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The light of Buddha shines on the land of ten thousand pagodas-Myanmar

As for Myanmar, my first impression of this country remains in the spectacular and mysterious pugan plain in samsara. In addition, most of the news media label him as drug, poverty and war. Before, I believed that these are all about Myanmar. After returning from Myanmar, I have been re establishing this country in my memory The appearance of home, countless pieces intertwined together, like a prism, only to see one side of him every time, when the memory is gradually clear, it will be blurred again, like a distant and unreal dream, reminds me of Orwell’s mischievous tropical elves who like to make trouble in people’s dreams, deliberately disturbing people’s thoughts.

Myanmar people’s friendliness, gentleness, introverted and devotion to God and Buddha, as well as their optimism and positivity towards difficulties, are rarely mentioned. These unknown words make up everything about Myanmar – the sentence “mingalabar” I heard the most in Myanmar, we know each other in travel, and we are also determined to travel around the world. Although life is ordinary and trivial, it’s hard to understand Still love life

Chapter 1 Mandalay: lost in the noise of Wa City

“The ancient pagoda of Cotton wool, languidly facing the sea,

There is a Burmese girl standing by the tower. I know she is thinking about me,

The wind blows among the palm trees, and the temple bells sing:

“Come back, British soldier, come back to Mandalay!”

Kipling, a British poet, has outlined the mysterious lines of the ancient east to the Europeans in a few short lines. Compared with Mandalay with the romantic color of the western style, the old appellation of this city is old and simple. How do you feel about it? I think it’s lost.

Taking a broad view, there is a large green space between the residential buildings and pagodas. A closer look reveals that it is a golf course and someone is carefully mowing the lawn. It is understandable that although Myanmar’s economy is not developed, it does not mean that there is no rich man. In any form of society, the gap between the rich and the poor can not be avoided.

Maha Ganayon Kyaung, thousands of people surrounded by thousands of monks meal.

The enthusiastic Tutu little brother volunteered to take us to play the three cities and one bridge in the south of Mandalay tomorrow. The price was reasonable, so he left a phone call. Who expected to call him later? He didn’t remember a phone number

When I lost touch with Tutu, I had to find a replacement. I still didn’t give up hope. Guided by the front desk of the hotel, I went all the way to another hotel that was said to provide motorcycle rental service. As a result, I didn’t know whether I had no clear communication or whether there was another ambiguity. The price of renting a motorcycle for one day was more expensive than renting a car. It seems that Mandalay is doomed to miss a motorcycle and wasted a lot of time, If we don’t set out in a hurry, thousands of monks will have leftovers. We have to stop a tutu on the street and set out. When we get on the bus, we can see that the uncle has not kept up with the international trend, can’t speak English, and can’t afford the car. Let’s go to Maha Ganayon Kyaung first.

Many people may not know where the tongue twister Mahayana monastery is, but when it comes to the meal of a thousand monks, it’s a household name,This place and uben bridge together form the name card of Mandalay. In Myanmar, which believes in Hinayana Buddhism, monks only eat two meals a day. One meal is at 4 am and the other at 10 am. They don’t eat at noon and can only drink water. The images of monks lining up for meals are the focus of tourists from all over the world,Arriving at the monastery, the monks were preparing for today’s food. Several monks held up and shovel up and down with their spades. The monks were absorbed in their eyes, their naked arms were muscular, and most of the monks in Burma were thin, which might be related to their tradition of not eating.The monks in the dining hall prepare for the dining room. The monks waiting for the meal have quietly started to line up. The first one standing is the little monk in the pink robe. Next to him is an old monk in the shape of a teacher to maintain order. At this time, both sides of the passage are already surrounded by tourists from all over the world, holding all kinds of long guns and short cannons. With the monks in line, the crowd is noisy, but the monks have no face Feeling is completely unaffected by the surrounding environment. Tourists try their best to find an angle to take photos, while monks do not squint, or turn a blind eye to it. To be honest, it’s quite touching to see the monks’ calm attitude. Nowadays, in this increasingly impetuous society, there are fewer and fewer people who have a firm belief that they are not affected by the environment, watching them focus on Buddhism Like a mirror, it happens to project what we lack in our hearts.

At about 10:15, the ceremony officially began. The monks came from the crowd under the guidance of the leader monk. They were quiet, calm and plain. For them, it was just a part of their daily life. For tourists, it was more like a curiosity hunt.

All along, I can’t figure out why watching other people eat becomes a scenic spot

Some people may question whether this will affect the monks’ practice. I don’t think it will. The noisy crowd has long been familiar to them. Monks beg to move forward. Some tourists will put some food into the monks’ bowls during the interval of taking photos, Myanmar’s monks are not taboo about meat and fishy food. They eat whatever they have. They all walk barefoot, and the only pair of slippers belongs to the elder instructors and monks. Most of the monks have eyes three feet away, but a few of them have poor concentration. They occasionally peek at the camera. The images of monks surrounded by several times of tourists immediately appear, and the figures wrapped in red form a vivid contrast with the surroundings By contrast, the last one in the procession is the young Shamis who are the first to stand up. Maybe they have to talk about seniority when they eat. As the last little Shami enters the dining hall, the tourists disperse one after another. The road is quiet again. The monks eat very fast, and most of them end the fight in ten minutes. We can see that their food is quite good, and there are all kinds of snacks to improve their life, The young monks enjoyed themselves. They swept away their stare and restored the innocence of children. Outside the monasteries, there are many beggars. It is said that the monks will give them the rest of the food to eat. In many temples in Myanmar, you can see water jars, most of which can be drunk directly. After coming out of the monasteries, you beat two tutus to go to the ancient city of inwa. Previously, it was said that you need to take a boat to go to inwa. Seeing this elder brother driving more and more remote, the surrounding scenery looks more like the junction of urban and rural areas It doesn’t look like I’m going to take a boat. I’m wondering. During the seven turns and eight turns, brother Tutu looks back and smiles. The ancient city of inwa has arrived. If you look at it carefully, isn’t this Maha Aungmye Bonzan ? It turns out that there is a land route from Mandalay to inwa in the southern suburb of the city. Without a chartered car, we bumped away by mistake and went directly to the ancient city of inwa, which most people don’t know.

Maha Aungmye Bonzan, also known as the Yellow temple, is mainly due to the second renovation after the temple was destroyed by the earthquake. The pigments used are relatively new, showing a bright yellow color as a whole. The relief of Buddha on the top of the temple has experienced two hundred years of ups and downs, witnessing countless ups and downs. Now it is a little mottled and fuzzy. The temple is not small, and tourists come in droves, most of them are local tourists In Myanmar travel, Burmese people and I like traveling very much. Most of the scenic spots we visited have countless local tourists, which makes me a little surprised, because in my impression, local people generally don’t like to go to local scenic spots. Some monks will stop in front of the temple to recite the Scriptures. The architectural style of Maha Aungmye Bonzan has a strong Khmer style. There are several goldentop temples beside it. However, the appearance of Maha Aungmye Bonzan is much newer than that of the old Maha Aungmye Bonzan. It should be built in recent years.

