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Notes on food accommodation tourism in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai City is a happy paradise for gourmets, which provides a complete set of dishes for all major cuisines in Asia and Europe. As in the traditional northern cuisine, there is a kind of dish called khantok, including curry, fried chicken, sauce, fried crisp pig skin and wild vegetables, which are delicious. But the tourists have more choices, including Chinese, Thai, French, Western and Japanese styles. Although the sea is 700 kilometers away, you can still taste the living seafood in the seafood restaurant along the river, while French restaurants provide the most authentic French food such as bread and pie. In addition, Chiang Mai also has several authentic bars like grabby street in London, UK, which are worth tasting one by one.

Everyone has different tastes. The food is found and tasted by oneself. The following is only the Chiang Mai food collected and sorted out for your reference.


Lemon grass is walking for about 5 minutes when FAH Lanna goes out.stops by FAH Lanna and walks over to dinner. This is a Thai food restaurant, which is slightly expensive, but it is a little bigger than the ordinary Thai restaurant. The service is also good. Basically, it is a pure American Restaurant service. The waiter’s English is good, and the meal volume of small a is good,

One dish plus one drink is enough. Here is the little A-point red curry chicken, a large bowl. The containers for meals are also special. Also ordered kiwi fruit ice sand, taste is good, but the sign should be mango.

Black Canyon Coffee

Black Canyon coffee has a simple breakfast, but it’s also more refined. It’s a signature Black Canyon coffee with a toast. In and out of store environment.

Aroon Rai Restaurant

At noon, I went to aroon Rai restaurant to eat winter shrimp soup and curry. It tastes very good. The soup is full of ingredients.

Shabushi Japanese style self help hot pot

We had two times, which was delicious and too good. Later we saw the branch on theErawan Shrine, and then we walked in resolutely.

This shop is at the end of Night Bazaar. Everyone is 290b. It is limited to 75 minutes. The shop is in a good business. If it doesn’t work well, it will have to wait.

The hot pot here is a small pot with a simple bottom. There are clear soup (really clear soup, nothing), spicy soup (not spicy at all), and winter shrimp soup (also very light). There are plenty of things here. Besides the food on the conveyor belt, there are sushi, barbed, tempura, oden, ice cream and beverage. I am very special Like eating crab feet, that delicious ah, if the self-service area is not, you can also ask the waiter to go for you alone.

The food on the conveyor belt is full of fish, shrimp, seafood and vegetables. Our favorite is to cut into thin, thin beef and pork. The taste is really good. Basically, the meat passed through us has been intercepted by us. I really apologize for the people who sit down.

In Southeast Asia, there are many times to eat fried rice, and chicken fried rice is more common. The fried rice taste is really good. Chiang Mai’s special noodles are very delicious, but the quantity is very small, and they are finished in three or two. The second time I went to ask for soup powder, which was delicious, but the quantity was still not enough. The Thai people were very small. Mango shake, good to drink.

Chicken Rice, Hainan Style

This shop is opened by an old overseas Chinese. The boss told me that his father was from Wenchang, Hainan. He was born in Thailand. The Hainan Chicken in their family is really delicious. There are barbecue strings at the door of their house. We have ten.

6. Chiang Mai accommodation

Economy type accommodation in Chiang Mai

◆Banana Guest House

In the old city, it is a small but friendly hotel. The peak season is full. Free transfer is provided.

4/9 Th Ratchaphakhinai

Multi room bed 70 baht; single / double room with private hot water shower, 100/120 baht

◆Golden Fern Guest House

In the old city, a very quiet hotel, originally an apartment. There are 30 rooms.

Soi 8, Th Phra Pokklao

Rooms with fans, hot water showers and refrigerators are 250 baht; rooms with air conditioning, refrigerators and TV are 350 baht; luxury rooms are 450 baht.

◆Happy House

The hotel is near the river and it is in a quiet environment. There is a hot water bathroom.

11/1 Th Chang Moi Kao

Single / double room with fan, 100/180 baht, 280 baht air conditioning.

