need of high marks The boss is very helpful. In the later communication process, he found that the boss is a rare successful person from the bottom of bocala. Through his upward efforts, he finally got a career that belongs to himself and provides a better life for his family.

After staying in the hotel, we walked along the commercial street and around Lake Fava. It was light rain, cloudy and a little cold on that day. There were colorful boats on the surface of the lake, and the branches on the bank were flying. It was a bit of the beauty of the West Lake. In a corner of the lake, several young people built altars to burn incense for the gods, a Hindu ritual to attract people to watch.

The distance is foggy and the snow mountain is covered by clouds. Before I came here, I knew that bocala’s best way of life was to drink tea, bask in the sun and watch the snow mountain in a daze. Now, the imagination of Lake Fava only stays on postcards. It’s about the lake green, boating among them, or overlooking the snow mountain, but not as comfortable as a warm sun, leisurely home.

Dust, heavy smoke, can not hear the sound of nature, far from the city, the most should be on foot, immediately forgot a set of 7 kg less than winter, summer, autumn and winter incomplete equipment, but boldly determined to climb.

Day 8 bocala

Gadu went to qiqiwang. He got up early one day to walk in the forest. On the third day, he set out to catch up with bocala. The schedule was very tense. So on the second day in bocala, we got up very late. At noon, we walked around the commercial street. On the other side of Lake Fava, there were some bison, a park, a Hindu temple about youni and Linga.

This day is wandering in a relaxed and comfortable manner, while make complaints about the epidemic situation, enjoying the sunshine after coming to Pokhara. The wild dogs on the roadside are calm, the sacred cow urinates everywhere, and the tour bus reminds me that I am in other countries.

Indulge in the dull state of strange environment, no comfort zone, of course, there is no imagination and speculation, there is no sense of order around, but I have once again fallen into irresistible boredom.

Perhaps this is the taste of travel. Everyone who has been on the road may inevitably find this chronic drug addiction when they return to the comfort zone and wake up at night in the city. Unforgettable experience in retrospect, like a smoker encounter a hundred years of rare good smoke, it is a long time can not calm the temptation.

Wandering through the streets, we came to the Emei hotel where bocala stayed. My uncle was a retired soldier in the 1960s. He was in charge of the water conservancy construction in Nepal. Later, he stayed in Nepal and married a local. According to him, he has a good memory, is proficient in more than 20 languages, runs hotels and restaurants, and has a good life.

After a simple comparison with the tourist business shop outside, I decided to ask the owner of the hotel to recommend the guide for carrying my husband, which is 1170 NT dollars a day, equivalent to about 100 RMB yuan, to solve the food and accommodation on his own. Later, it was proved that the guide Tom was reliable and experienced in crossing the snow line. He was nearly 50 years old, but he was not old at all. He got along with each other all the way. We can see that he really liked the forest, the biology and the snow mountain Love the job of Mountain Hiking Guide. Unfortunately, he and the owner of the hotel are classmates in junior high school. The owner of the hotel has already changed his embarrassed life. When he mentions his daughter, it is inevitable that he has some worries about being a father and a sense of debt.

Day nine birethanti to ulleri

On this day, we take a taxi from bocala B & B at 9:00, about 2500 Ni, about an hour’s drive to birethanti, enter the entrance of the ring road, and start climbing. Actually, you can also take public transport, but it takes four hours according to LP records.

It’s not fast. It’s about 3 p.m. to arrive at ulleri on this day. When you arrive at ulleri, you can check in the hotel. You can see the tip of the iceberg on one side of the cliff and one side of the road. Compared with bocala, the weather seems to fall into the ice cellar. However, this is actually the warmest day of the whole journey. At night, I stayed in a small hotel about 1900 meters above sea level. I washed away the mud that was sticky to my trousers when climbing mountains in the daytime. In the open space on one side of the cliff, I had a pot of hot masala. In the distant mountains, a corner of the snow mountain was temporarily exposed, and a warm current came up. When I saw the snow mountain for the first time, I didn’t say yes.