The main way to play in the ancient city of inwa is carriage. Colorful carriages can be seen everywhere on the country roads. The local people braid all kinds of ponies for horses. It’s cute to look at. The scenic spots and routes are very fixed. Basically, they only go to four famous scenic spots. Open Google map and find that the Southern Ming watchtower is only 700 meters away from us. It’s so close. Let’s walk

In the late Ming Dynasty, after Li Zicheng invaded Beijing, Emperor Chongzhen hanged himself, Emperor Yongli declared himself Emperor in Guangdong and fled all the way to Mandalay, Myanmar. Later, he was captured by the king of Myanmar, imprisoned in the ancient city of inwa, sent back to Yunnan, and finally killed by Wu Sangui. In front of me, this watchtower has experienced several earthquakes, and it has been tilted and forbidden to climb, leaving only its empty body standing in the fields

Under the watchtower, there are many local people with stalls selling small handicrafts. As for the appearance, Burmese people are also very strange. They can make beautiful pagodas, but they make the handicrafts ugly

There are still two scenic spots left in the ancient city of inwa, among which teak temple is not very interested. After stopping several carriages, we finally met an empty car. After telling us what we thought, the coachman still charged for a car of 10000K?! We only have one place left, but the coachman seems to have a problem. It’s 10000K whether you go to other places or not. After checking the map, the distance to the last Yadana Sinme Pagoda is 2km. Let’s walk there!

Yadana Sinme Pagoda is hidden in the fields. Several pagodas and statues with a strong sense of age are scattered here. The barren bricks remind me of the big city of Thailand, but the scale is much smaller

There are many flowers in front of the Buddha. Most of them are put by local villagers. It is this picture of the Buddha that attracts me here

The mottled Buddha statues stand quietly under an old banyan tree, which is particularly quiet. Compared with the Golden Buddha statues in most temples, the mottled and shed colors of the open-air Buddha statues are more colorful. On one side of the temple, there is a small area similar to the temple pattern. Maybe the original roof and walls were destroyed in the earthquake, leaving only the broken walls and the central Buddha

When we left the temple of Yadana Sinme Pagoda, we almost finished the tour of the ancient city of inwa. It was still early before sunset. We saw a huge relic on the way by car, but we couldn’t find the name of that place in all kinds of software. We only remembered that it was near a small village. Finally, we asked and inquired, and finally found this little-known place – Le htat gyi paya, With the goal, go on. This place can’t get a taxi at all.

Walking on the country road, every carriage will bring countless particles, which brings my thoughts back to Orwell’s forever hot and dry Myanmar, Myanmar 100 years ago.

When I came to the ruins, I found that the building was huge and completely open. The right half of the building had collapsed and damaged, and the remaining part seemed to tell the story of the past. I can’t find any introduction about it. It seems that it has a history of more than 100 years. I don’t know why it hasn’t been repaired and maintained. There’s nothing here except us Foreign tourists, only excited local tourists, would never have found it if we hadn’t come here by land. If we hadn’t chosen the extremely hard core ancient city of inwa on foot, there wouldn’t be too many people who would have come here. It’s really fate.

The ancient city of inwa, once the capital of three dynasties in the feudal history of Myanmar Natural calamities and man-made misfortunes are now being seen in the immediate future. They are slowly submerged by years. They can feel a little sob inside. They always feel that the protection of Burma’s monuments is in a lazy state. I wonder if the essence of these human civilizations will endure the next natural disasters and human calamities. They will enter the ruins and have many graffiti on the walls. It looks strange. Most of the internal structures are thorough. When I was about to leave, this snotty child crawling all over the grass attracted my eyes. My big eyes were filled with curiosity. I didn’t know why I was touched

When he came out of the temple, he found a tutu by the side of the road and asked if he was going to U Bein bridge. Uncle spoke Burmese English and said that he was waiting for the guests, but he could help to find out if there were villagers who could take us. During the conversation, he yelled at the young man by the side of the road. The young man didn’t speak English, and uncle played the role of interpreter. Don’t ask us how to communicate, anyway After the deal, the young man went to the roadside hut to push out a small motorcycle, er, motorcycle. After he came to Myanmar, the vehicle changed from four wheels to three wheels, three wheels to two wheels, and it will become a unicycle in the future. Looking at the little motorcycle in front of me, I feel that two people will soon be overloaded, but there’s no other way. The young man turns back and looks evil Smile, as if to let the back of the two foreign friends put their hearts in the stomach, a twist on the accelerator, a sound to flee out

When we arrived at the U Bein bridge, our legs were numb. The young man laughed again and then went away. Two people with their hair curled up for a minute stood by the lake and looked around. In front of us, the U Bein bridge, which has repeatedly appeared in international photography competitions, stood by the lake At first glance, it’s quite common. There are lots of garbage floating around the Taungthaman, which gives off a lot of fishy smell. There are a lot of tourist buses under the bridge, and there are still cars bringing tourists here, which makes waves of dust. On the other hand, the bridge is full of people.

The local people of U Bein bridge call her “lover bridge”. It seems that it’s not a vanity. There is a boat on the lake taking wedding photos. Although the Bank of the lake is full of garbage, the water in the middle of the lake is still very clear. Looking at the sea of people at the end of the bridge, we resolutely stepped forward, and then squeezed 10 meters in the smell and sweat from all over the world on the end of the bridge. I decided to give up, after some twists and turns I joined two Chinese sisters in a small boat. Now the price of a boat has increased to 20000 K. at first, I thought that the meaning of chartering a boat was to command the boatman to move freely on the lake. As a result, I found that the boatman just took it to the position near the bank in the middle of the lake, and it was not far away from the bank. Other people didn’t go to other places. It was not worth the money. The only advantage was that the boatman didn’t move The angle of the lake is a little higher than that of the shore, and it is gradually inclined to the West. There are more boats on the surface of the lake. After observation, it is found that all the boats are arranged in the order of first come first served along the Bank of the open space in the center of the lake. Because we came earlier, our position is closer to the inside, and this position is not the best one. In the past, the bridge was inclined, and any place became a pawn All the representatives of the earth have their own unique aspects. As for U Bein bridge bridge, I think it’s the simple teak structure. In the sunset, with the residents pushing bicycles, monks holding umbrellas and birds flying in the sky, the picture is quiet and mysterious. Well, I haven’t even photographed it. There are all kinds of people walking on the wooden board. They have monks, nuns, farmers, tourists with cameras, and women with bamboo baskets on their heads. Men, women, young and old, with different costumes, speak different languages. It’s like a drama on a big stage. Everyone is an actor, and everyone is playing their own role

To tell you the truth, I feel a little bit at a loss for chartering a boat. First of all, being unable to move limits the possibility of taking photos. I can only watch when I have a better position. Secondly, it’s easy to get tired of aesthetics. This is too much for me to travel here. In order to make my trip to U Bein bridge less like this, I strolled back in the middle of the lake after sunset, and disappeared with the last afterglow of the sun In the sky, the boats in the lake also scattered one after another, and there was a lot of silence for a time. The shantytowns by the lake remind me of the slums. Surrounded by the pungent smell and garbage, it’s hard to imagine their life. This country has simple people and devout beliefs, but the living conditions in many places are really not flattering. Burmese people seem to have the ability to make fun of hardships. No matter how hard the days are, they can still live happily

It’s very comfortable to walk on the bridge with the wind. If you have time to come and see the sunrise in the morning, it should be very good. Compared with the numerous tour groups, the U Bein bridge will show the most real side without too much noise.

