Travel notes of Mindan island and Singapore

Last holiday, I took my family to book a free trip to Mindan island and Singapore. Three nights to Mindan island and one night to Singapore, I set out for a holiday

In Mindan Island, we stayed for 3 nights. Mindan Lake Resort Hotel is located in the northeast of Mindan island. When the travel agency made a reservation, it already included the pick-up service from Mindan Island wharf to Mindan hotel. There is a special bus at the wharf. The staff with the hotel brand can take you there. They can also help you carry your luggage up to the hotel check After in, it will be delivered to your room. It’s better to prepare some tips

Mindan Lake Resort Hotel is a typical Resort Hotel, large green, Waterscape, swimming pool, beach, golf course is enough to meet the lazy vacation, daze, the overall service is quite good, the staff is very warm, will take the initiative to say hello to you, but the service staff basically only speak English, few can speak Chinese. For the ticket back to Singapore, you can pick up the sign at the business center with the printed ticket, and then go to the wharf to pick up the ticket.

In terms of food and beverage, the itinerary we ordered includes breakfast. We don’t have many choices, but it’s not too few. It’s OK. There are three restaurants in the hotel, one is the main cafeteria in the lobby, one is the Japanese restaurant nearby, and one is the sea view restaurant on the beach. However, it’s more expensive, because we have to go out to play, so we can eat outside and then go back to the hotel.

I stayed in Mindan island for 4 days and in resort hotel for 2 days. Most of them are from Japan, Europe and America. It’s a good place to play golf and spa. Taking good books, swimming, reading and basking in the sun are our favorite ways of traveling. Although the guest room facilities are a little simple, the internal facilities of the hotel are good. There are all kinds of swimming pools, plus the brilliant sunshine and clear sea water in Indonesia, which are enough.

To travel, we went to the mangrove reserve on the island to explore. We can sign up directly in the business center of the hotel. The fee is 36 Singapore dollars and we can take care of ourselves. The scenic spot will send a special car to the hotel to pick up and provide a guide on board. The tour guide speaks English, but the words are not complicated. The ecological protection of the reserve is very good. You can take a cruise along the river surrounded by mangroves for about an hour and a half. In addition to watching all kinds of plants, you can also watch poisonous snakes, lizards, monkeys, kingfisher and other animals in close range. It’s novel and exciting. At noon, I had a delicious lunch in the fishing village and returned to the hotel in the afternoon.

Currency: it is customary to quote and settle accounts in Singapore dollars on the island. Visa and master are accepted for credit cards.  

Shopping: pasar oleh souvenir Fair: there are more than ten Indonesian style cottages selling local delicacies, such as kerupuk (shrimp and fish crispy cake), dried seafood in bags such as river fish, scallops and shrimps, as well as various souvenirs, such as T-shirts, handicrafts and postcards. The exquisite handicrafts and daily necessities woven by local women with Banlan leaves are also worth buying.

One day tour to Singapore:

Because there is no place to shop in Mindan Island, we chose to go shopping in Singapore. Singapore is really a shopping paradise. WuJie road and Yi’an city are the shopping places we choose. These two places are also very famous in Singapore. Many international and local brands can be found here, and they are very big. It’s easy to walk around for a day I haven’t finished. If I go with my children, I can choose Sentosa world of interest in Singapore. It’s said that it’s fun and famous in Singapore. However, we didn’t go because of the time. We’ll go again next time.

Singapore Cuisine:

In the evening, we can go to Singapore’s famous Niucheshui to eat authentic Singapore snacks. Here we can taste the popular food Hainan chicken rice, Laksa (seafood coconut milk spicy noodle soup), satay (roast chicken, beef, pork or mutton kebab) fried noodles. Let’s have a full meal. I feel that this trip is really worthwhile.

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