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How to get a bus in downtown Pattaya

There is no city bus in Pattaya. If you visit Pattaya on foot, it will take one hour. There are two main roads (Beach Rd and Pattaya 2 RD) in the north-south direction in the city. Of course, tourists can take minibuses, rent motorcycles or cars. The main means of public transport in the city is minivan. Minivans usually stop with a wave. Before getting on the bus, tourists should tell the driver where to get off (preferably in a famous hotel). If the place to get off matches the direction of the driver, tourists can get on the bus. The ticket price is about 10 baht per person. If there are not many passengers on the bus and tourists get off at a remote place, they need to negotiate with the driver. The fare for this kind of occasion is 20-30 baht per person. When getting off, passengers just need to ring the bell on the roof, and the fare will be paid directly to the driver. Since there is no bus stop, passenger vans can park everywhere, but tourists need to pay attention to traffic safety.

There are two modes of transportation in Pattaya: songtiao car and small electric car. Pattaya is very small. The first car turns around along two roads along the seashore. You only need to get on the bus and don’t have to talk to the driver. When you see that you are going to the place, you can ring the bell to get off the bus, get off the bus, turn one circle to 10B, and turn two to 20b. Remember, in Pattaya, 100b is the price of chartered car.

It should be noted that the streets of Pattaya are mostly one-way streets. The driving direction of Pattaya Beach Street is from south to north, while Pattaya Second Street is just the opposite. Tourists need to find out the location when taking the bus, so as not to take the wrong bus, which is a waste of time and money.

How much is the beach bus for Pattaya

The Pattaya Beach bus has three routes, green, red and yellow, covering the main roads of Pattaya, Naklua and JomtienBeach. The station sign corresponds to the line color and is easy to identify.

Operation time: 6:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m

Ticket price: the three routes are universal, 30 baht for one-way ticket, 90 baht for daily ticket, 180 baht for three-day ticket and 900 baht for monthly ticket. Tickets are available in most hotels and supermarkets.

How to rent motorboats and cars in Pattaya

For those who want to explore the countryside and beaches around Pattaya on their own, rent a motorcycle, jeep or car. However, it is suggested that these tourists go to the nearby car rental shops to inquire about the local tourism consultation, and then make a decision. Different car rental shops offer different prices and car rental situations. Renting a motorboat on LAN Island costs 1500-2000 baht, which is cheaper in off-season. It costs about 2500 baht to rent a motorboat for fishing.

Pattaya to Chiang Mai

We are now taking the NCA bus to Chiang Mai in Pattaya. This is the timetable for going to various places for your reference. We book tickets by telephone. You need to provide the name and telephone number, then give a number to 711 to give money, and then change it into a ticket.

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