After breakfast the next day, I took a taxi to the wharf. This morning, I will go to the ancient city of Mingun, which is 11 kilometers north of Mandalay and on the West Bank of the upper Ayeyarwady River. This is also the farthest of all the scenic spots in Mandalay. Tickets are charged for the ancient City, 5000K per person

Many tourists have been waiting at the wharf. Burmese people don’t have a strong sense of time. They agreed to leave at 9 o’clock, but the time is long past, but they can’t even see the shadow of a boat. There are residents who set up simple shantytowns on the side of the wharf to watch the farmer’s women skillfully take water, cook, wash and dry, the children play in the dust, and the dogs lazily bask in the sun. This is Burmese people’s daily life, on the wharf The young people kept carrying goods to the ship. Several young people climbed up the high pile of goods to unload. They were agile and dexterous. After waiting for a long time, the boatman finally arranged to board the boat. The boatman is a dark man, his wife and two daughters live on the boat. The boat is their home and the source of their economy. The eldest daughter looks about 10 years old, and her eyes are far more mature than that. The younger daughter is still babbling. The water of the Ayeyarwady River is not clear, and many places are muddy It takes nearly an hour to reach the ancient city of Mingun by boat. On the way, you can enjoy the scenery on both sides of the Strait, so it’s not boring. From a distance, you can see the scattered Buddhist pagodas dotted in the mountains. Here comes the ancient city of Mingun .

Mingun ancient city is not big, most people will choose to walk. Several scenic spots in the ancient city are on both sides of a main road, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Just follow the crowd along the main road

When we were about to reach the shore, we could see the huge Mingun pagoda standing on the shore from a distance. When we approached, we found that it was really magnificent. One of the largest brick buildings in the world was actually a rotten end building. The 50 meter high ruins in front of us were only one third of the whole project. If we built it according to the plan, the pagoda would be 160 meters high, 48 meters higher than Shwedagon Paya. In 1838, the giant tower was damaged in an earthquake. A crack opened in the tower. It looked like the dark temple in the shadow Moon Valley. Before, there was a path on one side of the tower that could climb to the top of the tower. Now the path is still there, but it has been closed in the middle of the way.

Mingun pagoda was built for his queen by Bodawpaya, the sixth king of Myanmar’s gongbang Dynasty. At that time, Myanmar was rich and powerful. Bodawpaya was ambitious to build a pagoda as high as Mount Mandalay to engrave his merits. This crazy plan began to be implemented in 1804, when Mingun became the largest brick and tile construction site in the world, with numerous brick kilns and workers. It is said that in order to catch up with the progress of the project, Meng Yun finally built a temporary residence on a small island on the Ayeyarwady River and personally supervised it. However, it was not until Bodawpaya died 15 years later that the base of the huge pagoda was built to 50 meters high, and only one third of the whole building was completed. It’s hard to imagine that a pure brick building can reach such a height, so its collapse is reasonable.

Not far away is known as the world’s largest clock still in use – min Gong clock. The big clock is 8 meters high, 5 meters in diameter, and weighs 90.55 tons. It was also built by King Meng Yun. It seems that this king Meng Yun really worships everything big. The tower needs to be the biggest, and the clock needs to be the biggest. There are so many people here, no matter inside or outside the clock.

The cinbime pagoda, also known as the cream cake pagoda, is the last scenic spot. It is said that it is also the center of the world, so the overall shape is designed as a large circle. The guardrails of the cinbime pagoda are wavy, which also symbolizes the seven mountains and oceans around the world. It was also built by King Meng Yun to commemorate the death of the queen. There are small niches on the base of the tower, in which there are different forms of Buddha statues

Among the four ancient cities in Mandalay, the most remote and the least visited is the ancient city of mingong, which is my favorite. It is different from the noise of amarapula and the dust of invar. The magnificent relics and lovely people here have left a good impression on me.

Take a boat back to Mandalay for a simple lunch, and then take the OK bus to Pugan. It’s about five hours’ drive. Compared with the luxury of JJ bus, OK bus is much more shabby. The car is full of people and luggage, and the comfort is very ordinary. Fortunately, the sanitary environment is not bad, and there is no strange smell in the car. I’m about to leave Mandalay. I’m still at a loss. It’s hard to sum up in one word. It’s chaotic and noisy. There are various Buddhist pagodas in different periods, devout monks and strangers who smile at you from time to time.

Mandela in Orwell’s works is an extremely unsatisfactory city — full of dust and unbearable heat, so what is there in the end? I spent three days in Mandalay, and if I could sum it up in five words, I chose pagodas, dust, stray dogs, monks, and old cars.

Not far away is known as the world’s largest clock still in use – min Gong clock. The big clock is 8 meters high, 5 meters in diameter, and weighs 90.55 tons. It was also built by King Meng Yun. It seems that this king Meng Yun really worships everything big. The tower needs to be the biggest, and the clock needs to be the biggest. There are so many people here, no matter inside or outside the clock.

The cinbime pagoda, also known as the cream cake pagoda, is the last scenic spot. It is said that it is also the center of the world, so the overall shape is designed as a large circle. The guardrails of the cinbime pagoda are wavy, which also symbolizes the seven mountains and oceans around the world. It was also built by King Meng Yun to commemorate the death of the queen. There are small niches on the base of the tower, in which there are different forms of Buddha statues

Among the four ancient cities in Mandalay, the most remote and the least visited is the ancient city of mingong, which is my favorite. It is different from the noise of amarapula and the dust of invar. The magnificent relics and lovely people here have left a good impression on me.

Take a boat back to Mandalay for a simple lunch, and then take the OK bus to Pugan. It’s about five hours’ drive. Compared with the luxury of JJ bus, OK bus is much more shabby. The car is full of people and luggage, and the comfort is very ordinary. Fortunately, the sanitary environment is not bad, and there is no strange smell in the car. I’m about to leave Mandalay. I’m still at a loss. It’s hard to sum up in one word. It’s chaotic and noisy. There are various Buddhist pagodas in different periods, devout monks and strangers who smile at you from time to time.

Mandela in Orwell’s works is an extremely unsatisfactory city — full of dust and unbearable heat, so what is there in the end? I spent three days in Mandalay, and if I could sum it up in five words, I chose pagodas, dust, stray dogs, monks, and old cars. Chapter 2 bagan: sunrise and sunset, Millennium cycle

I saw a documentary “Samsara” a few years ago. At the beginning of the film, the picture was set in the ancient temple on the top of the mountain of BOPA. With the change of camera, the Pugan plain from the perspective of aerial photography, and countless pagodas in the fog unfolded slowly on the plain like a picture scroll. All these constitute my understanding of Myanmar The first impression of this mysterious neighbor is just like Maugham’s description of Bugan in the gentleman in the living room – “in the morning fog, they loomed, huge, distant and mysterious, just like the vague memory of a dream.”

It’s more than eight o’clock in the evening after taking the minibus for more than five hours. Maybe it’s because we have more tourists. The people in Bugan are more unrestrained than those in Mandalay. There are young people riding motorcycles on the street from time to time, making a roar. At the same time, the businessmen here are also showing a bit of cunning. Seeing that taxi at the passenger station doesn’t kill us, we have to walk outside the station I stopped a car. The first thing we did when we arrived at the hotel was to rent a battery car. As a result, the bad news came that on this new year’s Eve, all the cars in the village were rented out. No car means we can’t move. We went one after another, and finally rented the last battery car in the village before all the car companies got off work. As soon as we inquired about the price, it almost doubled as usual, but we could rent it.

