Practical strategy of Singapore Tourism

1、 Itinerary:

First day (10th): arrive at the airport at 18:00, and then go to eat black pepper crab at Boat Quay.

The next day (11th): in the morning, Raffles Hotel → Sir Raffles landing site → praise square → art house of the old parliament building → coastal Art Center → St. Andrea church → Merlion park; in the afternoon and evening, you can visit St. Taosha and have a river buffet.

Highlights: after enjoying a Singapore Sling in the famous long bar of Raffles Hotel, hang out in front of the historic site of Singapore, the admiration square and the old parliament building.

Transportation: to Raffles Hotel, take the subway to City Hall Station (ns25 / ew13), and then walk to beach road. The art house of the old parliament building is on the Singapore River, near the site of Sir Raffles landing. Then walk along St. Andre road to the subway government building station (City Hall) to get to St. Andre’s church.

The third day (12th): in the morning, you can go to China town to eat Yakun coconut toast, little India, Geylang Serai and Arab street In the afternoon, we have a botanical garden. In the evening, we go to Wenhua Hotel on WuJie road to have Hainan chicken rice. We are the first to visit Wisma, and then takasymaya department store.

Highlights: take a stroll in Malay village, little India and Niucheshui, where Singapore has the strongest national culture and the most concentrated facilities. Take a rest in front of the old Sultan’s palace in gambangganan. Experience the life of Malays, Indians and Chinese in Singapore all the way. Buy a lot of national ornaments as you want.

Transportation: take the subway to ns22 station, WuJie road goes West → Tanglin Rd → Napier Rd, opposite the US embassy to the botanical garden

You can get off at Outram Park (ew16 / ne3) or China Town (ne4) and walk to Niucheshui.

To get to Little India, take the subway and get off at Little India station (nE7).

Kampunggnan and little India face each other across the Rochor river. Just walk along the Arabian street.

Take the subway from gambanggenan, where the northeast line is replaced by the East-West line, to paya Lebar station (ew8), and walk along Geylang road to yalongsinai.

2、 Attractions:


There are three charming beaches in Sentosa: Tanjung beach, Barra Bay beach and Celso beach

Traffic to the island:

Orange bus: Sentosa orange bus shuttle between Sentosa Island and bay bus interchange.

Ticket price: S $1 (to be delivered at visitor arrival centre, Sentosa reception centre).

Operation time: 7:00-23:00 from Sunday to Thursday, 7:00-0:30 on Friday, Saturday and the eve of public holiday

How to get to harbour bus interchange: take Metro Line ne to harbour front (ne1), or take 30, 65, 80, 97, 100, 131, 145, 166, 855 to Telok Blangah road.

Ferry: the sailing time is 9:30-22:00 from Monday to Friday, 8:30-22:00 on Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays, and the voyage is 15 minutes.

Ticket price: S $2.3.

Cable car: starting from Harbourfront tower 2 of Mount Faber.

Ticket price: it can be divided into ordinary car and glass car. The average one-way passenger car is S $9.9 for adults and S $4.5 for children (3-12 years old); the round-trip passenger car is S $10.9 for adults and S $5.5 for children. S $15 for adults and S $8 for children.

Running time: 8:30-21:00 every day

Taxi: Sentosa Island is about 15 to 20 minutes from orchard road.

Raffles Hotel

Address: 1 Beach Road

Metro: NS line, EW line, city hall, station number ns25, ew13.

China Town

Tianfu palace, Sri marianman temple, the oldest Indian temple in Singapore, and the three most famous streets of pagoda street, Temple Street and Smith Street in Niucheshui

Metro: ew16, Outram Park, Tanjong Pagar, ew15, and ne4, Chinatown, NE.

Smith Street in Niucheshui is an open-air food street, where you can find the most delicious local snacks, such as fried rice sticks, radish cake, rojak (salad with sweet pulp and broken peanuts), etc

Little India

Qiandeng temple was built by a Thai monk in 1927. Many Buddhist relics are preserved in the temple. The most notable one is a large Buddha statue with a height of 15 meters. The statue of Buddha weighs 350 tons.

Sri Srinivasa perumal temple was built in 1855 with a 20 meter high tower and a statue of Vishnu.

Serangoon, one of the main roads, is one of the oldest roads in Singapore.

Address: Serangoon Road

Metro: Little India station of NE line, station number nE7.

Bus: take bus No.64, 65 or 111 from orchard road to shilonggang road.

Shopping: silver, bronze, jewelry, jasmine wreath, Indian curry powder and silk sari. Mustafa

Catering: hand pilaf at the banana leaf Apollo and muthu’s Curry Restaurant, and vegetarian snacks at komalas.

