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Thai parent-child Hotel recommendation

Many people take their babies to Thailand, how to increase the comfort of the journey? Besides arranging the trip reasonably, the hotel is also one of the important factors. Good sleep can bring the next day of good energy, baby rest, the family can enjoy the fun. The selection of suitable hotels for the baby should be considered: 1. clean and sanitary is the first choice; 2. there are children’s swimming pools, children’s activity rooms, etc.; 3. children’s bed; 4. not too far from the downtown scenic spots. From this small compilation to help you select some high-grade hotels for your reference.


Casa Blanca Boutique Hotel

Located in a colonial style building, the hotel offers guests a walk to the old Phuket City, with beautiful boutique rooms, gardens, outdoor swimming pools and free wireless network connections covering all over the place. The hotel is 10 minutes walk from the bus stop, less than 20 minutes from Patong beach and 30 minutes from Phuket International Airport.

Additional bed for children: allow 1 child under 4 years old to use the existing bed for free. Allow one older child or adult to charge for one extra bed, thb500 per night.

Comments: the staff are very enthusiastic, the hotel is in a good location, and the sanitation is very good, and they are very clean.

Price: 40+ USD / night

The Lantern Resort Patong

The hotel is 20 minutes from Phuket Town, located in the center of Patong beach, with 3 swimming pools, 1 spa and 1 restaurant. The hotel service is very good, the service staff is very enthusiastic and very humanized.

Additional bed for children: allow 1 child under 7 years old to use the existing bed for free. Allow one older child or adult to charge for one extra bed: thb1200 per night.

Comments: on the first and last days of Phuket, I chose to live here. It was not wrong. The location was very convenient. I went to Jungceylon and seafood market. I walked for more than 5 minutes in the snack night market; within 10 minutes to the bar street, the beach was more than 10 minutes. The facilities are simple, clean and comfortable, and the quiet place is not a resort hotel. But it is very convenient to go around or buy things back to put them back on the last day.

Price: 60+ USD / night

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort Phuket

The hotel has a seaside location, a private balcony room, 5 swimming pools, a fitness center and 4 catering spaces. The garden design of the hotel is very exquisite, with many small animals. The children like it very much. The service and public facilities of the hotel are also good. The swimming pool and garden are all worthy of praise.

Comments: a very good trip, the balcony of the room is directly facing the sea, very quiet, the garden is very beautiful, very like, there are many swimming pools, balcony can hang clothes, traffic is also very convenient.

Price: 80+ USD / night

Eastin Tan Hotel Chiang Mai

Located in Chiang Mai, the hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and dining room, and provides free wireless network connection. The hotel room is simple, clean and comfortable, and can enjoy the city scenery in the hotel room. The staff are polite and the location is moderate. Maya is across the road of the hotel, near the zoo and Doi Suthep. It’s a high price performance.

Additional bed for children: allow 1 child under 16 years old to use the existing bed for free. Allow one older child or adult to charge for one extra bed: THB 1187 per night.

Comments: because of the friends and couples, we all have children, so we book a suite, the room is clean, the space is large enough, and there are balcony. The service and breakfast were very good, the staff were very kind, and they were also actively amused to play when they saw the children. The downstairs of the hotel is a collection of various kinds of shops with modern artistic flavor called think Park, which is very lively. There are large Maya department stores opposite. The special shops around Chiang Mai University are also worth visiting.

Price: 60+ USD / night

At Chiang Mai

The hotel is 2 minutes from Sunday walk street, providing rooms with bathtub and free wireless network connection. Guests can relax by the swimming pool. The hotel is 6 minutes’ walk from watpan Tao, water Chiang man and water Jedi Luang. It is 12 minutes from the Chiang Mai bus station and Chiang Mai railway station. The hotel is 15 minutes from Chiang Mai airport.

Additional bed for children: allow 1 child under 5 years old to use the existing bed for free. Allow 1 child under 2 years old, plus 1 crib, per night THB 450. Allow one older child or adult to charge for one extra bed: THB 700 per night.

Comment: the location is very good. It is very convenient to go anywhere in the ancient city. It is very close to several big temples. When the hotel goes out and turns right, you can see bar street. There is a swimming pool in the hotel. The children are very happy. There are Chinese speaking staff at the front desk, which helps us very much.

Price: 50+ USD / night

The Empress Hotel

The hotel enjoys a quiet place, only 10 minutes walk from the convenience store in the Chiang Mai night market, and can be reached by walking. The hotel is also very decorated with features and good service. Welcome drink and breakfast are available. The breakfast is rich in types and comfortable to stay. The guest room has modern Asian style furniture and a rest area next to the floor window.

Additional bed for children: one child under 2 years old is allowed, plus 1 crib, free of charge. A child under 12 years old is allowed to use the existing bed at THB 250 per night. Allow one older child or adult to charge for one extra bed: THB 850 per night.

Comments: the overall decoration of the hotel is very classical and very Thailand, the room is also comfortable, the service staff attitude is good, welcome drive, when they go to drink, the waiter also gave a rose, super intimate, and a bunch of welcome snacks, each party has good night flower, in general, it is a good hotel focusing on details.

Price: 60+ USD / night

Pathumwan Princess Hotel

The award-winning five-star patchumwan Prince Hotel combines Thai hospitality with fashionable decoration, adjacent to the MBK shopping center, opposite Siam Square, with five dining options, an outdoor swimming pool and a tennis court. The spacious rooms of the hotel are covered with beautiful dark wood floors and floor windows to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Bangkok.

Additional bed for children: children under 4 years old who are staying in will not be charged for using existing beds. Bed addition charge: THB 1588 per night

Comments: the attitude of the employees in the company is good. There is an episode in the middle. My son plays with water and gets water beside the rescue facilities in the room. The outdoor rescue lights were flashing, and several rescue workers were summoned. We are very sorry, and the attitude is very good. And they were moved by their responsible attitude. The hotel’s access car service is also commendable.

Price: 100+ USD / night

Casa Nithra Bangkok

The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and garden, which is 1.3km away from Khao San Road and 2.5km away from the grand palace. Customers who don’t like Patong’s clamour can choose boldly. From the hotel, you can also overlook Bangkok. The service and environment of the hotel are impeccable, and the waiter is very enthusiastic. Convenient transportation. There is a free bus from the hotel to Patong. Price: 50-100 dollars.

Additional bed for children: allow 1 child under 6 years old to use the existing bed for free.

Comments: very good, very close to Khao San Road. The attitude of service staff on the first night was very good. We were prepared with tea and the room was also arranged very well with petals. Unfortunately, the pool doesn’t have time to use. I’ll live in this next time.

Price: 50+ USD / night

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