For Pugan, there is a classic description: “where the fingers are, they are all Fu Tu”. During the heyday of the Pugan Dynasty, the number of pagodas in the Pugan plain reached as many as 13000, so Pugan enjoyed a great reputation“ The reputation of “city of ten thousand pagodas”, the dancing platform and the romantic atmosphere are always blown away by the rain and wind. Over the centuries, Pugan has experienced the world’s forgetting, the plunder of war, the erosion of wind and sand, and the ravages of earthquake. Pugan, which used to be full of pagodas, has long been in decline. However, there are 2230 pagodas on the plain described by Marco Polo as one of the most beautiful scenery in the world, which are still unknown It’s up to you to explore.

As we all know, Pugan is composed of laopugan, xinpugan and Liangwu town. The three places are arranged in a triangle. The area of more than 100 square kilometers is the Pugan tourist area. For accommodation, laopugan is the most convenient place and the price is relatively expensive. 33 and I stayed in laopugan for one night and Liangwu town for two nights. Later, it turned out that it’s really frustrating. It’s better to live in the same place for three days. Pugan is very big, so transportation is essential. In my opinion, riding a battery car is the most free and fun. Bicycles are a test of physical strength. Carriages or cars are expensive and lack the fun of exploration. My way of playing is to explore this land in three areas. According to the picture, it is divided into the northern plain between Liangwu and old Pugan, and the western plain between old Pugan and new Pugan The original (marked South); and the largest, most primitive and most fun central plain, three days, no more, no less.

I got up at 4:30 a.m. and rode all the way in the dark. The raging cold air stimulated every pore and made my whole body extremely sour. I wanted to go to a small tower near Xu Sanduo according to my friend’s previous positioning. However, I couldn’t see my fingers on the plain. The road was so complicated that I couldn’t find a target. It was like a headless fly bumping around. When a tutu came from behind, I was very happy and followed him There must be a door to walk with the local people. After seeing the Tutu, they followed another electric car. It seemed that they were all in the same way. After seven turns and eight turns with the Tutu, a small square tower suddenly appeared in front of them. The shadows on the tower were moving, and the lights under the tower were flashing. Today’s sunrise had a landing. I couldn’t help but stop and take off my shoes, and then I climbed into the narrow corridor with my body bent. At last, I suddenly became enlightened After a long time, the best position on the tower had already been reached. At this time, a layer of yellow appeared on the horizon, so we had to take the second place. In the crowd, there was a commotion. It turned out that the hot-air balloons in the distance had gathered quietly. It was like a group of Koi waiting to be fed in the pond. They were eager to try and compete. As the fire flashed up, the balloons slowly rose into the sky, The location of the tower is a bit awkward. It’s too far away from the big tower, so that it’s difficult to take a good picture of the same frame in the flight path of the hot-air balloon. However, it’s not easy to find a surviving tower in the environment where there are only a few climbing towers

When I was busy capturing the hot-air balloon, the sun had quietly emerged from behind the mountains. Quickly turn the direction to shoot the sunrise. The sun only took 2-3 minutes from the exposure to the full rise. In this fleeting time, every moment can not be copied. These minutes are also the most comfortable stage of light, warm but not dazzling, bright but not thick

I have seen the sunrise in many places. Compared with the scenery, in fact, the biggest expectation of sunrise is the process of waiting. Watching the color of the sky change from black to blue to yellow until the sun rises, a foreign couple in front of me has been sitting on the stone steps holding hands tightly, quietly enjoying.

After watching the sunrise, we went back to the hotel, took a bath and had breakfast. Then we took the map and rode out to explore the pagoda. On the first day, we lived in Liangwu, so we went all the way to laopugan from east to west to explore the northern plain. The first stop was the Ruixi palace pagoda, which is one of the four sacred pagodas in Myanmar After parking outside the temple and walking through a long corridor, you can see the glittering Ruixi palace tower. It’s worth noting that there are staff at the end of the corridor to check tickets. After playing in Bugan for three days, this is also the only place to check tickets. The 25000k ticket for one person is not cheap according to Myanmar’s standard

Located on the East Bank of the Irrawaddy River, Ruixi palace tower is the oldest temple in Pugan and the only stone building in Pugan. The construction of this pagoda went through the periods of two kings, anawrahta (1044-1077) and kyansittha (1084-1113). It is the founding tower of Pugan Dynasty, the source of Myanmar pagoda and a typical representative of early architecture. There are many pigeons in the small square of the temple. Sometimes they walk on the blue brick road, sometimes they fly to the sky, which attracts countless photographers.

Leaving the noisy Ruixi palace tower, we follow the map to the Shilong minluo temple, which is the cover of the latest version of the lonely planet. Unfortunately, the temple gate is closed at the time of renovation, which makes the Shilong minluo temple stand in the field It is said that the speaker of chanting sutras 24 hours a day has been turned off. After taking two pictures outside, he left by bike.

There is also a small story about the construction of the tower of dilamin lofo. It is said that king Pugan, who built the pagoda temple, built his pagoda temple here because he was made Prince from five brothers here. Far away from the pagoda, you can see the temple of Shilong minluo standing in the field. The temple is 46 meters high. Although the beautiful appearance made of red brick has gone through the wind and rain, it is still elegant

Walking along the road, I found the beautiful wild pagoda on the road and went to have a look at it. After a while, I was sweating and disheartened. Later, I recalled that I cycled back and forth in Pugan every day. I ate three catties of earth fat every day. Before I knew it, I entered the antique gate of old Pugan. In front of me, a large pagoda was beautiful and magnificent. The golden top of the pagoda was even more dazzling, which was recognized as Pugan Ananda temple, the most complete and beautiful Buddhist temple, has arrived

Ananda temple was built by King gyansittha in 1091, which was in the middle of the Pugan Dynasty. Craftsmen had accumulated rich construction experience in the long-term practice. Compared with the simple and crude pagodas in the early period, there was a qualitative leap in terms of bricklaying, masonry mixing, lighting and ventilation. What’s more, designers no longer merely imitate, but integrate Myanmar traditional factors into the construction, forming their own characteristics. Anandatta is the representative of architecture in this period. Each side of the pagoda is about 60 meters long and the main tower is 51.24 meters high. The tower is round with a sharp top, covered with yellow gold foil and inlaid with numerous dazzling jewels. It is extremely eye-catching and dignified in the sunshine. The base of the tower is an Indian style square grotto. There are 1183 relief sculptures on the outer wall of the cave and the tower base, which are based on the story of the Buddha. There are holes on both sides of the wall of the passage in the cave, and there are 1304 Buddha statues inside. The main tower is surrounded by small towers, Buddha statues and statues of various animals and monsters. The whole tower is exquisite, complex and orderly, and it is the essence of Burma’s ancient architectural art. Inside the pagoda, there are four standing golden Buddhas about 10 meters high, standing in four directions, East, West, North and south. Each one has a different posture, representing a different meaning. Countless local people and many pilgrims from afar worship and offer flowers together.

Walking barefoot in Pugan at noon, the heat waves from the ground will be like waves, which will stimulate the soles of the feet. In addition, the old ash soil on the ground will be firmly adsorbed on the bare skin. It is said that every person who has been to Myanmar will thicken the soles of the feet after returning home. I have no doubt about this.

The word Ananda is derived from Sanskrit and means “endless wisdom”. Ananda temple is also worthy of its name. It integrates the great achievements of architectural art. From any point of view, it is extremely beautiful. It is not only magnificent, but also merges the style of ancient Greek sculpture, with rich and wonderful details.