Day 10 ulleri to ghorepani

We started at 8:30 the next day. We walked very fast and almost left our guide behind. It turned out that we were too conceited. We should avoid strenuous exercise in the early stage of mountain walking and give our body enough time to buffer altitude reaction. In the next two days, we were all paying for the complacency of the previous two days. Due to the elevation, we had different degrees of insomnia and hyperactivity.

On this day, we climb all the way from wearing short sleeves to down, and we can’t satisfy the warmth. The thick snow on Boone mountain is my first close contact with snow. I’m very excited. Like many children playing with snow for the first time, I’ve also tasted several soft, clean and flawless snowballs from the newly fallen mountains. The guide saw that we were so happy and had a great sense of accomplishment. This is a very rare sense of professionalism, service each other, each other happy, so I feel satisfied.

However, after walking for a few days in the snow, it is estimated that the fate of the ice and snow in this life has been made up. That afternoon, people were busy warming up and playing cards. We didn’t stop climbing because it was cloudy outside. It took us about 2.5 hours to get to the hotel from the top of Boone. To my surprise, it was only a few hundred meters, but the sky was different. When we thought it was cloudy, we climbed to the top of the mountain, but the sun was shining. Some mountain sections were windy, but some were quiet with snow. Finally, we climbed Boone mountain and saw the six snow capped mountains for the first time. We were not excited in our imagination.

Day 11

Ghorepani to tadapani

The night before yesterday, from 3200 meters above sea level in Boone mountain to 2500 meters above sea level in the hotel, the only activity in the long night was the “conference of six” around the oven, France, Germany, the United States, Belgium, Russia and China. This is also the first time in my life that I have experienced snow. It’s not as cold as I imagined.

Originally, I should keep low intensity exercise, including low voice communication, at high altitude. However, I didn’t notice that I was high. The whole evening until around 3 am, I and someone into a deep insomnia confrontation.

On this day, starting from the hotel, the German, American and Russian partners of the same hotel went to Boone mountain early in the dark to watch the sunrise, while we didn’t show up in the living room for breakfast until 8 o’clock. Starting for tadapani, if I knew that there was a cold snowstorm of about 3000 meters all the way, I would not sleep well the night before, I would not make efforts to quarrel with the evil woman in the teahouse who asked for 100 NT dollars for the Internet fee without reason, and I could not enjoy any traffic, and I would not take photos at the beginning of the snow.

It was a very hard day. At the beginning, a group of people set out and walked, only the three of us were left. The pace of the guide became bigger and faster with the blizzard. I can’t keep up with the higher altitude. Every few steps I take, my heart beats faster and I’m not panting. The lactic acid accumulation in my legs during the mountaineering two days ago makes my thighs feel helpless. It was very difficult to lift one’s legs again. The snow was getting bigger and bigger, a little farther away from the guide. The guide’s big footprints were covered by the newly fallen snow, and even the footprints could not be found. On one side, there was a cliff. I was afraid that I would step on it and slide down. I suddenly regretted that I should not be here. About 100 meters and 10 minutes from the top of the mountain, I asked the guide how long it would take. The guide lied to me that I had to walk for two hours. I broke down and cried. I felt like I was going to die here because I couldn’t lift my legs.

Fortunately, after crying, an empty cattle shed and sheep shed appeared on the top of the mountain. We took a break for a while, waiting for the Blizzard to stop. I asked the guide how long it would take. However, I couldn’t grasp the 80% Nepalese language and 20% English language of the guide. I only knew that the guide gave me a 100% guarantee that no matter how heavy the snow was, I would not die here, because no one had fallen down along the way.