The Night Safari

There are many secrets hidden in the night, and the Night Safari is undoubtedly more exciting. Here, you can look at the rhinoceros and enjoy the howling of hyenas. There are more than 1200 rare wild animals in more than 100 species. You can walk around, or you can take the tram to visit easily. No matter which way you choose, the Night Safari is a wild adventure you can’t miss.

Opening hours: 7:30 pm to 12:00 midnight (daily)

Route: take the subway to Choa Chu Kang station (NS4), and then take bus 927 directly; or take the subway to hongmaoqiao (ns16), and then take bus 138

Binhai Art Center

Opening hours: 10:00-18:00, tour guide service hours are 11:00 and 14:00 from Monday to Friday

Address: 60 Raffles street.

Metro: NS line, EW line, city hall, station number: ns25, ew13.

Boat Quay

East Coast Park

Singapore Flyer

Arab Street / kampong Glam

You can feel different customs here. Originally a fishing village at the mouth of the Rochor River, it still retains the fortress of the Muslim rulers. You can visit the Istana kampong Glam or Sultan’s mosque, and browse the exquisite silk, velvet and traditional Arab Muslim food sold by Arab merchants.


Take the subway to Bugis station (ew12) and walk along Victoria Street to Arab street.

Boat Quay

Metro: Clarke Quay station of NE line, station No. ne5, walking along Singapore River. We strongly recommend the crabs from the treasure seafood restaurant beside the river bank

Xingdu temple, Marianne

Sentosa Beach

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Singapore River

Geylang Serai Malay Village

Merlion Park

Metro: NS line, EW line, city hall, station number ns25, ew13, or Raffles Place, station number ns26, ew14.

jurong bird park

·Praise square

Located in Victoria Street, it was originally a church, then a girls’ school, and then a church after renovation. After generations of evolution, the combination of modern and classical Gothic architecture has attracted a large number of tourists to seek a special nostalgic feeling because of its old style.

Praise square has an orthodox Gothic architectural appearance, which is made of beautiful colorful glass. The artificial waterfall and fountain in the front yard are the oldest free places to visit so far, providing tourists with an excellent resting place with historical significance.

Address: 30 Victoria Street.

Metro: NS line or EW line, city hall station, station number ns25, ew13.

·Galleria, XINDACHENG Center

There is the largest fountain in Asia in the center of the square. In the hall on the first floor, you can travel in Singapore by amphibious duck boat. It looks like a boat and has four more wheels. On land, it’s a car, but it’s a boat when it’s launched. As we sat on the boat, we passed the government building, the parliament building, the memorial to the victims during the Japanese rule period, the Merlion Park, and the coastal Art Center, which is also known as the “Durian”. Its bold and tropical architecture is really impressive.

·Botanical Gardens

I think it is one of the most beautiful places in Singapore, and the national orchard garden is the most beautiful place in Singapore.

Arrival: get off at ns22 station, WuJie road goes West → Tanglin Rd → Napier Rd, opposite the US embassy

Opening hours: 5 a.m. to midnight

Ticket price: National Huji garden, S $5

·Praise the strong European style in the square

3、 Yes

Airport departure:

1. Maxicab provides a regular round-trip service between hotels and airports in the urban area (excluding hotels in Sentosa and Changi Meili Palace Hotel). Time: between 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m. every day. The non peak time between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. is every 30 minutes; the peak time between 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. is every 15 minutes.

Ticket purchase: booking and direct payment at the airport round trip service counter located in the arrival hall of the first and second passenger building of the airport.

Ticket price: S $7 for adults and S $5 for children.

2. MRT has light rail from Changi Airport to CBD and city hall.

Time: the central business district (CBD) runs between 5:30 and 11:30, and the city hall runs between 6:00 and 12:00. The driving time is about 30 minutes, about 12 minutes.

Ticket price: S $2.50.

Taxis to the airport can get on at kaihuang Hotel, Wenhua Hotel, peninsula hotel or Binhua hotel in the central urban area. There are regular buses to the airport.

Time: the hotel time is different, from 8 am to 11 pm, every hour.

Ticket purchase: you can book and pay at the service counter of the hotel.

Ticket price: S $7 for adults and S $5 for children.

Subway and bus: each subway station provides the sales service of “EZ Link card”. When you are ready to leave Singapore, you can return the card at the airport and get back the remaining amount.