There are several bungalows at the back of the temple, which look like a monastery. Many little nuns in pink robes and local children enjoy the cool here. From time to time, there are bursts of laughter like silver bells. To be honest, although we often see little nuns in Myanmar, most of them are silent. It is said that although the status of monks in Myanmar is very high, the status of nuns is not high, but the status of women Even worse, seeing the happy little nuns, they didn’t realize that they were just children, with the innocence they should have at this age

Leaving Ananda temple, we come to ruiguyi temple. Shwegugyi means “great golden Grottoes”. The most central tower in ruigu is similar to Ananda. It is said that it was built in imitation of Ananda temple. Unfortunately, the imitation was not very successful. In addition to the wooden door in the early stage of construction which has been used up to now, other parts have been repaired on a large scale. There are traces of spray paint everywhere on the gable, making the whole temple very mottled

Now we come to the tallest building in Pugan, the temple of taibing Yu (dabinniu Temple), which has just entered old Pugan The 67 meter tall temple is like a giant fortress. In fact, no matter you look at any Pagoda in Pugan, you can see his majestic posture, which is different from the square structure of Ananda temple. The east wing of the temple protrudes outward, breaking the completely symmetrical pattern. This form has been inherited by many later temples. The pagoda is divided into two layers. On each layer, there are three levels of Fu Tu, which are successively contracted and decorated with wall stacks and small pagodas. On the top is a high gold pagoda. The tower has five floors (the first and second floors were once inhabited by monks, the third floor is meditation space, the fourth floor is library, and the fifth floor is Buddha). He Bingyu means “Prajna”, that is, the supreme wisdom of the Buddha, the supreme right and equal consciousness, which should also be named “omniscient”

Bingyu came out to see the time. At about four o’clock in the afternoon, he was ready to go back to Liangwu. He rode all the way from old Pugan to Liangwu, returned the car, checked out, and took a taxi back to old Pugan with his luggage. He asked why he was so upset. It’s only because he ignored the area of Pugan. Today, he stayed in the most famous wanghong hotel in Pugan – old Pugan Tande hotel As one of the only hotels in old Bugan, this manor style hotel that has hosted Edward VIII has a high cost performance. Of course, the most attractive one is the red bodhi tree next to the Irrawaddy River. The terrace near the river is a wonderful place to watch the sunset. The golden light of the sunset also dyed the Irrawaddy River golden. Boats come slowly from time to time, Apart from tourists, most of the local residents in Bugan live a life of sunrise and sunset, which has been the case for thousands of years. With Myanmar’s gradual opening up to the outside world, the trend of globalization inevitably affects the local people’s life. I only hope that they can keep their faith and smile.

After morning exercise, I return to the hotel to bathe and change clothes. Today’s first stop is the bhupaye temple, which stands by the Irrawaddy River. Look at this tower, it’s big and round. Don’t underestimate it. The bhupaye temple, like a big bell, is the earliest temple in Pugan area, but it was completely damaged in the 1975 earthquake, so it’s rebuilt later. Although it’s not sure when it was built, according to the The inscription at the entrance can be traced back to the 3rd century. Judging from the style of the pagoda, it is likely that it was built in the 9th century when the city of Bugan was built or in the 11th century when the city wall was built. There is a legend that when thamuddarit, the first king of Pugan plain, ruled the country, he met five kinds of monsters, such as tiger, flying rat, boar, big bird and a big gourd. The vine of the big gourd stretched out everywhere, broke its stem and grew back to its original shape. Until Prince pyusawhti (163-243) came to Pugan with a god bowl to accept these five kinds of monsters. After he ascended the throne, he built a pagoda on the white stone altar, painted with gold on the outside, and worshipped the relic inside. Bupaye means “the tower of gourds”. Besides, it’s also a good place to watch the sunset.

From the northernmost bupaye temple, I rode southward along the East Road. A temple with a different shape attracted my eyes. After checking, I found that the high tower full of Indian style in front of me was the exquisite Maha Bodhi temple. King htilominlo went to India The name and style of the temple, which was built after the pilgrimage, were copied from the Great Bodhi temple in putikaya, India. There are two versions about King narapatishu’s construction of gedaopalin Temple: one is that the king, because of his arrogance, claimed that his achievements far exceeded those of his ancestors. As a result, he became blind, and later won the Indian throne With the guidance of the eminent monk, he made a statue of his ancestors to repent and atone. After that, his eyes were really good, so the king built gedao Palin temple at the place where the ceremony was held. Another argument is that the venerable monk panthagu mahathera could not stand the arrogance of nalapatishu and fled to Sri Lanka for six years. The gedao Palin temple was built by nalapatishu to show his respect for panthagu mahathera.

The next stop is mingala pagoda, the most famous Pagoda in the west of Portugal and Gansu. The shape of mingala pagoda is very similar to that of Ruixi palace pagoda. The only difference is that it is built on a brick platform. Built in 1284 by King narathihapati, it was the last large pagoda built by the state of Bugan. Three years later, in 1287, the state of Bugan was destroyed by Kublai Khan, and then the state of Bugan became a vassal state of the Yuan Dynasty. Unfortunately, it was badly damaged in the earthquake of 16 years. Now it’s impossible to visit

Manuha temple is located in the village. The origin of this temple is also full of drama. Originally, King manuha was the king of the small mon nation that went to Burma. He lost to Pugan in the war and became a prisoner himself. He became the Myanmar version of empress li of the Southern Tang Dynasty. Empress Li wrote poems after he became a prisoner of the Song Dynasty, while King manuha began to build the back of the temple after he became a prisoner of Pugan There is a 20 meter long reclining Buddha in the face Buddha room. It is said that this Reclining Buddha, like all sitting Buddhas in this temple, lives in a narrow space. Maybe the king has projected his situation and mentality onto the Buddha

At two o’clock in the afternoon, new Bugan was very hot. There were a lot of tourists on the street. They rode all the way from new Bugan to the East. There were few people on the road in the south of Bugan. All the way, the extreme speed of E-bike was tested. 50km / h could not be more. The next goal was to explore dhammayazika In front of the largest Pagoda in the south of Pugan plain, damayarika pagoda, we found that the temple was under repair and several workers were working on the scaffold.

Due to its remote location, damayarika pagoda is rarely known. In fact, this temple is also one of the temples that Pugan can’t miss. Its base is pentagonal, with a small pagoda at each of the five top points of the pentagonal, surrounding the big gold Pagoda in the center.