The guide is a non-smoking man. He thinks of a fire to keep warm. However, he is surprised that there is wood but no fire. A is afraid that the snow is too heavy and blocks the exit of the house. The road signs all the way are almost submerged. It’s going to be dark again. The snow poured into his feet makes the soles of his feet very cold, so we have to rush to the tea house. Fortunately, it was about 40 minutes down the mountain road. Along the way, the snow on both sides of the road seemed to be as high as I was. I even went a long way like a slide. My coat, trousers and inner garment were all filled with snow. I think the snow that I haven’t seen in my life has been mended completely on this day.

Staying in a tin room near dobato at night is very shabby. The wind outside at night poured into the room like ice water and flowed into the quilt. The quilt couldn’t warm up. All the equipment was on the body. It was freezing and cold, and the day was very bright. This night, I had no sleep.

With a forward guide on his back, he runs very fast in extreme snowstorms. We follow his footsteps. A 50 year old uncle looks totally different. He loves Annapurna’s husband carrying work in his heart, which is almost the first batch of husband carrying work in the development of Nepal’s tourism industry. However, he has been engaged in our seemingly tired and hard work without any worries. For himself, he can not create more material wealth for his daughter Besides some regrets, when it comes to work, I am full of satisfaction. I am even proud that I am over 50 years old and still better than many young men. I can carry heavy loads in the snow.

The only child of the hotel owner is very sensible. When I see our guests, I always turn my head shyly. I’m a little timid and thin. I almost give her my fleece. I think I’ll go hiking in the snow for a few days later. In the morning, she gets up early to clean, burn the stove, cook the potatoes, eggs and other breakfast of the guests, but she has never been seen to come into the house to bake. The next day, after simple communication with her parents, it turned out that she had to walk up and down the snow mountain for more than 10 hours a week to get to school. That night, it was the coldest night I had ever experienced in my life, and the cold wind kept pouring into the cracks of the leaking wood. When we get up at night, we go to the toilet. The toilet is 50 meters outside in the wild. It is covered with thick snow. We are covered with thick, damp, two layers of hard as stone quilts. We cover our heads with down and wear double-layer Fleece Pants. We still feel very cold. Cold always do not know where I do not know where to drill into the quilt, this night, cold through.

In the cold place, you believe that there is a house not far away, you have no time to imagine the environment, as long as there is a pile of fire, a basin of hot water to melt the snow outside the house, can wash the tired face, a cup of hot Masala Tea, a basin of sweet snow boiled potatoes to comfort the five dirty, it is enough happiness.

The whole night was sleepless, and the fields were silent. We came from the snowstorm and haze, and entered the silent and cold night. This night, we were still sleepless. At about 6:50 the next day, we opened the door and were shocked. The sky was clean and light blue, and the golden snow mountain stood in front of us. After all, the cold snowstorm and haze will pass. After breakfast, the clouds began to fill the air of a new day. Snow mountain is always there, no matter it is shrouded by clouds and fog, but our eyes are always covered by the clouds and fog in front of us. Often only remember when the road, snow, ice, cold discomfort. Now, relying on Chaoyang Jinshan, they forget how much they used to cry.

Day 12 tadapani to landruk

Early in the morning, we climbed 4000 meters to see the snow mountain and went back to the hotel. The snow mountain rose outside the window. We had a simple meal in the indoor heater, a pot of potatoes boiled with clean water, two Tibetan honey pancakes and two cups of hot milk.

At the end of the meal, we bid farewell to the hotel and walked all the way around the ridge from 3650 meters to landruk at an altitude of about 1900 at about 3:00 in the afternoon. Along the way, the temperature gradually increased, moving from the light snow to the warm low valley, taking off the heavy assault suit and thick down, and the body seemed to expand a little bit like a tight cotton ball.

