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The new beautiful sea view hotel in Phuket in 2021

With the coming of 2021, the list of hotels in Phuket should be renewed. This time, four newly opened hotels in Phuket are recommended, each with an invincible sea view, so that you can enjoy the southern style of Phuket. Phuket is definitely the first choice to visit Thailand. Come to see these four quality hotels right away.

1.Island Escape by Burasari

Island escape by burasari is located on Coconut Island in Phuket. It is a five-star resort located in nature. It is not only comfortable to live in, but also has a pleasant surrounding environment. It makes people feel like they are on vacation on their own private island. In addition to the spa facilities, various water activities are arranged for everyone to participate in during the day. Burasari is especially suitable for lovers to stay. At night, the hotel will set up a wedding Pavilion, so that couples can take sweet photos under romantic lights. If you want to surprise your partner or even propose, don’t miss such a good time and place.

Now that you’ve all come to Phuket, you’d better have a welcome cocktail made of top-grade Bangkok vodka. Then go back to the pool villa and fall asleep in the sound of the waves at night.

Burasari has many beautiful punch points, so there is no need to worry about not having beautiful photos to punch in. Come here and make sure you have amazing photos every day from your check-in to your departure.

2.Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach Resort

Pullman Phuket Island Resort is also a five-star hotel. Located at Panwa corner, Pullman Phuket Island Resort is a very suitable scenic spot for vacation, leisure, tourism or entertainment activities. It is very close to the famous tamarind restaurant, the Panwa caf é cafe and other scenic spots in Phuket. The overall design of the room is quite fashionable and spacious, and the facilities are complete. When you wake up in such a luxurious room, you can see the blue sea and blue sky outside. Sitting in the swimming pool to enjoy the beautiful scenery is the highest vacation enjoyment. During the promotion period of the hotel, it only costs about $60 per night. In addition, it also offers many trips, such as Hobie sailing experience, canoeing, marine life and so on.

3.FourPoints by Sheraton Phuket Patong Beach Resort

The hotel itself is four-star, but the atmosphere is top class. The overall style is modern with classical elements. The scenic spot is Patong Beach. The hotel is located on the road beside the coastline. You can walk on the beach of Phuket within a few steps, which is very suitable for relaxing. The hotel environment is quite quiet, the atmosphere is leisurely, the room is spacious and tidy, the decoration is exquisite, and also has a luxury swimming pool, other necessary facilities are also available. If you want to enjoy the cocktail of the deck Beach Club while swimming, you can also ask the hotel to prepare it for you, which can be said to be the most valuable service experience.

In addition, there are also restaurants such as chaoleh kitchen and Sears & Co. in the hotel, with a variety of dishes. It is recommended that you dine there. If you want to add more beach style, you can also have a bottle of coco Buri coconut juice to cool your body and mind.

4.Pullman Khaolak Resort

This newly opened luxury resort is close to the Andaman Sea. You can walk out of the hotel to the waves. There is also a beach club bar on the beach, which allows you to enjoy the sea leisurely. The villa itself is designed in the unique Chinese Portuguese architectural style of Tainan. The decoration style of the house is also gorgeous, which is beautiful and creates a warm atmosphere. It is suitable for people who want to relieve their physical and mental pressure during the holiday. There are scenic spots in the hotel. You can see the blue sea, or you can sit and watch the beautiful picture of the sunset falling into the Andaman Sea. People who like the sea view can stay here for a whole day.

Pullman resort is currently in the trial operation of the special period, the general room type is $100 per night, and the holiday villa room type is only $260 per night.

This time I went to the beach for a holiday. I was afraid of the dark and the sun. This time, I had a good time. I also swam in swimming, diving, island jumping and other water activities. I also left many beautiful pictures. Thanks to the sunscreen of ele, I didn’t have to worry about sunburn at all.

To come to Phuket, one is to have a good time and the other is to relax. The four newly opened hotels perfectly meet our two pursuits. We are immersed in the beautiful sea view and forget our fatigue. We sincerely recommend you to stay here.

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