Sulamani temple, another landmark in buganping Only a short while ago come in a throng of pagodas, which carry the essence of Bagan’s architectural art, and the beautiful flame shaped spire is also a frequent visitor to the pagan Ming piece. Unfortunately, everything is past, and the broken Su Mu Ni temple can not see its original appearance. Bright colors can be seen in Myanmar’s hierarchy, clothing, ethnic customs and social activities. The murals in the whole cloister tell us about the origin of Buddhism, how it was introduced into Myanmar, how it was accepted and evolved by people, and various sacrificial activities of Buddhism, For example, rowing a dragon boat and so on, if you look closely with a flashlight, you will find that none of the characters in the mural are repetitive

It took 40 minutes to leave the suramani temple. Then it cut across the plain all the way to the ruishantuo pagoda. In a rectangular Buddhist temple beside the ruishantuo pagoda, you can see a 20 meter long reclining Buddha. What’s different is that the entrance of the temple is extremely narrow, and the space inside the temple is cramped and full of pressure. The name of Shantuo pagoda means “golden sacred hair relic”. The pagoda is named after the Buddha hair relic that is worshipped and treasured in the pagoda and paid tribute by King Pigu. Maybe there is Buddha’s hair hidden in the pagoda, but this Reclining Buddha is in such a poor situation that he can’t even turn over

Chapter 3 yinlai Lake: whose Utopia is the floating island of Bibo

At this time, northern Myanmar seemed to be possessed by the soul of Britain. Wild flowers are in full bloom everywhere – Honeysuckle in the dense forest, the smell is like wild rose falling pear, and even violet in the dark of the bush. The sun circled in the low sky, freezing at night and early in the morning. The white mist from the valley was like the steam from a huge kettle. People come out to hunt ducks and Snipes. There are countless Snipes and flocks of geese flying from the shoal, and the cry is like a freight train passing through the iron bridge. ——From Myanmar years

During my trip to Myanmar, I always felt that yinlai lake was over commercialized, dirty and poor, and the location was rather poor. Only here did I find that I had a deep misunderstanding about it. What is yinlai lake like? It is most appropriate to use Marshal Chen Yi’s classic poem to describe it: “there is no such thing as yinlai lake and Bibo floating island like an arrow in an airship.”

Yesterday I got on the night bus to yinlai lake. At 5 a.m., a beautiful day began again

When we got off the bus, we saw that our hotel was very close, and ignored the driver who was pulling us to the station. Unexpectedly, a fat uncle followed us persistently. When we learned that we didn’t take the bus, we began to promote the package boat tour. We asked about the price, which was 15000k. All the regular attractions were included, and the price was OK. Finally, we went to the hotel to put down our luggage, wash our face, and lay down on the bed for 5 minutes We followed fat uncle to the dock, let’s go, let’s go out to sea!

In the morning, there is a mist floating on the water. All the boats here have the same shape. The hull is long and narrow, and a diesel motor is installed at the back. There are small benches and life jackets with backrests on the boat. The difference is the color of the hull and the appearance of the boatman. You must remember the characteristics of the boat you are taking. Otherwise, when you come back after a happy stroll, you will find that all the boats parked on the shore are the same It happens that the boatman is not here, so you can slowly find your own boat. A boat can seat about four people, and we are still very free. Driving against the cold wind on yinlai lake, you can only hear the wind and the sudden sound of diesel engine. The area of yinlai lake is very large, long from north to South and narrow from east to west. The whole lake area is divided into “North Lake” and “South Lake”, just like “North Lake” Niangshui Town, where tourists gather, is located at the northernmost end of the North Lake. Most of the scenic spots are in the south of the North Lake, and the core area of yinlai lake is also located here.

The fishermen who row on one foot, who wear orange mandarin jacket, hat and cylindrical bamboo basket, are all actors. They can be regarded as a kind of commodity derived from the demand of tourists for taking photos,

There are natural floating islands and artificial floating islands on yinlai lake. The natural floating island is formed by the accumulation of aquatic plants, duckweed and soil in the lake. The artificial floating island is man-made. The local people gather the aquatic plants, duckweed and vines on the lake and cover them with lake mud to form floating fields. These artificial islands can be ceded and sold as land. The area of floating islands varies in size. The large floating islands are tens of thousands of square meters, while the small ones are only about 1-2 square meters. People use bamboo poles, wooden piles, etc. to support around the floating island, so that they can’t drift with the current and move around. As long as you take away these fixtures, you can move with people and the island.

The floating island is rich in water and fertile soil, which is very suitable for crop cultivation. In order to facilitate cultivation and management, people reclaim the floating island into long floating fields, and plant flowers and vegetables on the floating fields. Crops will not be inundated by the flood of the lake, and will not be dried up due to drought and no rain, so all kinds of fruits, vegetables and other crops grow luxuriantly. Every harvest season, the lake area is a busy scene, full of all kinds of vegetables, melons and fresh water, which are sold all over Myanmar.

When the boat sailed into a waterway, many houses appeared on both sides. It seems that this is a water village. The lake water is clear, and the local people wash, cook, drink and live here for generations. In order to facilitate people’s exchanges, the closer the floating islands are connected by bamboo bridges or wooden bridges, and the farther the floating islands are connected by boats. There is a boat tied in front of every house. As soon as you get out of the house, you can see boats full of villagers shuttling between high-rise buildings, which is quite lively. When the boatman pulled in, there was a big temple in front of him. We had seen so many temples these days that we didn’t even remember the name. Later we learned that it was the most famous pengdu’ao temple here. There were five golden Buddha statues in the temple. It was a pity that we didn’t go in to have a look, but the focus of our trip was the five-day market of yinlai lake. There are more than 30 villages in yinlai lake, some of them are villages on one island, some of them are villages on several islands, and some of them are villages on several villages. These floating houses can be pegged and fixed on the water surface, or they can drift in the lake. When the whole village drifts with the wind, it’s like a cruise ship on the lake. Some floating islands are also covered with temples, forming a unique water temple. From a distance, the golden spires of the temples are scattered in the lake.

Turning into the small river again, we came to the textile workshop. The textile workshop in yinlai lake is famous for lotus stem spinning. As the name suggests, lotus stem spinning is to extract silk fiber from Lotus stem and spin it into cloth. They cut the fresh lotus stem, then spun it (silk thread fiber), twisted it into short thread by hand, and then connected it with long thread. Through washing, drying, spinning and other processes, they made the thread that can be woven. After that, all kinds of finished products are woven. This is the lotus stem silk cloth. The whole process is purely handmade, which is naturally expensive. The female worker in charge of the drawing sits cross legged, with a short wooden table in front. The female worker breaks several lotus stems at the waist, pulls out the silk, puts it on the wooden table with water, rubs it back and forth with her palm, and the extracted lotus stem silk becomes a thin thread. Then, the female worker breaks the lotus stem again, and repeats the process of thread rubbing for many times To get a meter of thread.

As the boats slowly approached the five day market, there were more boats around. Local residents set up grocery stores on the boats to sell small handicrafts to tourists. Yinlai Lake District holds water fairs every five days in several places on the lake. People buy all kinds of food and daily necessities from here. Many fishermen and vegetable farmers also transport fresh fish and vegetables here for sale. In addition, it is for the increasing number of tourists to display a variety of handmade products and tourist souvenirs with national characteristics. One of the most famous is the Iwama water market. Today, we are lucky to get off the boat and walk along the dirt road. This water market is actually built on the land on the shore of the lake. Finally, we have stepped on solid land and feel a lot of steadiness

With the increasing development of Myanmar’s tourism industry in recent years, more and more tourists are selling souvenirs in the water market. Many silver ornaments, root carvings and puppet dolls are dazzling. Walking through the market, many women are found holding flowers. It turns out that there are many flower vendors here. The roots of the flowers are still covered with soil. They may have been picked in the morning, and people buy flowers for them Buddha, in exchange for inner peace. It took me more than two hours to walk around the water market and leave with big bags and small packages.

There are many floating island restaurants on the lake. After a simple lunch, we went to Tiao Mao temple. It is said that an old monk in Tiao Mao Temple saw a kitten leaping up beside him when he was practicing Buddhism, so he realized and began to train more than 20 cats in the temple to jump around. After the successful training, the place became popular, and the kittens in the temple became stars. The temple was also known as Tiao Mao temple. It’s not out of date to move across the border. Now the kittens in the temple have long stopped dancing

Yinlai lake cruise time is generally relatively fixed, because we set out early, back to the town time is less than four o’clock.

