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Tax rebate in Phuket

Thailand’s latest tax refund regulations: many businesses have cancelled the pp10 tax refund form and replaced it with pp10 tax refund card. The merchants will record the consumption records and tax refund information of passengers in the card, and one card can be re registered in different merchants. That’s fine. You don’t have to fill in a lot of tax returns.

In Thailand, if you see the logo of “VAT refund for tours” in shopping malls, it means that you can get tax refund if you spend a certain amount here.

When you leave Thailand, you can apply for tax refund at the airport if the total amount of shopping exceeds 5000 baht.

Shopping can enjoy tax refund only if the cash register is marked with Robinson. Shops that can enjoy tax refund have obvious tips of VAT refund at the cash register, so shopping in big-c supermarket and some exclusive counters inside can’t get tax refund.

The price of Phuket airport duty-free shop is the same as that of Bangkok airport duty-free shop. Bangkok has a lot of things. However, if you shop at the duty-free shop of Phuket airport for over 5000bht, you can get a 10% discount. After the tax refund at Phuket airport, I gave a 10% discount card to buy anything.

Tax refund of Phuket airport

1) Shopping in Phuket is likely to enjoy a 6% tax rebate! But it must meet the following conditions

1. You must shop from the shop marked with VAT refund for tours.

2. You must buy at least 2000b in the same store on the same day.

3. The total amount of goods purchased must exceed 5000B.

4. When shopping, you must collect pp10 VAT refund form from the store and fill in it (you need to show your passport to the staff of the store)

5. All receipts and credit card voucher must be kept

2) Tax refund process

When you leave Thailand (you must leave Thailand from Phuket airport to get tax refund. If you have to transfer to Bangkok or Chiang Mai, you can’t get tax refund at Phuket airport. You can only apply for tax refund from the airport that left Thailand at last). You must put these tax refund items in your hand luggage! Find VAT refund office in department hall before entering customs, show your passport and invoice, and ask him to stamp on your pp10 form. After passing the passport control (security check), show your passport, receipt and VAT refund form at the VAT / duty refund office. For valuables, such as watches and jewelry, show them to the staff! So the above said, be sure to put the things you buy into your hand luggage. Then give someone a 100b service charge: Curse: to get cash, money order or ask him to return the money to his credit card. (if you buy more than 30000b, you can only get a draft or return it to a card.).

3) Several points for attention of tax refund

The actual tax refund will be deducted 100 baht per person, so it is suggested that familiar children’s shoes should be handled together, and the service charge can be reduced;

The tax refund can only be obtained after the security check at the airport, so please don’t count this part of cash into your consumption budget before entering the customs;

You don’t need to show your general items when you apply for tax refund at the airport, so you can check them together with your luggage.

Take Carrefour as an example. Carrefour’s non food consumption above 2000b can apply for tax refund. When you go to the Carrefour service desk, the staff will help you fill in the tax refund application form and calculate the amount of tax refund. When you leave, you can directly check your purchases at Phuket airport It’s OK. The place of tax refund will not depend on what you buy. After checking and printing the boarding pass and entering the terminal, there will be a tax refund window. Just give him the passport and tax refund form, and the refund amount will be directly given to cash. Here, 100b service charge will be deducted. And then it’s OK. (only when the total purchase amount exceeds 5000B, the tax refund can be started. So you have to make sure that the amount on each tax refund application is more than 2000b, and the total amount on all the application forms is more than 5000B.)

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