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Phuket International Airport

Phuket International Airport is located 30 kilometers northwest of Phuket Town. There is a minibus at the airport. Each person can get to Phuket Town at THB 120. It takes THB 180 to get to Patong, Kata or Kalon beach. Or do a taxi, from the airport to Phuket Town taxi price is 500 baht, to the beach 700-800 baht. There is usually a pick-up service in the high-end hotel.

Phuket International Airport (HKT)

At present, many cities in mainland have opened direct flights to Phuket. However, direct flights are not available every day. Some cities have only 2-4 flights a week. However, it’s very convenient to transfer from Bangkok to Phuket. There are flights every 1-2 hours, and the flight time is only 70 minutes. Chinese tourists who can’t fly directly can land in Bangkok first and then transfer. There are also direct flights to Phuket from other Thai airports, which is very convenient.

Address: Mai Khao, Phuket, Thiland

Tel: 6676 351 144

1. Phuket airport traffic

1) Phuket airport to the beach

Mini Bus: the advantage of a minivan is that it’s cheap. When you go to Patong Beach in the peak season, 180B is the only one. Children are free of charge and don’t occupy seats. Children under 4 years old must explain to them that they don’t want seats, or they will charge you 180. Tell the driver the name and address of your hotel, and minibus will take the guest to the door of the hotel. But it’s a bit like carpooling, and the speed is slow. During the day, you may stop at a small travel agency on the way, but don’t order a one-day package from there. It will be more expensive.

Taxi: don’t book a taxi at the counter inside the airport. As soon as you walk out of the airport gate and turn right, you can see a pavilion like a guard’s pavilion. Their company’s car is red and yellow with taxi meter written on the ceiling light. It’s 430b (about 500B), including their service charge of 100b. It’s usually four people. When you go to Patong, you can talk about it according to four people taxis, 600b-700b.

Car: as soon as you get out of the airport, many drivers will take the initiative to ask if you need to take a bus. If there are too many people and they are afraid of trouble, you can directly talk with them about the price. After both parties agree, you can go directly, which is very convenient. Generally, the price to Patong is about 550b. But it’s expensive at night.

Pick up: you can book a car online and hotel in advance. and the price is about 20 dollar. Travel agents all provide pick-up service. You can contact them. It’s really convenient. As soon as you leave the airport, you will see a piece of paper with your name written on it.

2) Bus between Phuket airport and urban airport

Public transport to and from the city is operated by official bus companies. There are two bus stops at Phuket airport. 1. The arrival hall on the first floor of the airport leaves to the left, and the departure hall on the second floor of the airport leaves to the left, next to Burger King restaurant. From downtown to Phuket airport, you need to take Phuket bus terminal.

2. Luggage storage

The deposit is on the first floor of Phuket airport, one floor below the departure hall. Left luggage L. The deposit fee is calculated by the number of pieces, no matter how much luggage there is. 80B per piece per day. After ten o’clock in the evening, the check-in office will be off duty, so please arrive at the airport before ten o’clock.

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