Rangoon: Gods and beings, marketplace and Metropolis

“We don’t need to see the far end of the road immediately, we just need to see the road to get there” – Aung San Suu Kyi

The city of Rangoon witnessed three abandonments: in the 1940s, British troops retreated and gave Rangoon to Japanese aggressors; in 1962, democracy retreated and gave Rangoon to Suo Guo’s military strongman Nai win; in 2005, even the military government retreated, believing that Myanmar was the best city in the world Naypyidaw in Central China is not easy to be attacked by foreign countries, so it is more suitable to be the capital. So the government moved its capital overnight to the nameless Naypyidaw, and Rangoon became the embarrassing existence

Our journey started with the night bus in Rangoon, and finally we got on the night bus back to Rangoon. After a whole night from the cool yinlai lake, we finally arrived in the sultry Rangoon. Although we got off the bus before dawn, the hot and humid air seemed to make us come to another country

Standing at the window of the hotel, you can see the spiritual totem of Rangoon and even the whole Myanmar – Ruiguang gold pagoda behind the small building with strong European architectural style

Yangon’s small train around the city is one of the things we want to experience most. At the first stop of our trip, we called a taxi to Yangon railway station. Yangon central railway station in front of us has a strong European style, which is a perfect combination of European Baroque architectural style and Burmese architectural style. The railway ring line is built according to Yangon City, about 60 kilometers around the city, with dozens of stations in the whole process, every 2 km- It stops at a station in three minutes, and the speed is about 15 kilometers per hour. It’s a strange thing in Myanmar. Trains run faster than cars

After buying the ticket at the ticket window, I came down from the platform on the second floor with the cheapest train ticket in my life in my hand. Looking at the scene, I was confused and asked the staff which train to take. The staff in the middle of the platform looked at our face. The foreign tourists asked the number face and pointed at it casually. It seemed that they were telling me, hurry up, this narrow gauge railway line around Yangon city It was built in the late 19th century during the British colonial period and has a history of 100 years. The railway transportation is simple and rough. The station is a big shed on the roadside. The ticket station is like a public toilet. You can buy tickets at any station and travel around Yangon city for 3-4 hours. You can get on and off at any station

Myanmar, which has been plagued by civil war for many years, has almost no industry. All of its transportation facilities come from the recycling of waste discarded by other countries. The little train around the city that I’m sitting on is from Japan, just like most of what I’ve seen in Myanmar. Even the words in the carriage are still Japanese, and there is no air conditioning in the car. The train started slowly, and the speed was very slow. After more than three hours, the doors were wide open. For local residents, the small train is a mobile sales market. Countless peddlers, with colorful fruits on their heads or bamboo baskets on their backs, go up and down between train stops. The train will change in the middle of the journey. The car is crowded, and the seats have changed from a row of benches by the window to small ones. The old electric fan shakes its head to send cool air to the passengers.

Benefiting from the trade of grain and timber, Yangon prospered rapidly in the early 20th century, and even surpassed New York as the world’s largest port of immigrants in the late 1920s. Compared with overcrowded India, the population density here is low and the living standard is high. As a result, the steamboats travelling between Calcutta and Rangoon have brought countless cheap Indian labor to Myanmar, once making Burmese an ethnic minority. Now in this city, Indian culture can not be underestimated. Wandering in the streets, houses and temples with strong India flavor are everywhere

Aung San market, named after general Aung San, Myanmar’s “father of independence”, has a history of more than 70 years. Its exterior buildings are also in the style of British colonialism. Myanmar’s recent 50 years of modern history are full of twists and turns. Political pressure has affected two generations. Fortunately, Myanmar has finally ushered in reform and brought vitality to the whole country

Ruiguang gold pagoda is the last stop of Myanmar’s tour. Against the blue sky, countless golden roofed buildings are particularly eye-catching. The legend of the gold pagoda begins with a couple of merchant brothers who met Buddha. They received eight hairs from Buddha and were ready to send them to Myanmar for worship. The brothers went to Myanmar and, with the help of the local king, found the holy mountain where many Buddhist treasures were worshipped. When the Eight Buddhist hairs were taken out of their golden boxes for worship, something incredible happened: “this is a god shaking commotion. The light from the hair penetrates through the heaven (Hall) and the earth (prison), so that the blind can see, the deaf can hear, and the dumb can speak clearly. Moreover, there is drought and thunder in the sky, the earth is shaking, and even Mt. Xumi As a result, gemstones fall from the sky like rain to a depth below the knee, and trees in the Himalayas blossom and bear fruit one after another even when they are not in the flowering season. ” There is a small pool in each of the eight directions around the big gold pagoda. There is a golden bowl on the pool. Behind the golden bowl are two statues of Buddha, one large and one small. In addition, there is a golden statue of animal under the pool. Each direction is different. Some are birds, some are lions. At first, I thought it was people’s reverence for the Buddha. Later, I found that these were actually Myanmar Myanmar people believe that there are seven stars in the universe: sun, moon, fire, water, wood, gold and earth. They cycle once a week, representing every day from Sunday to Saturday. Wednesday is divided into morning and afternoon. Water in the morning and Luo in the afternoon are the monsters that devour the sun and moon in Indian mythology. In this way, there are eight zodiac signs in Myanmar In Myanmar, there are eight days a week. If a Burmese says that he was born on a Sunday, don’t be surprised

As it was getting late, countless volunteers formed a sweeping army. Each of them held two brooms and started the sweeping work in a unified pace. The action was clean and the pace was uniform, forming a unique landscape. After sunset, countless believers lit a bright light around the base of the tower. The beating flames could not stop beating, reflecting between the believers and the Buddha. Besides the believers and tourists, there are also monks wandering here. They are wearing red robes and holding group fans. Their eyes are quiet and deep, full of philosophical wisdom,

Monks move slowly around the stone platform full of oil lamps. Their eyes never leave the fire. The devout old nun stands facing the West with her hands folded. We should know that the rights of men and women in Myanmar are very unequal. In society, people are divided into five levels: monks are first-class citizens, men are second-class citizens, women are third-class citizens, nuns are fourth-class citizens, and human demons are fifth-class citizens. Therefore, it is very common for men to become monks, but women do not require to become nuns, and they are not recognized. Even so, there are many nuns in Myanmar. Why? Maybe they feel that they are nuns and they are devout to Buddhism.

Several little nuns kneel down in a row in the big gold pagoda and read the Scriptures aloud. The reason why these girls choose to become nuns from an early age is probably not because of their faith, but because their families are too poor. Their parents can only send them to temples. After becoming nuns in Myanmar, they have to be nuns all their lives. If they want to return to the secular life, they are doomed to live a lonely life without marriage or work, No income, this pink veil covers the weak body, expressionless, does not provoke dust, these sad who can understand.

This travel note is very long. Thank you for reading it here. In Myanmar, I have gained a spiritual satisfaction that I have never had. In this era of Internet popularity, where traffic is the most important and consumption is fatal, fewer and fewer people are able to settle down and stick to a small corner. Burmese people just have the power to return to nature, whether they are sand painters or niangs The monks in the street of Shuizhen are quiet and powerful

Since the end of 2016, the pagodas of Pugan have been closed one after another. By the beginning of 2019, it is estimated that there are no more than 10 pagodas that can be climbed in the whole plain, and some of them have mediocre angles. It can be said that the sunrise and sunset of Pugan have been greatly affected by it. Here is a brief summary of some pagodas that I have explored, young people, riding motorcycles on the plain.