On the way, there is a section of trekking on the low hillside, which is charming with mosses, cedars, rare and ancient trees. There is no obvious Road, only a green line and a white line of climbing signs. However, it’s a very comfortable day. I always go down the altitude and occasionally go up the mountain without panting. Walking under the towering ancient trees, watching the thick moss, occasionally monkeys shuttle, many birds sing, and occasionally go up the mountain, you can obviously feel the pain of the back thigh and gluteal muscles. Fortunately, most of the time you go to low altitude. It is said that if Nepal’s national flower is in full bloom all the way in April, people will be full of happiness. Listening to the English learned by the guide on the way, you can feel his love. According to him, being close to nature makes him as strong as a tiger.

Arriving at the hotel, the landlady was basking in the sun. I immediately took off my heavy clothes and dirty shoes and joined them to bask in the sun. Knowing that the hotel has a water heater, you can take a warm bath, happiness surges from your heart. A didn’t take a hot bath in a few days. Two hotels had hot water on the way, but they charged for it. I guess a didn’t want to spend more money, so he always washed it with warm water. Warm water, in fact, was just cold water at room temperature. It wasn’t too cold, or his self-esteem was so bad that he thought it could reflect his masculinity. At this time, he was the first one to enter the shower room. However, the first problem was that the water heater was not ignited. The hostess quickly replaced the battery. Then came the second problem. It seemed that the gas had run out, and a was so cold. After all, it was a special period of coronavirus epidemic. We were all afraid of cold and fever.

Nevertheless, I, the guide and the hostess couldn’t help laughing. When I took a shower, almost all the problems were solved, but the water heater with delicate flow rate was not easy to serve. Every time I started the fire again, I had to turn off all the taps at the bottom once or even many times, and then I started the fire again to experience the delicate flow of hot water again. Each time the fire was repeated, the body temperature was extinguished again due to the warmth of the hot water. Nevertheless, we are still happy. This is our first hot bath in four days since we left bocala.

When I brush my teeth with ice and snow melt water on the mountain, I feel my fragile periodontal and dental caries. I don’t even dare to brush my teeth well, let alone take a bath with low temperature and warm water. I have to say that it’s not easy to take hot water for washing my face for two days. After all, I rely on the hot water from the heater in the living room, and then add some ice.

In the evening of that day, the setting sun set rapidly and the temperature became lower and lower. The weather in the mountains was changeable and overcast. There was a lot of hail, which was very big and dense. Fortunately, we were not on the road.

This day is the same as before, we had a rest at about 7 o’clock, closed the door, mobile phones can hardly accept any of the hotel’s Internet speed, can only hide in bed, in addition to cuddle, night life, except for the three of us, can’t like in Boone mountain and foreigners tease.

This is a year, in Annapurna’s teahouse, for a whole week or so, I almost sleep from 7 o’clock at night to 7 o’clock the next day. From mountain to night, I fell into deep silence and emptiness, and the tiredness of the day faded. Sleep, no more thoughts. People can fall asleep just because they are tired.

From waist deep snow to a small village in a low valley, accompanied by a snowmelt waterfall, we can see the monkey jumping and the teahouse scattering the fear of yesterday’s Blizzard. In just a few days, we can experience the heat and cold, and the latter is even more frightening.

On day 13, landruk went to the Australian camp

Passing by Gurong village, about 2000 meters above sea level, terraces, waterfalls, cooking smoke, tea house, centenarians, children It’s warm. You can walk in a fleece. It’s very comfortable.

Occasionally, monkeys shuttle through the trees, or horse gangs pass by, leaving a jingle all the way, or cattle, sheep and dogs running in front of and behind the house. Walking down from the snow mountain, the mountain is lively and calm.

In the evening, you can enjoy hot water, fried noodles and instant noodles. Australia camp conditions are very good, in the morning, a group of people carnival, waiting for the sunrise in the distant snow mountain.

The low valley has begun to open roads, but in the rainy season, every year we are faced with the dilemma of debris flow and landslide destroying roads, a bit like the Shangri La road leading to Lugu Lake ten years ago.

Day 14: Australian camp to Kande and back to bocala

On this day, before dawn, about 6:30, there are many people outside the house, tourists from different countries and skin colors waiting for the sunrise.