Taxi call

Booking Tel. 5521111, 5522222

4、 Eat:

1. Go to Wenhua hotel for chaterbox coffee house

Recommendation: nasi lemark rice steamed with coconut juice, with fried fish, chicken wings, peanuts and other side dishes;

The traditional tau Suan, with mung bean syrup and fried dough sticks, tastes sweet and salty, which is very unique.

1st Floor,South Tower Meritus Mandarin 333 Orchard Road,Singapore

From MRT Somerset station, walk for about 4 minutes

open 24 hours a day

2. Baker’s Inn

Recommendation: fraisier nut cake is said to taste delicious and smooth. Gran couva chocolate cake is full of chocolate flavor, so don’t miss it. Desire is a smooth cake made of white and black chocolate with nuts on the lower layer.

290 Orchard Road,#02-09 Paragon Singapore

From MRT Orchard Road Station Exit D, walk about 5 minutes, 10:30am-10:00pm

3. Dadonghai, located on the east coast of Singapore, is known as “Saigon of Singapore”. If you like seafood, you should never miss the sea food here. There are seven large-scale seafood restaurants, the most outstanding of which is “Little Red Mansion”.

Recommended dishes: Crispy cream torch shrimp; Chili Crab; frozen crab!

Block 1024,#01-05 East Coast Parkway,Singapore

Get off from MRT Bedok station and take a taxi for about 10 minutes

  • Long Beach Marina sea food restaurant is a chain seafood restaurant of our hotel. Like the Eastern District of Canada, it is also composed of many restaurants. During my stay in Singapore, I had dinner in the evening
  • 5. The river buffet is located next to the entrance of Sentosa and is built on the Keppel river. In addition to a variety of seafood dishes, there are also many special Mala dishes. You can make your own Mala salad. All the bus and monorail trains on the island can arrive. Get off at Sentosa reception center and walk to it. (I remember S $16 each)

The dining time is: 12:00am-2:30pm for Chinese food; 6:00pm-8:30pm for dinner

6. Crabs from Zhenbao seafood restaurant near Kela wharf are highly recommended. You can see them by turning left at exit C of Kela wharf subway station

7. Niucheshui Food Street: located in Smith Street, Niucheshui food street

Seafood Center: “Seafood Center” in East Coast Park

Riverside: Boat Quay and Clarke Quay. Restaurants usually open at noon. You can take the subway to Raffles Place, walk for two minutes to Boat Quay, and take a boat for five minutes to Clarke Quay.

Lau PA sat federal market, food retail

Kou Fu, the banana leaf apolo: the signature dish is apolo curry head! Fresh lemon juice and lentil pancakes are included in the beverage.

Arrival: nE7, little index station, on race course Rd.

8. Top 10 food recommendations in Singapore

1. Chili Crab & Black Pepper Crab

Hainanese Chicken Rice:

Boon Tong Kee in River Valley Road, yet con in Purvis street and long Kee chicken rice in Hong Lim Market & Food Center in upper cross street are recommended. Chatterbox restaurant of Mandarin Hotel.

3. Bak Kut the:

Breakfast and supper for the public, the big gear of Chinatown bullock cart water. Singapore Huangya fine meat and bone tea address: 28 Rangoon Road, take the subway line ne to ne8 Farrer Park huala Garden Station, walk west on Rangoon Road, and you can find it at the end. A meal costs about 40 yuan per person.

4. Satay:

Satay refers to the traditional Malay braised mutton, beef and chicken. While enjoying a bunch of satay, don’t forget to add some traditional Malay rice, cucumbers and onions wrapped in coconut leaves or Banlan leaves. The taste of Satay will be more distinct.

We recommend Lau PA sat Satay stalls in boon Tat street; Shi Xiang Satay in Smith Street or Chinatown complex; and warong SUDI mampir in Haig Road Food Centre.

5. Roti prata:

When you eat flying cakes, it’s even more icing on the cake if you add the fragrant Indian tea. Indian Restaurant Singapore Zamzam

6 Laksa:

Tong Jimian of Beach Road, Sungei road Laksa of Jalan berseh and 328 katong Laksa of east coast road are recommended.

7. Fish Head Curry

Char Kway Teow

Hai Kee Teochew char Kway Teow of Commonwealth Avenue cook food centre; Outram Park of Hong Lim Market & Food Centre of upper cross street; and No.17 of Zion Road food centre are recommended.

Fried carrot cake

10. Rojak:

“Luora” is a Malay word with the meaning of “hodgepodge”. It is a very popular appetizer and side dish before meals. It is also a healthy and nutritious snack.