1. Bredita (394 towers)

Sunrise is good, you can take a big balloon, the tower has been closed, but the stairs are outside, the fence is not high, you can climb, pay attention to safety, very narrow

2. Nameless tower (coordinates 21.147938,94.871884)

Located in the middle of the plain, there is a large square platform, the foreground is damayarika pagoda, but the location is far away

3. Nameless tower (coordinates 21.1430200, 94.8727830)

It is located in the central and southern part of the plain, similar to tower 2, with a good prospect and a far location

4. Nameless tower (coordinates as shown in the figure)

Located in the southeast of Xu Sanduo, you can see damayangji in the foreground. The sunrise is wonderful

5.860 nameless tower beside the tower, the sunrise and sunset view are good, but the distance is a little far, highly recommended

6.761 nameless tower next to the tower, slightly lower in height, with general vision

7. The tower that my friend found. Innumerable foreigners on INS took photos here. It’s said that it’s dangerous and needs to climb from the outside

8. When old Bugan goes to the nameless tower beside new Bugan Road, you can refer to the previous travel notes: one day in the western plain of Bugan, which is far away from the balloon

9. Pugan In addition to the wild pagoda, the government has built several earth slopes which are used as observation platforms. However, most of the earth slopes are very low in height and lack of vision. Countless travel groups coming by bus often gather on the earth slopes, and Wuyang is full of people I know a few, you can choose

Slope 1 (coordinates 21.143020, 94.872783)

Located in the north of the plain, sunrise point, general vision

Slope 2 (coordinates 21.1623750, 94.8886310)

Sunset slot No.1, great angle, but hard to find

The above is the information I have collected. What needs special attention is that Pugan’s balloon will only run from October to March. If you want to shoot a balloon, you should be optimistic about the travel time.

Itinerary and route

Myanmar has a nickname in the western world“ Although it has been more than ten years since Myanmar was opened to the outside world, most of the information of this country is still vague. Tourists come here mainly around Yangon, Pugan, Mandalay and yinlai lake, depending on the length of time. If you go to all four, you’d better reserve about 10 days, if you have more time It’s not as good as that

It is believed that there will definitely be gains in exploring some places where the minority go, such as monyova, maotemian, Danlao islands, etc.

If there are no restrictions, it is reasonable to suggest that Mandalay go in and out of Yangon, or Yangon go in and out of Mandalay

Day 1 – Yangon – Mandalay (JJ bus)

Day 2 Mandalay

Day 3 Mandalay

Day 4 Mandalay, Mandalay Bugan (OK bus)

Day 5 Pugan

Day 6 Pugan

Day 7 Bugan, Bugan yinlai Lake (JJ bus)

Day 8 yinlai Lake

Day 9 Lake inley, Lake inley Yangon (JJ bus)

Day 10 Yangon-

Basic necessities of life in Myanmar


Myanmar has a tropical monsoon climate without spring, summer, autumn and winter. Due to the influence of monsoon, Myanmar can be divided into hot season (March to mid May), rainy season (mid May to October) and cool season (November to February), The best tourist season is cool season, which is also the peak season of Myanmar tourism. It should be noted that the temperature difference between day and night in Myanmar’s cool season is really big. Although the sun at noon is very hot, it’s not unnecessary to wear down jacket to watch the sunrise in the morning. In addition, there is no hot air in the night bus and most of the hotel’s air conditioning. You must bring long sleeves, trousers and thick coat! We both brought a big bag of vests and underpants, which was useless!

In addition, when visiting Buddhist pagodas and temples, the upper body should not be exposed to the shoulder, chest, navel, etc., and the lower body should be over the knee. The best way is to buy a Longji, where it can’t be enclosed. Shoes and socks are forbidden in all temples. In order to make it easy to wear and take off, you must bring a pair of flexible and dirt resistant slippers.


Even today, when I think of Burmese food, I still can’t forget the strange sour and smelly midday in Mandalay, so I don’t recommend Burmese food. Instead, I recommend some other impressive restaurants, mainly western food


1. Toom yam koong-2, Thai food restaurant, with good environment. It’s located on the road from urban area to uben bridge. It’s far away. There’s self-service hot pot

2. Rainforest: an interesting old Thai restaurant with good environment


1. Silver house, located in new Pugan. It’s opened by an old couple. It’s covered and watered well. The tableware is made of silver. The hygiene is good

2. Little bit of Bagan, located in niangwu, escaped from the terrible Indian food restaurant opened by the super confident Indian grandfather next door (who recommended it on the Internet and wanted to beat him). One of the best eateries in Bugan, he ate his first meal with tears. Later, he went to yinlai Lake for another meal that night

Yinlai Lake:

I don’t want to explain. Niangshui is the highest ranking restaurant in the town. The service is very considerate. After two meals here, I still can’t finish

KFC at Yangon airport has spicy fried chicken. It’s delicious


Most of the hotels in Myanmar are cost-effective, and the old bagan Tande hotel in old bagan is recommended. The reason is not described. There is not one of the most cost-effective hotels in old bagan


Myanmar There are buses, trains and airplanes in our intercity transportation. Airplanes are small and dilapidated airplanes. Air tickets are expensive and difficult to buy. Trains are extremely slow and sanitary. Most travelers choose buses. Most bus companies prepare night buses for tourists. Getting on the bus to sleep and arriving at the destination early the next day can save time. You may worry about the bus Rest assured, Myanmar’s night bus is definitely a five-star standard. The 2 + 1 seats can be placed at 160 degrees. The car is equipped with waist support, small pillows and blankets, and a “car sister” and “car little” push the car service. You can’t imagine the picture. Just think of them as the “air hostess” and “empty little” of the Shanzhai version

Speaking of this, I think of watching “Che Jie” push the car to distribute food to the passengers on the first night. The car is rough and even a bit shabby. It should have been eliminated according to our standards. On the contrary, they decorate the car with many flowers and plush toys. I can’t help thinking of the rotten sneakers that Zhao Wei sewed for Zhou Xingchi in Shaolin football. Their life may not be so good It’s beautiful, but many Burmese people are not depressed in their eyes. They are full of hope for life and work hard to live

Myanmar bus booking website:

Jjbus e-mail (fast response) @



There are more taxis in Rangoon and Mandalay. They don’t charge. You must bargain with the driver before you get on the bus. The scenic spots in the city are generally within 2000K. Rangoon and Mandalay can use grabs, but they are relatively few. Electric cars are only available in Bugan. The price of niangshui town is 3000K / day.

It’s 30000 kyat.

Generally, a tutu car in Mandalay costs about 35000-40000 Kia / day, and the route is relatively fixed

Yinlai Lake charter boat basic one-way 15000kyat, go to distant attractions to add money, can bargain.


Kyat “Kia”, Myanmar needs to change US dollars and then go to Myanmar to change Kia. The dollar should be clean and no crease after 2009. It’s suggested to change some when you leave the airport. It’s the most cost-effective to change the face value of US $100. It’s not convenient to withdraw cash from the bank card with more cash.

Myanmar’s banks are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Pay attention to the money in hand and change it early.

[calling card]

The main operators are MPT and ooredoo. In order to experience one, we bought one. It’s much more expensive, and there’s little difference between them

[essential items]

In addition to cash, certificates, credit cards and other necessary things, you must prepare masks or magic headscarves when you go to Myanmar.

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