The moment I opened the door, I was still buried in the clouds when the snow mountain came, and suddenly appeared at this time, which was a kind of unprepared move.

Every day when I wake up, people come from different sides of the snow mountain. Here, because of the one-day tour and other short hikers, the crowd is more lively than other places. The terrain here is located in a slightly lower highland among the mountains. On one side, the snow mountain is like a goddess. On the other side, the endless mountains are like wild animals crawling. We can do nothing but look up and wait when we get up early.

The unknown birds hide in the big banana leaves of Gardenia jasminoides Ellis, the sunrise silhouette is soft, the prayer flag is windward or unfolding or rolling, in the snow mountain, as if they have nothing to do with the world, but they can always feel the constant flow of time and the eternal change of the world, but they can’t see the change. The mountains on one side are like a tongue stretching into the mountains and a few star point tents. Some people wait for sunrise and sunset. Thinking of this, they feel a little more solemn and solemn. Many times, they think they have worked very hard. In fact, other people never think about it. I’m just LJ, full name low chicken. For those who love camping, they may just want to set up tents and look up at the mountains, or they may not really be waiting for sunrise or sunset. All of them are just my imagination. I make complaints about who I think a lot of things happen to. I think I can find a little bit of power for myself to persist in typing.

However, at this moment, I want to express a point of view that the ability to perceive happiness and happiness is the minimum respect for life.

On the 15th, 16th and 17th days, he returned to badgang from bocala

When I came back from bocala, I passed by rape flowers in full bloom. Along the way, our snow mountain has been snowing for many years and our waist has been snowing in winter. Now I pass by spring, which is also a surprise.

We got off at kadushi bus station and took a taxi to baktapur, where we were going to spend the last three days of our journey in Nepal.

In the morning, baktapur people hold copper plates full of glutinous rice, flowers, oil, oil lamp thread, etc., and give them to the temple they believe in. They often touch the statues and leave scarlet marks on their foreheads.

The morning market of selling vegetables extends in a corner of Duba square. On the last day, we buy cauliflower at a cauliflower stall. She doesn’t bully tourists. We give the clothes we bring to this mother. For us, the idle clothes may be a rare resource for them.

After a night’s dormancy, groups of pigeons came one after another to receive the glutinous rice, and wild dogs were waiting at the beef stall. People came and went on the road, and the old street tile roofed houses could not see the passage of time. They said that in the early years, both men and women wore traditional ethnic costumes.

It was quiet at noon. Except for the tourists taking photos around the temples, the whole barktapur was enjoying the warm afternoon sunshine. The old people, children, women, wild dogs, lying and sitting The most important time of the day, daze, sun, pinch lice.

In the evening, the sunset in barktap not only lengthens the figure on the ground, but also reawakes the brief noise of the night. In many parts of the world, after dusk, they can’t stand the silence of nightfall. However, the last two hours of barktapur’s day’s noise gradually began. Men plucked gongs and drums, hummed, talked and sang for Hindu gods. With the last sound of gongs and drums falling, the whole world entered the final tranquility of the day. As if even the wild dog stopped breathing rough, I think the night of bucktap, breathing the air from a long distance.

There are several things to experience when you come to badgang.

First, yogurt must be tried. There are many places producing yogurt all over the world. Salty yoghurt of Tajiks in southern Xinjiang, cheese yoghurt of Egypt

Badgang’s yoghurt has a strong milk flavor like egg yolk. The first layer is often honey, and the bottom layer is more rich in ginger flavor.

Second, it is the visible bronze shop, ceramic shop, wood carving shop, all kinds of masks, exquisite Thangka. Third, find a coffee shop close to Duba square and spend one or two afternoons. Sitting on a high place and looking at all kinds of people, it seems that it has nothing to do with the world. It’s really just a passer-by, but there’s always a kind of magic from a divine perspective. However, only a few stores have 10% service charge and VAT.

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