Recommend Hoover rojak in Whampoa drive Temporary Hawker Center, brothers rojak in Clementi Avenue and rojak popiah cockles in Maxwell food center

9. Kaya Toust: the flagship store in Chinatown, a cup of black tea with sugar and a bowl of appetizer egg paste are the warm-up before tasting coffee and coconut toast,

5、 Live in

Expedia Booking ID:192032083

Harbour Ville Hotel

Address: 512 kampong Bahru Road

Tel: 65-6-271 2771 Fax: 65-6-271 2773

6、 Shopping

1. Ns22, Orchard Road station, Tang Plaza, WuJie Road, selling all kinds of high-end goods. Wisma atria shopping centre, which sells medium and high-end clothes, has the famous shops of Topman and topwoman in Singapore

2. Ns23, someset station, cnetrepoint, WuJie road. There is a Robinson in it. It is a famous shopping center in Singapore. There is another one in Raffles City. Robinson’s cosmetics counter sometimes has more affordable promotion activities that are different from other shopping centers. Ochard O.G. is a good and cheap women’s dress, which is worth looking for.

3. Ns25, city hall, Raffles City, Suntec

4. Ne4, Chinatown station, Pearl’s Park complex, a famous shopping center in Niucheshui. People’s Park Centre, opposite to Pearl Square, is similar to Pearl Square. Chinatown point

5. Ew12, Bugis Bugis junction, you can see what the fashion trend is in Singapore by looking at the clothes here

6. NE7, little India station, tekka centre, Mustafa centre, India commodity.

7. How to participate in the global consumption tax rebate program:

1. Consumption of at least s $300 at a time or cumulative consumption of at least s $300 at a time of at least s $100.

2. Exchange the global consumption tax refund check for the relevant consumption money in the store with your passport.

3. When leaving the country, present the purchase invoice and goods at the first or second passenger building of Zhangyi airport, and stamp the refund check to show the export certificate.

4. Show the stamped check at the global refund counter in exchange for the relevant refund cash. The refund can also be made by credit card transfer or bank check. The refund will be deducted from the handling charge. For details, please refer to the counter.

A handbook of the global excise tax rebate scheme is also available at airports and some hotels and shopping malls.

Global excise tax rebate program Liaison Office:

Robinson Road Post Office

P.O Box 639

Singapore 9012339

Tel: 6225 6238 Fax: 6225 5773

8. DFS is the largest flagship store in Asia opened by DFS, the world’s largest travel retailer, and is located on SGS road in WuJie Road shopping district. The storefront with the bold and unrestrained red color as the facade is very eye-catching, and the interior decoration is almost luxurious.

7、 Tips

A. Exchange:

If the exchange rate of new currency in China is not enough, you can go to the exchange shop of Pearl building in Chinatown. The exchange rate is very favorable. But now Singapore has been able to brush UnionPay card, but it is not very popular, it is necessary to exchange a little.

B. Metro:

Singapore metro, called MRT, is composed of three lines: north-south, east-west and northeast. It runs through many places in the city center and suburbs, which is very convenient. The ticket price starts from S $0.8, and a deposit of S $1.00 is required. When you buy a ticket, the deposit will be directly calculated in your e-ticket. When you arrive at the station, go to the deposit exit of the ticket vending machine and put the ticket in, and the deposit will be returned. In addition, there is a special ticket for the next day, S $10.00. You can take bus and mrt12 for unlimited distance in one day. The operating hours of the subway are 5:30am-12:30am.

C. Shopping tax rebate:

In Singapore, most goods or services are subject to a 15% GST. When your total purchase amount is S $300 or more, or you have to spend at least s $100 in an individual store with the “global refund” logo, you can get a refund application form from the merchant; when your total consumption amount is S $300 or more, you can go through the refund procedures at the “GST cash refund” counter of Changi Airport before you leave. Each tourist can get a tax refund of up to S $500. But it must be done before departure.

D. Airport traffic:

Taxi: there is a surcharge of S $3.00 for departure from the airport taxi stand.

Subway: the terminal of the northeast line is Changyi airport, from which you can take the subway to the city hall in the center of the city. It only takes 25 minutes and costs S $1.6.

Airport Shuttle: generally, you can go to the major hotels in the city. The charge is S $7.00 for adults and S $5.00 for children. You can check and buy tickets at the airport shuttle.

Airport bus: it also takes hotels as its destination, S $5.00 for adults and S $3.00 for children. Remember to ask about the stop when you buy a ticket.

E. For international calls, please dial 005 first, then country code, area code and telephone number.

Emergency call:

Alarm: 999 emergency / ambulance / fire: 995 (free)

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