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Spa & massage in Phuket

There are four kinds of spa treatments in Thailand, including Angsana spa, Bayan Tree Spa, ban Sabai spa and mandara spa, as well as the spa treatments developed by hotels themselves, including traditional massage, body therapy, petal spa, face care and natural herbal recuperation. Here, each spa center has its own unique style, so that you can forget all the troubles in the hustle and bustle in the paradise like environment, in the fragrant atmosphere, and with the skilful technique of the local technicians, and completely feel the incomparably relaxed realm.

1. Spa classification of Phuket

Angsana Spa: it is divided into 28 treatment courses. All the treatment materials are from natural fruits. Ayurvedic Massage, fusion massage and Angsana massage are most popular among tourists in the whole body pressure relief massage and skin beauty care. Traditional Thai herbal medicine care and banana puree skin care are the most popular skin care, which can promote the natural regeneration of skin and make it more smooth and delicate.

Banyan Tree Spa: it mainly includes body massage, body care and face care. Royal banyan and harmony are more popular Banyan, a professional massage master, massages the body with different strength according to the structure of the body, promotes blood circulation, reduces muscle pressure, and then combines with different aroma essential oils to achieve the effect of real relaxation through the transmission of respiratory system.

Ban Sabai Spa: ban Sabai spa provides massage, body care, herbal bath, hand and foot nail care, as well as 3 to 5 hours of combined treatment. Its biggest feature is local traditional massage and herbal therapy. Herbal essential oil massage is more popular. Ban Sabai spa provides a full range of home spa therapeutic materials, which are all extracted from natural plants and minerals.

Mandara Spa: This is the most widely distributed spa course in Thailand. It is mainly divided into three kinds: essential oil massage, body care, face and foot care. The therapeutic materials are extracted from natural plants and minerals. The more popular two person four handed aromatherapy is essential oil massage. It uses different forces to massage the body, reduce muscle pressure, and cooperate with the fragrance of essential oil.

2. How to arrange a spa during the trip

A complete spa process usually takes 1-3 hours. During the journey, if it’s not a vacation, but a sightseeing trip, make sure to arrange the time in advance. It’s not suitable to do spa on an empty stomach or just after a meal, and it’s better not to arrange too hard or exciting things after spa. It’s better to do some soothing things, and then have a good rest, so as to make the spa stay longer in the body.

The selection of spa treatment course must match with the actual situation of your body, and communicate with your aromatherapist as much as possible before selection, so as to select the most suitable treatment course for you! And the choice of spa should be meticulous, because spa is a comprehensive enjoyment of smell, taste, hearing, vision and touch. Any link with problems should be put forward in time, and every detail is perfect. It is a good spa.

3. Some points for attention when doing Spa

Have heart disease, skin disease, hypertension or in pregnancy and physiological period should not do spa

Before 3 hours of treatment, do not drink alcohol (even alcoholic drinks are not drunk), do not smoke in the course of treatment, otherwise it will not achieve the desired effect.

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