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Phiphi Island Hotel

Ao Ton Sai Hotel: Ao Ton Sai Bay Hotel is the most convenient, nearby bars, all kinds of restaurants, 7-11, it is very suitable for Internet users who have no requirements for accommodation.

Hotels in the north of PP Island: there are few people in the north of PP Island, and the sea water is very quiet, which is suitable for students on honeymoon. The disadvantage is that they can only eat in the restaurants of several hotels nearby. To participate in the deep diving experience, they have to go back to Ao Ton Sai. (it’s very convenient to go snorkeling, and it’s also very close to mosquito island and Bamboo Island.). There are four hotels in the north of PP island. Holiday Inn and zeavola, the only five-star hotel on the island, are recommended. The other two hotels are 3-star hotels, the price is half cheaper than Holiday Inn, but the hardware facilities are old, the domestic water is generally salty, the distance from the room to the front desk and the seaside is not close, and the same service is only 3-star standard – in this case, it’s better to live in Ao Ton Sai. Of course, there are different opinions about the hotel. Here’s a suggestion for reference only.

Note: if you live in the north, don’t be late at 8:00 in Tongsai Bay. A friend is going back to the north at 10 p.m. and the boatman refuses to send it to the hotel door. It is said that they have been able to reach the mountain and cross the mountain.

Other hotels in PP Island: other hotels are not convenient, either far away from the wharf or in the south of PP (students reflect too much waves), so it is not recommended to choose.

Phi Phi Holiday Inn

Located in the north of PP, PP Island recommended Hotel, quiet, 4-star standard, suitable for honeymoon, suitable for going to mosquito island and Bamboo Island.

Comments: “if you are a leisure honeymoon tour, you want to experience the clear and deep sea water, the quiet white sand, the whirling coconut forest, and the fresh sea breeze with salty taste, choose Holiday Inn in the north of PP island.”

Price: 150 USD + / night

Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel

Advantages: 4 stars, near the Tongsai Bay Wharf, and the swimming pool is good

Disadvantages: rooms are general, cost-effective, can not have too many fantasy hotels. Vacation, not bad money students can choose luxury room, and between the standard is not a grade.

Comments: “the hotel is located about 100 meters from the left of Tongsai wharf, PP island. The gate is facing Tonsai Bay, which has many boats parked. The beach chair beside the pool faces the beautiful lohdalum Bay. It is a four-star hotel with quiet in the middle of the noise. The environment is good, and the facilities such as gym are open. Our room is a luxury room, 3106 (first floor of building 3), the balcony directly leads to the garden, the glass door of the balcony is one-sided glass, unless it is very close, it is not visible outside, so it is safer. But I also saw the mowing flowers and grass around, so it is safe to live upstairs. The bathroom is relatively small and broken, and it feels like a three-star hotel“

Price: 100-150 USD / night

P.P. Casta Hotel

Comments: “when you get down from a big boat or board a boat at the dock, you will get the hotel black in a tow luggage car. PP to Tongsai Bay side is not very big, except for the mountain, the location is not very different. The hotel has a good external environment, with catchy flowers and a single cabin. Grey is often suitable for photo taking. We live in the main building. There is no legendary mosquito, and the air conditioner will spray ice! There are hot water bottles and free water bottles every day, and WiFi is charged. At the time of booking, I mentioned honeymoon at Agoda and sent the awesome fruit tray (actually three of us mentioned it, only PP CASITA prepared for us). Hotel service personnel do not wear shoes, walk light hands and feet, see you will smile and say hello, very sincere smile. It is inconvenient to check in 2pm and check out 11am, but we check in after a day tour. The next day, the ship returning to Phuket at 2:30am has little influence“

Price: 60-100 USD / night

Phi Phi Hotel

Price: 60 usd-100 USD / night

Advantages: Tongsai Bay, affordable, near the wharf.

Disadvantages: such as home type small hotel

Suitable for: travelers, PP for shallow, deep diving students (here to the wharf can be convenient HA)

This hotel is really suitable for the first time to go to PP, because it is immediately seen at the wharf. It is less than 5 minutes from the wharf to this side. It may also be because it is really close to the wharf. There are many people who check in every day. The lobby is open. The room is typical Thai flavor. The room is normal size. The bathroom is Samsung, without bathtub, TV and TV It’s Puji’s LCD panel, it’s that fat TV. This is the only hotel in three hotels that nobody can carry my luggage. It is all climbing by myself, without elevator, no living in the sea view room, and mountain view. However, I don’t think it is necessary to live in the seascape room. Because most of the time, I play around the island, snorkeling and back beach bar. It is only six hours a day in the room. I am really sleepy and sleepy and go out and play

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