◆Center Place Guest House

The hotel is near the river and has many silk shops around it.

Th Loi Kroh

Single / double room with fan and bathroom 150 baht

◆Roong Ruang Hotel

On the east side of the moat. All rooms face the internal courtyard, and cool in front of the door. At the flower festival in February, you can see the parade passing by the door.

398 Th Tha Phae

Room with fan and bathroom, 250 / 280 baht downstairs, room with air conditioning, hot water shower, cable TV 350/ 400 baht downstairs

◆Anodard Hotel

A small hotel near the river, with a very comfortable room.

Th Ratchamankha

Room with air conditioning from 450 baht

Medium Hotel

◆River View Lodge

The hotel is located in the green space, with 36 nice rooms and a public swimming pool. 5_ Off season in August can be discounted. The owner is an antique car collector and you can watch it for free. 1450_ 2000 baht

25 Soi 2, Th Charoen Prathet

◆Red Hibiscus Guesthouse

It is a three story building with a cross surface. The room is clean and comfortable. The waiter can speak English. The service is considerate. Please book the air ticket and rent the car.

Soi 2, Th Arak

650 baht room with air conditioning, hot water, TV and telephone, 1300 baht for small set

a tony restaurant

◆Tamarind Village

In the old city, the architectural appearance is a combination of Thai style and Mediterranean style. There are 40 rooms, surrounded by citrus garden. There are great swimming pools, bars, modern restaurants.

4000baht standard room 50 / 1 th ratchadamnoen; 5000 baht for advanced room; 6000 baht for luxury room, available for reservation

◆The Regent Chiang Mai Resort %26 Spa

The resort villa outside the city has 64 suites, each set of 75 square meters. There is a large courtyard where buffalo can be seen in the field. There are modern restaurants, bars, fitness centers, 2 swimming pools and 2 tennis courts. Pay attention to the only US dollars, the fee does not include tax and services (that is, additional fees). The 900 square meter spa center has been widely praised since its opening.

Th Mae Rim-Samoeng Kao

Add: Notes for Chiang Mai Tourism

Chiang Mai night market

It is probably the most lively place in Chiang Mai. It was just a group of vendors on Chang Klan road. Because of the Inns nearby, it has become a night market with fixed scaffolding and roadside vendors. It sells all kinds of cheap goods. It is available every night from sunset to 11:00 p.m. Most of the local specialties are available here, including wood carvings, lacquerware, silver, antiques, sausages, various clothes, fruits and snacks.


Chiang Mai is the main high-quality handicraft manufacturing center in Thailand. Visitors can buy exquisite antiques, silver ornaments, alpine tribal opium pipe, embroidery, Thai silk, cotton products, baskets, celadon, silver ware, furniture, lacquer ware, wood carving and paper umbrella, etc. as long as they go to the downtown shopping mall or night market.

The greatest advantage of shopping in Chiang Mai is that tourists can see the actual working conditions of craftsmen in urban areas or other villages and towns, especially in the rural areas of the road from Bo sang to San Kam Pheang, and the production process of paper umbrellas, Thai silk, cotton fabrics, jewelry, wood carvings, silver ware, celadon and lacquer ware, many of which are very popular.

Activities & Festivals

Chiang Mai flower season: in February, there will be beautiful and rich flower cars parade on the street.

Water splashing Festival: from April 13-15, there are solemn religious ceremonies and water splashing activities.

Water Lantern Festival: in November, Thai people made wooden boats lotus shaped, drifted in water or streams, and put fragrant flowers and incense pillars, candles or coins in the boat, expressing their reverence for the water god and washing away the mistakes made in the previous year.

Tawai Handicraft Festival: in January, there will be wood carving exhibition, wood carving competition and wood carving products, local handicrafts sales, folk custom performance, wood carving parade and other activities.

Chiang Mai Food Festival: in December, the Chiang Mai food festival can enjoy a rich Thai cuisine, fruit carving, traditional food and Lanna cultural performance. The time is from 16:00 to 23:00 every day.

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